First, there was one girl in all the world..

For centuries, one girl in each generation, the Slayer, fought the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness.

Now, there are many.

The Slayer of her era, Buffy Summers, and her friend, the witch Willow Rosenberg, gave the power of the Slayer to every “potential” in the world. Then there were thousands of slayers, overseen in their fight against evil by the reborn Watchers Council.

But the Cracks Are Showing in the Watchers Council.

Willow Rosenberg and Rowena Allister, the Council’s leading power couple, have found their marriage under strain after Willow started working with geneticist Dr. Tamara Goldman, who is the spitting image of Willow’s deceased lover Tara Maclay. Meanwhile, the hard decisions that Council Chair Grace Hatherley has recently had to make have threatened the Council’s relationship with the slayers and exacerbated her ongoing feud with High Priestess Willow.

and the council is under attack.

Zorgy, the Empress of Vor, has a plan to take the Council out of the game before invading Earth, and it’s well underway. Can the Council hold it together long enough to stop her? Meanwhile, former Head Slayer Kennedy has just had her first child with her wife, Kadin Van Helsing. At first, everything seems to be going great. But soon, Kennedy will need to decide whether to take a…

Leap of faith 


Fade In:


Seaside Landscape – Day

April 2023

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

From the sprayed white foam at their base, the rocky cliffs rose hundreds of feet directly into the misty sky. Green, flat fields were all that could be seen above the cliffs before the land disappeared into the fog. A woman stood alone at the top of the cliff, staring into the distance at the Atlantic Ocean melting into the mist. Her dark hair whipped behind her in the hard wind blowing in off the sea. Kennedy’s eyes were hard, no expression on her face. She stood maybe a foot from the edge of the cliff. Beyond, and seven hundred feet down through the fog, the ocean broke against ancient, weathered rocks and sea stacks.

Kennedy lifted her foot to take a step forward.

Kennedy, wait!” came the scream from behind her, carrying through the fog.

Kennedy turned to look curiously over her shoulder. It was Kadin’s voice. After a moment, the shapes of her and Rowena came into view through the mist, running in Kennedy’s direction as best they could over the broken, rocky ground. When they made it to about twenty feet away from Kennedy, they slowed to a halt. For a long moment, the two of them and Kennedy looked at each other across the distance. Kadin’s eyes were desperate, Kennedy’s hard. The only sounds were the distant waves and the calls of seabirds.

Then Kadin moved to take a step forward, but Rowena put out an arm to stop her.

“Let me help her,” Rowena begged Kadin.

“I know you’re here to try and stop me,” Kennedy said, her voice oddly dispassionate. “I know you don’t believe me, but you’re wrong. You can’t talk me out of it.”

Rowena turned to the woman next to her and spoke quietly. “Kadin, please. You and Kennedy have…there’s so much there, I’m worried…”

Kadin turned wildly, pulling Rowena’s hand away from her. The blond watcher didn’t react. A long beat later, Kadin said, “I can’t lose her, Ro.”

Without anything more between them, Rowena walked toward Kennedy, her steps slow and deliberate. Kennedy’s eyes followed her the whole way. She walked around Kennedy’s side and put herself between the woman and the edge of the cliff. She reached out and put a hand on each of her shoulders. Rowena’s eyes looked into Kennedy’s, moving as if searching for something.

“Ken,” she said firmly. “You don’t have to do this. We all love you and we’re here for you.”

“You’re all here for me?” Kennedy scoffed and looked away, her first sign of emotion. “Just like you were all there to tell me I was crazy when I said something was wrong?” She looked back at Rowena.

Rowena shook her head. “I don’t think you’re crazy. If you just come with us, we can talk about it…find another angle, or at the very least find a way to get you home. You have a wife and a daughter. We will find another way.”

“I have to do this because I have a daughter!” Kennedy raised her voice. Then her eyes narrowed slightly and she looked at Rowena, the watcher’s blond hair buffeted by the breeze. “You’ve read the same books the kids did, Ro. You know this is going to work.”

Rowena licked her lips and looked down momentarily, then back up at Kennedy. “In theory, it could. But theory alone is not good enough. Not for this.”

“It’s gonna work,” Kennedy said, her voice quiet and level. “I have faith.”

Rowena shook her head, almost a smile on her face. Maybe it was one of disbelief. “Faith in what? I have literally met both angels and the devil. That’s not faith, that’s a fact. I’m a facts girl.”

“Faith in me,” Kennedy said. “I’m the one thing you’ve never been able to get your enormous brain around, Facts Girl. You gotta trust me.” She and the watcher kept looking at each other for a long moment in silence. “Rowena,” Kennedy tried again, “What if it was the twins? What would you do, if you were me?

“I wouldn’t–” Rowena began.

“No, be honest,” Kennedy interrupted, as Rowena looked away. “Seriously, if it was your kids, would you hesitate, even for a second?”

The wind blew between them. Now it was Kennedy’s eyes searching Rowena’s. Five seconds passed, then ten.

Then Rowena took a step to the side, out of Kennedy’s way.

“What are you– Kennedy!?!” Kadin screamed in horror as she watched her wife calmly take several quick steps back, then sprint forward and disappear over the edge of the cliff. She ran to the spot Kennedy had just stood, then looked over at Rowena, her mouth open in shock.

The only sounds were the distant waves and the calling seabirds.

Black Out



End of Teaser