Watchers First Award Review

Winners of October
Gold Award: WaTchers

Gold Award this month goes to one of the most inventive sites that I have seen for a while. It’s a site that has created an online spin-off from BtVS using their own creativity and animation skills. Obviously, this is a very difficult task, but the episodes are mapped out like a story with a supporting animated credits scene to begin (that is very impressive). New characters have been introduced, and in the episodes, occasionally when a character says something, there will be a link that leads off to an actual sound file of their line, extracted from the original series. It’s inventive, individual, unique, and absolutely stunning to say the least. Well done!

award winning seasons

Watchers is loved by many…

During our five years run we were given over 70 awards. The link below will take you to the season we won an award; not necessarily when the episode aired. Thanks to all the fans who voted for us or nominated us for our work over the years. 


Season 1 Awards Page


Season 2 Awards Page


Season 3 Awards Page


Season 4 Awards Page


Season 5 Awards Page