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​Opening Credits! Each year we had at least one video (sometimes more) and every season had its own opening credits. By the way, that theme song you hear was created especially for Watchers by Track6. Enjoy!


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Past Present Future


In the Fifth Season Premiere, the merger of the Watchers Council and Bureau Nine hits some bumps in the road, but soon everyone must come together to face an unexpected and deadly threat from one of their own.

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Home Sweet Home


When Buffy gets a call from her estranged father about his possibly haunted new house, she and Dawn will have to face both literal and figurative ghosts of the past.

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Shannon is assigned to lead the Cleveland team at the first World Slayer Games, but finds herself clashing with the Council’s newest watcher, one Ethan Rayne.

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Time and Again


In the 100th episode of Watchers, a supercollider accident causes other times and dimensions to bleed into our own, bringing old friends and enemies along with them.

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The newest set of watchers, slayers and witches has arrived at the Watchers Council, and they have a lot to learn.

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In the year 2022, a teenage Liz Giles tries to forge her own path, but it turns out that path involves having to save the world…again.

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Lorinda’s Kiss


A Council team heads to the Caribbean to check out reports of ghost pirates, and gets more than they bargained for. Luckily, they brought the inimitable Lorinda Sheparton along.

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The Guardian knowledge left in Giles’s head leads the Council to a hidden temple in the Bermuda Triangle, where they learn that some lost things shouldn’t be found.

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Inside the Watchers Council


This special report by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Robert Devlin gives you unprecedented access to the daily lives of Watchers Council and its members. This Tuesday only on CNN.

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The Unknown


The Council thinks that there’s nothing at this point that could surprise it, but when Andrew leads a mission to New Mexico in search of evidence of extraterrestrial life, minds may be about to be blown.

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The fraying relationship between the Council and former members of Bureau Nine complicates attempts to save Kadin from a secret government organization that wants to turn her into the ultimate weapon.


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Cone of Power


In the year 2031, both new and familiar faces come together to take on a magical threat of global proportions, one that will require drastic action to defeat.

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Webs We Weave


As civil war threatens to break out at the Watchers Council, both Faith and Hope find themselves on a team to investigate a demonic presence at their old high school in Boston.

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Still reeling from recent events, Faith receives another blow when a tell-all book about her life tops the best-seller lists. But then things get even more complicated…

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Before I wake


Robin wakes up one morning to find that he’s in a very different version of reality. Soon he figures out that this isn’t a dream…it’s something much, much worse.

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Ethan’s new life at the Council would seem to be going swimmingly, but soon the chaos will return in the form of an old friend back for revenge.

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The whirlwind surrounding Faith’s past reaches a fever pitch at the same time that she is targeted by a serial killer seeking retribution for her sins.

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In the year 2036, history starts to repeat itself when Liz Giles must work together with a spunky young blonde slayer to stop a threat from deadly demons that can assume any form.


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Unlikely Heroes


When a highly contagious virus infects nearly the entire Watchers Council, it’s up to some of its least likely members to figure out exactly what’s going on and save the day.

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When Kadin is trapped in an underground demon fighting ring, the gang has to get her out before she loses herself…or her life.

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Breaking Point


With the Council on the retreat against the Voice of Hell and Willow still in prison, the rest of the gang pulls out all the stops to turn the tide. The question is if it will make any difference.

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Last Tango in Cleveland


With the end of the Watchers Council as we know it looming over everyone’s heads, will the remaining skeleton crew be able to keep things together when the Voice of Hell goes on the offensive?

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Having been shut down by Congress and its High Priestess behind bars, the Watchers Council finds itself with very few resources or options. There’s nothing left to do but fight back.

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Unto The End


As the Voice of Hell’s plans come to a horrible climax, what remains of the Council will have to go to extreme lengths in a desperate attempt to save not only the Watchers Council, but the entire world.

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Generations Pt. 1


In part one of the epic Watchers series finale, it’s the year 2041, and the surviving members of the Watchers Council will soon face the greatest threat in the organization’s history.


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Generations Pt. 2


In part two of the epic Watchers series finale, an malevolent force threatens to tear the Council apart forever, and leads Liz to take drastic measures.

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Generations Pt. 3


In the conclusion of the epic Watchers series finale, the past and present of the Council come together in the ultimate battle for its future…and the world’s.

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Watchers: REVAMPED

New Episodes starting 2023

Catch up with the gang and their growing families in 2023 with this six part Mini Series set at the Cleveland Council.

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