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Five Seasons... 123 Episodes... Not Too Shabby...

Each Watchers season contained a minimum of 24 episodes that began in September 2003 with our final episode airing Oct. 2008.

We don't create new regular episodes any longer (and we have no plans to start again). We're sure once you see everything we put into these episodes, thanks to many talented people over the years, you might understand - it's a lot of time consuming work.  However, if our fans decide to stick around we're happy to consider the prospects of TV movies now and then.  

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News and Updates

+ 10.23.2011 - We needed to delete our forum (it was a breeding ground for hackers and spammers). However we did add a 'Social' page with lots of links to places like Twitter and Facebook. For those who post fan fiction please send all entries directly to CN Winters.

+ 01.30.2010 - Added Robgnow's Review of In The Dark, Avatar and Fire Eater

+ 09.06.2010 - After 120 hours without Internet CN is back and able to upload the next movie. Watchers: Special Assignment: Part II is now loaded. Sorry for the delay gang.  

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Watchers began as a spin-off to Buffy: TVS before Buffy ever ended, making it one of the longest running virtual series in the fandom. We had our premise of Giles and Willow rebuilding the Watchers Council in Cleveland, minus Buff since it was a 'spin-off'. But we had to find out who lived, who died and then started writing our episodes that summer. Lucky for us, everyone we planned to include did survived and we premiered in Sept. 2003. In subsequent seasons Buffy does arrive, but be warned. She was never meant to play an overshadowing role in the series, making this Buffy Season Eight. 

Due to fan demand after airing an episode called Restoration in season one, we began a spin-off of our spin-off (yes, our love of Buffy began it's own mini-fandom). Restoration aired as TV movies and it takes place 130 years in the future with various descendents and reincarnations of the Watchers staff, including a reincarnated Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay. 

By the final episode we had 123 'in the can', the majority of which appeared on time like a regular Tuesday broadcast. Our final episode aired Oct. 2008. Even though we aren't airing new episodes we hope you'll stop out at our forum. We've all made a lot of good friends over the years and Watchers lives on with fan fic of it's very own. And for those of you who read the series over that time, and especially those of you who donated funds to keep us going, we're forever grateful. 

On behave of the Watchers staff, and fellow Watchers fans, thanks for making this virtual series a wonderful experience for everyone. 

CN Winters

'Watchers' Executive Producer



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