Watchers Videos

Our collection of season videos and others made by WaTchers fans.

Teaser Videos


During our run we had teaser vids we made that showed some of the caps/scenes that would be in future episodes to keep the fans interested and talking. Incidentally, our first video music featured O’ Fortuna by Carl Orff so we created our last teaser for our series finale with…you guessed it, O Fortuna techno mix by Barış Balcı.


Season 1

Video from Preview of Season One Finale – Another Apocalypse


Season 2


Teaser for Season Two Finale – Ragnarok I & II


Season 3


Teaser for Season Three Finale Megiddo


Season 4


Season Four Preview

Teaser for Season Four’s ep Drawn Together

Preview Video for The Dark Tower

Teaser for Season Four Finale The Dark Tower


Season 5


Season Five Preview

Teaser for Season Five’s Asha

Teaser for Season Five’s Finale Unto the End

Teaser for Series Finale Generations/Five Year Recap


Episode Videos

We did a mid-season video each year before our hiatus break and then one (or more) for the finale each year.


Season 1


Video from Season One’s ep Blue Christmas – All Alone At Christmas by Darlene Love

Video from Season 1 Finale Another Apocalypse – Where Are You Going by Dave Mathews Band


Season 2


Video from Season Two’s ep Dream Warriors – Walking Higher by Heather Nova

Video from Season Two’s ep Hellgoddess – Fallen by Sarah McLaughlin

Video from Season Two’s Finale Ragnarok II – Not Alone by Eric Goetz


Season 3


Video from Season Three’s ep Roses Are Red – Idaho (acoustic) by Nerina Pallot

Video from Season Three’s ep Shomer – Bad Day by Dan Powter

Video for Season Three finale ep Megiddo – Better Days by Goo Goo Dolls


Season 4


Video for Season Four ep Meyio – Running Up That Hill by Placebo

Video for Season Four finale The Dark Tower – Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper /Sarah McLaughlin


Season 5


Video for Season Five’s ep Cone of Power – Hymn to the Sea by John Horner


Video for Season Five’s ep Webs We Weave – Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright

Video for Season Five’s ep Unto The End – Wise Up by Aimee Mann

Video for Season Five’s finale Generations – 100 Years by Five For Fighting

Fan Videos

We know our opinion is biased but we think we have the best virtual series fans in the world. Some of them even took time out of their lives to make us some fun visuals for you to enjoy.

Watchers Fan Video from Alison

Watchers Video from Willow Fan

Watchers Video from Zahir

Parody of Watchers Opening Credits by McBragg

‘Ships’ Ahoy video by Zahir

Season Three Recap Video by Littlelabmouse