Dark Force Rising

Story by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Written by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Directed by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Produced by: CN Winters and Susan Carr
Edited by: Kate
Sound Department: Steff
Art Director: Chris Cook
Artists: Chris Cook, CN Winters, Cynthia Taz, David Zahir, Chantal, Mytryk


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Fade In:
Watcher's Lobby – Day

Faith sat on the floor rocking Rachel in her arms, softly calling down to her.

"Come on, kiddo," she said, resting her back down to the floor. "Wake up."

Vi and Rona both looked on in shock as the Slayers and Watchers in Training all began to gingerly come to their feet. Quickly, Vi shook off her distress and raced to the front door, stepping outside. She looked east and then west but found no trace of Jeffrey or the Vutch demon. With a heavy sigh she stepped back inside to see that Faith was now blowing in Rachel's mouth. The dark Slayer came back up and began pumping on the girl's chest.

"Don't you friggin' give up!" Faith yelled at the dead girl, her pushing becoming more frantic.

A dark colored hand appeared on Faith's shoulder and she pushed it away.

"It's too late, Baby," Robin called down softly.

"No," Faith said pinching Rachel's nose and exhaling three times into her mouth. She sat up again and tried to push once more.

"She's gone, Faith." Robin tried to reach out again but this time Faith rose up and pushed him forcefully away.

"No!" she yelled at him.

Andrew looked up from his dead demon friend, who he was holding in his arms, as others in the room also looked to the outburst. Robin didn't say anything at first. He just watched as Faith's chest rose and fell from her labored breathing caused by her anger and fear.

"I'm sorry," he told her sincerely.

"What the hell do you know?" Faith shouted at him before running back toward the Slayer's dorms.

Instead of giving chase, Robin looked a moment at Vi and Rona and motioned to them. "See to the ones you can still help," he said solemnly. Both women nodded and began checking around the room.

Cut to
Slayers Quarters – Moments later

Faith pushed her way into the weight room and fell to her knees, crying. She didn't stay in that position long though. She darted to her feet and in one swing ripped the punching bag clear from its riggings. Not having anything else to hit she began picking up loose weights and tossing them across the room. Weight after weight flew through the air, hitting the back wall and shattering the mirror that hung there. Shards flew everywhere until bleeding, sobbing and exhausted Faith collapsed to the mats.

Cut to
Watcher's Council Lobby – Same time

"Jeffrey?" a voice called out from the second floor landing. "Where's Jeffrey?"

His mother raced down the steps and Robin rushed to meet her.

"Mr. Wood," she said as if a bit relieved to see a friendly face, "Where's Jeffrey? Did you see what took him? Did –?"

Robin cut her off. "Just calm down, okay?"

"I need to find him," she stressed.

"And we will," Robin countered, as he took her by the elbow and led her back upstairs. "I'll tell you what we know, alright?"

From below the landing, Willow was kneeling next to Kennedy's limp form.

"Sweetie, can you hear me?" Willow asked.

Slowly Kennedy opened her eyes but didn't move. "They got Jeff, didn't they?"

Sadly, Willow nodded. "And Rachel's dead," she added.

"Son of a bitch," Kennedy hissed.

By this time Rowena and Giles arrived at Willow's side to check on Kennedy's status.

Giles sat across from Willow as Rowena went to the Slayer's feet.

"Can you raise your hand for me?" he asked.

Kennedy did as he asked. From below, Rowena went to Kennedy's feet and pulled off her boot. "Can you feel that?" Rowena said, poking Kennedy's sole.

"Feel what?" Kennedy asked.

Rowena grabbed her ankle and pressed harder. "That?"

"No," Kennedy answered, concern rising in her voice. "Willow?" she said, gripping her lover's hand. Kennedy looked like she was going to start hyperventilating and Giles reached down.

"Shh," he said in a soft, quiet tone. "Relax, Kennedy. Just relax." He nodded toward a bag of supplies a Watcher in Training had brought in and she pulled it over to them. Giles left only for a moment and came back up to Kennedy's side holding a syringe.

"What's that?" Kennedy asked as he tapped the needle, getting it ready.

"It's just a mild sedative," he told her. "We need you to stay still and calm. It will only last a few hours given your Slayer skills, alright?"

"Willow?" Kennedy asked again, the fear rising even higher in her voice.

"It'll be okay," Willow said kissing her forehead as Giles administered the shot. "We won't let anything happen to you. I won't let anything happen, okay? Just relax, Sweetheart."

Willow put her head next to Kennedy's and stroked her hair. "Shhh. Just close your eyes," she whispered in Kennedy's ear. After a few moments Kennedy did and they could tell by her breathing that she was asleep.

"She'll heal, won't she?" Willow asked as she righted herself again to face Giles. She looked down to Rowena before looking back at Giles. "She's a Slayer so she's got Slayer healing, right?"

"I don't know of any documented cases of this kind of thing happening, Willow. I-I can't say for sure," Giles told her.

"Well look it up," Willow insisted. "We're the friggin' council. We should know these things."

"We will," he said trying to assure her, "but first we need to see to the others."

Giles stood up and turned around, putting the medical supplies back. That's when Willow noticed the blood on the back of his head.

"You're bleeding," Willow told him.

"Lots of people are bleeding," he countered. "So let's get Kennedy securely moved to the infirmary and see to the others."

Fade Out

Fade in
City Park – Day

Kennedy knew she was asleep. She was sure of it but the dream seemed so real, so vivid. She was walking around a fence by the sidewalk as if she was looking for something. What it was she couldn't comprehend but there was something important she had to find.

As she searched she heard a feminine voice behind her say, "You won't find what you're looking for there."

Kennedy rose and turned around to face the stranger. She was certain she'd seen the woman before and then she remembered she had. It was from a photograph her lover had.

"Tara," Kennedy said with certainty.

Fade Out

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