Originally broadcasted 12/23/03

Fade In:
Watchers Council – Willow and Kennedy’s Apartment – Night

Kennedy walked into the foyer of their apartment and took off her coat, carelessly tossing it on the sofa.

“Hey Will? You still up?” she called out.

When she got no answer, she walked into the kitchen, going to the refrigerator. She pulled out a water bottle and took a few chugs before putting it back. Looking to her left, she saw a cat-shaped cookie jar and lifted the lid, inspecting what was inside.

“Oooo,” she sighed. “Willow Hanukkah cookies.”

She pulled one out and began to chomp away. She reached for a glass with one hand and poured some milk with the other, all the while balancing the cookie in her mouth. Putting the gallon jug back in the refrigerator, she closed the door with her foot and left the kitchen.

Kennedy was walking toward the television in the living room when she noticed a dim light creeping from under their bedroom door. With a peculiar expression on her face, she went to investigate. Putting the cookie back in her mouth, she slowly opened the door and peeked her head inside.

The cookie promptly fell into her milk when her jaw suddenly dropped.

“Wondered how long it would take you,” Willow teased. She sat on the corner of her bed in her sexy blue, lace lingerie patting the edge. “You lost your cookie,” she added, pointing to the glass.

“Huh?” she muttered. It took a moment for Kennedy to catch up to the conversation and look down at the milk in her hand. “Forget the damn cookie,” she said as she put the glass down on the dresser.

“Thought I’d surprise you,” Willow said casually.

“It worked,” the slayer smiled. “Looks like Santa came earlier this year and left some good stuff for me.”

“Well you have been a good girl…although also naughty, at times, but only in a very good way.”

Kennedy crept closer to the bed. “So…” She paused and licked her lips. “Do I get to unwrap ya?” She wiggled her eyebrows for emphasis and Willow chuckled.

“Only if you unwrap yourself first,” Willow countered.

In one smooth movement Kennedy lifted her t-shirt over her head before claiming Willow’s lips, pushing her back to the bed.

Cut To:
The Finish Line Sports Bar – Night

Two men dressed in Santa suits sat at the bar drinking beers.

“What a rip!” one of them exclaimed as they watched a broadcast on the screen above them.

“Oh come on, Fred,” his companion, Ray, complained. “Think about it. What was the chance that Ohio State would win the National Championship two years straight? Like, what, a million to one?”

Fred just sighed and took a drink of his beer. “Hell, forget Ohio State. It’s all rigged now, if you ask me. The best teams don’t even play in the Rose Bowl anymore and who gets to do the judging for the National Champs? A bunch of Ivy League reporters who don’t know a damn thing about the game. Look at their football teams – Harvard, Yale…Oh yeah, they’re real powerhouses in the sport.” Fred finished by rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

“Well, I gotta agree with ya there. Seen lots of teams that should have been the champs get snubbed. But the Buckeyes were out long before my Wolverines wiped ’em up and down the field,” Ray chuckled.

“You’re a traitor, you know that, right?” Fred asked as he threw some money on the bar.

Ray laughed, “Oh come on. Don’t leave all mad. I was just jokin’. Have another one on me.”

“That’s almost an offer I can’t refuse. But I gotta go. Promised Mrs. Claws I’d be home early,” he explained, making a shredding gesture with his hands.

Ray laughed again and patted his shoulder. “Well try to stay out of trouble. If I don’t see ya before then, have a merry Christmas, pal.”

“You too,” Fred told him as he put an extra five on the bar. “Have one on me, in the spirit of giving.”


Fred waved to the bartender. “See ya later, Eddie!”

Eddie looked up from washing his glass and gave a wave.

Fred paused a moment once he was outside, buttoned up his coat and then stuffed his hands in his pockets. He walked down the street a few yards and began to look behind him.

Nothing was there, so he started on again. After a few moments he heard laughter, almost like children would make. He stopped again and looked back. Again, nothing. Shaking his head, he started on his way to the end of the block.

Suddenly, at the corner of an alley, five elfin figures jumped out at him. He blinked his eyes dramatically.

“I can’t be this drunk,” he said to himself.

Their features suddenly shifted, as if they aged dramatically in three seconds time. What once had been child-like was now monstrous.

“What in the world?” Fred muttered.

All five of them jumped him at once, dragging him, kicking and screaming from the deserted street.

Black Out



End of Teaser