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Opening Credits! Each year we had at least one video (sometimes more) and every season had its own opening credits. By the way, that theme song you hear was created especially for Watchers by Track6. Enjoy!


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Better Days


The world now knows that vampires, demons, slayers, magic and all sorts of other things are real, and the adjustment is especially hard for Faith, who finds herself an overnight celebrity.

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Kennedy and Rowena must travel to Siberia in a race against time to recover an ancient text using borrowed magic.

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A Little Faith


Faith discovers that her little sister Hope now has slayer powers, but everything is not as it seems.

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Based on a true story


The Council goes Hollywood. Many have said that the movies are a cutthroat business, but never has that been so literally true.

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Rowena’s continued experiments on Skye have unexpected consequences that lead both the vampire and Dawn down the rabbit hole.

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Hide n’ seek


On Halloween night, a psychotic killer lures Vi, Faith, Rowena and Heli into a fun house from hell, while the rest of the Council will have to figure out how many lines they are willing to cross to save them.

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Collateral Damage


With the Council reeling from the events of Halloween night, Kennedy and Kadin face their own troubles when an old enemy returns to seek revenge on Kadin.

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Revelation 9:6


Faith’s quest for answers about her resurrection takes her to Spain, where she runs into a force that is stripping slayers of their powers.

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From the Bottom


A day in the life of several members of the Council rank-and-file may expose the organization’s true weaknesses.

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The, let’s say, non-traditional relationships and friendships between Dawn, Skye and Shannon bring tensions between the three women and the Council at large to a boiling point.

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Auld Lang Syne


Rowena, Giles, Andrew and Faith find themselves stranded on New Year’s Eve and swap stories of their most memorable past New Years.

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The conflict between the Council and Bureau Nine heats up with the help of some sparks from an old frenemy.

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You Never Know


A pair of demons bent on the destruction of the world are watching the Council, but our gang has no idea they’re even there. Meanwhile, Grace deals with a surprise visit from her mother.

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Drawn Together


Willow, Andrew and Dawn find themselves trapped in a comic book based on Faith’s life. Because of, you know, magic.

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After the Council saves a wealthy woman’s family, she rewards the gang with a trip to her private island. It seems too good to be true…and it is.

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The Council is overrun by a extremist Islamic group and has to fight to survive, while it’s up to Amira, a Muslim herself, to plan a rescue.

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Ethan’s domestic bliss at Bureau Nine turns out to be more complicated than it seems.

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Kadin must risk losing herself completely to fight an ancient demon.

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Kennedy needs to figure out who or what Kadin is now, but she’ll have to find her first. Meanwhile, Rowena has to deal with a very surprising consequence of the group’s Caribbean vacation.

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Tokyo Nights


Kennedy leads a Council team to Japan in pursuit of Heli and finds herself barreling toward a climactic confrontation with the psychotic slayer.

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When Faith’s new protege starts to upstage her, she starts to think that maybe she’s losing her touch.

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The Price


When Kennedy accidentally makes a wish during a TV interview, she finds herself in a new world that seems like a big improvement on the old one…at first.

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childe roland


Most of the Council heads to Canada for Willow and Rowena’s wedding, while Kennedy and Kadin follow Bureau Nine on a mysterious mission in the Himalayas.

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The Dark Tower


In the finale of Watchers Season Four, the remaining members of the Council race to restore magic before it’s gone forever, but soon find they’re in for the fight of their lives.

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