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Watchers Characters


Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) - High Priestess - Head of the Coven Division.  Faith Lehane (Eliza Dushku)- Head of Slayer Division.
Rowena Allister (Michelle Williams) - Watcher - Senior Watcher. Kennedy Calendar (Iyari Limon)- Lead Slayer.
Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) - Council Advisor  Robin Wood (D.B. Woodside)- Security Chief/Academy Teacher
Dawn Summers (Michelle Trachtenberg)- Watcher and Coven Member Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendan) - Weapons Master 
Andrew Wells (Tom Lenk)- Coven High Priest  Jeff Lindquist (Elijah Wood) - Watcher and Coven Member 
Skye Talisker (Lacey Chabert) - Resident Vamp. Dawn's significant other.   Grace Hatherley (Caroline Dhavernas) - Watcher
Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Geller) - Head of Watcher Division  Kadin VanHelsing (Michelle Rodriguez) - Rogue Demon Hunter
Jason Felix (Gary Oldman) - Former Bureau Nine Head Becca Giles (Helen Shaver) - bookstore owner - Married to Rupert Giles. 
Althenea Dimmons (Jennifer Connelly) - London High Priestess  Lori Carew (Laura Prepon) - Former Slayer/ Mr. Felix Assistant 
Jim Pollan (Gale Harold) - Council Publicist/Watcher  Vi Joston (Felicia Day) - Slayer 
Tracey Hausser (Thora Birch) - Kitchen personnel/college student/ Married to Andrew Ethan Rayne (Robin Sachs) - Magic Expert/Watcher
Lorinda Sheparton - (Rachel Hurd-Wood) - Jeff's Slayer  Shannon Matthewson - (Steffani Brass) - Dawn's Slayer 


Next Generation Characters

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Giles Family

Elizabeth 'Liz' Giles (Lucy Lawless) - Head of Watcher Division - daughter of Becca and Rupert Giles.  Martin Giles (Alan Tudyk) - Son of Becca and Rupert Giles. 
Nathan Giles (???) - Son of Elizabeth Giles. Grandson of Rupert and Becca Giles.

Rosenberg/Allister Family

Alex Rosenberg (Sean Austin) - Coven High Priest - son of birth-mother Rowena and Willow. Jen's twin. Jen Rosenberg (Carey Mulligan) - Slayer - daughter of birth-mother Rowena and Willow. Alex's twin.
Jacob 'Jake' Allister (Jamie Bamber) - Coven Leader in Detroit - son of birth-mother Willow and Rowena.  Sophie Allister (Scarlett Johansson) - Coven member in New York - daughter of birth-mother Willow and Rowena.

Ira Rosenberg (???) - College Student - Son of birth-mother Willow and Rowena. 

Joe Allister (???) - College Student - Son of birth-mother Rowena and Willow.
Trisha Rosenberg (???) - Daughter of Alex. Granddaughter to birth-mother Rowena and Willow. Daniel Allister (????) - son of Jacob Allister. Grandson of  birth-mother Willow and Rowena. 

Harris/Summers Family


Joyce Harris (Gabrielle Christian) - Slayer - daughter of Buffy and Xander Harris.

Lehane/Wood Family

Norman Hansen (Zach Braff) - Chief Council Art Director - son of Faith.  Nikki Wood (Marsha Thomason) - Lead Watcher - daughter of Faith and Robin Wood. 
Shannon Matthewson - (Mischa Barton) - Slayer. Daughter-in-law of Faith Lehane |Wife of Norman. Retired Slayer. Kelvin Hansen (???) - College Student - Grandson of Faith. Son of Norman and Shannon Matthewson.
Dirk Hansen  - Great-Grandson of Faith. Son of Kelvin.

Calendar/VanHelsing Family

Vanessa 'Van' Calendar (Deanna Casaluce) - Slayer - daughter of Kennedy and Kadin. 
Wells/Hausser Family
James Wells (???) - son of Andrew and Tracey. 

Rayne/Raider Family

Vaughn Rayne (Burn Gorman) - Computer Operations - son of Ethan and Gwen Raider. 

Lindquist/Hatherley Family

Mercy Lindquist (Kimberly J. Brown) - daughter of Jeff and Grace.  Michael Lindquist (???) - son of Jeff and Grace. 


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