Cut to:


Sunnydale wasteland – Day 

After finally prying themselves away from each other, Jocasta and Katherine returned to the area immediately surrounding the now-flaming wreckage of the High Command’s Sunnydale lab. Casting one final glance back at the spot where they’d had their final conversation with Aurora, the two women linked hands and then walked up the transport’s ramp and into its belly.

Cut to:


Assault Transport – Troop Bay – Moments Later

Jocasta and Katherine braced themselves against one wall of the troop bay as Antonia powered up the transport’s engines and lifted it into the sky. 

“I’d better get up to the cockpit,” Jocasta said to Katherine.

Katherine nodded.

Cut to:


Assault Transport – Cockpit – Moments Later

Giles was just strapping himself into his seat in the cockpit when Jocasta came in, bracing herself so as to not be bowled over completely by Antonia’s erratic and exuberant flying. When she spotted Giles, Jocasta made her way over to him.

“You okay?” she asked.

Giles nodded. “A bit winded, but fine,” he said. “The important thing is that we thwarted the High Command’s plans.”

“That we did,” Jocasta agreed with a grin. However, she quickly turned serious. “But what now, Giles? We destroyed Tyrell-and-Company’s Project 314, but what happens next?”

Giles sighed. “The hard part: reporting the High Command’s actions to the Command Council.”

“Do you know what you’re going to say? To the Council, I mean?” Jocasta asked.

“I’ll tell them the truth, although I don’t know if it’ll do much good. Despite being a megalomaniacal lunatic, Tyrell was right about the Council’s having lost touch with reality.”

“I want you to know that Katie and I are willing to back you up in the Council if you need us to,” Jocasta said.

Giles reached out to steady Jocasta as Antonia suddenly accelerated.

“You’d better strap in,” he said. Jocasta shot her cousin a disapproving glare, which only served to widen Antonia’s smirk.

“I guess I’d better,” Jocasta agreed sharply and kept her stern eyes turned to Antonia.

Cut to:


Sunnydale Wasteland – At the same time

On the ground, a semi-charred hand thrust its way upwards through the still-burning debris that had been the housing structure for the High Command’s Project 314. The appearance of the hand went undetected by any of the assault transports, which were steadily disappearing on the horizon.









Fade to Black


End of Teaser