Trial By Fury


Story by Kye

Written by Kye (with additional writing by CN Winters)

Directed and Produced by CN Winters, DragonWriter17 and Kye

Sounds by CSR

Edited by DragonWriter17

Art Direction by Robert Kidman

Artists – Robert Kidman, Zahir al Daoud, Humaira, elfTLG and CN Winters


Fade In:


Kadin’s Cabin – Bathroom – Moments Later

The hunter quietly walked over to the sink and turned on the faucet. She threw some water on her face and closed her eyes tightly.

The images of her fighting various werewolves flashed in and out of her mind. They jumped, growled, and charged at her, but she put them down just as quickly, each one falling lifeless to the ground.

Kadin shook her head and splashed more of the cold water onto her face. She let it drip down over her neck as she looked up into the mirror above the sink.

Her knuckles turned white from the force of her grip on the ceramic sides of the fixture. After a few quiet moments of deep staring, she turned and headed back to bed.

Cut To:


Kennedy’s Apartment – Bedroom – Same Time

Kennedy was perched on a chair by the window, looking out into the night. Her arms held her knees close to her body as she continued to stare.

A light breeze swept in through the tiny crack in the window, causing the slayer to shiver. She quickly reached up and pulled the window down the rest of the way. She looked over her shoulder and smiled.

At the foot of her bed the small dragon appeared in an ‘O’ position, lightly snoring.

Cut To:


Willow’s Apartment – Bedroom – Same Time

Willow’s eyes were trained on the alarm clock by her bed. She stared at the tiny red numbers for a long moment before sighing and turning over. She looked at the empty space on the other side of the bed. She scowled and turned back over to face the wall.

Cut To:


Rowena Apartment – Living Room – Same Time

The watcher sat on her sofa, her feet propped up on the coffee table. In one hand she held a glass and in the other a remote control. On the television was an infomercial with an applauding audience.

With a sigh she turned off the television and tossed the remote on the cushion next to her. She looked over to a photo of her and Willow on the edge of her foyer table.

Slowly she stood up and walked over to where it sat on the table. Her arm reached out and her fingertips softly traced Willow’s face as she held the picture. After a few moments of looking at it she gently set it back down.

With another heavy sigh she walked a few paces toward the bedroom. Taking one last look at the empty room, she turned the lights out with the flip of a switch and put the area into total darkness.

Cut To:


Kadin’s Cabin – Bedroom – Moments Later

As Kadin passed by the large bay window, it suddenly shattered, sending broken pieces of glass flying into the room.

The hunter jerked away and lifted her arm just in time to shield her eyes. A thick piece of the broken glass flew in and embedded itself in the flesh of her forearm.

She grimaced in pain and, in reflex, ripped the glass from her body.

When she dropped her arm, a towering figure in a hooded black cloak was standing at her window. Before she could even react, the figure lifted a tranquilizer gun and shot a dart into the hunter’s neck.

Kadin slapped the dart away, but then slipped limply to the floor as the paralyzing agent took effect. She watched wide-eyed and helpless as the cloaked figure climbed through the window, stepped over the glass, and walked into the room. He reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled out a piece of rolled parchment paper. After opening it, he began to read.

"Kadin Van Helsing, you are hereby served to stand trial for your past crimes against our brethren."

The man lifted his hood and stared at the motionless woman on the floor, his eyes glowing inhumanly. He walked over and threw the paper down next to her, a cruel smile on his face. Kadin’s eyes fluttered shut as the full effects of the tranquilizer finally kicked in.

Cut To:


Kennedy’s Apartment – Bedroom – Same Time

The slayer jolted upright in bed. Her eyes quickly scanned the room as she took in several shallow breaths. The back of her neck ached with a feeling of dread. With a heavy voice, she whispered, "Kadin."

Fade Out.


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