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Opening Credits! Each year we had at least one video (sometimes more) and every season had its own opening credits. By the way, that theme song you hear was created especially for Watchers by Track6. Enjoy!


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War Zone


The Council is plunged into an unfamiliar situation when the U.S. Military turns to it for help after soldiers are threatened by a giant sand worm in the Iraqi desert.

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Maternal Instinct


Faith’s past catches up with her, and it’s hard to tell whether it will be a help or hindrance.

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Both sides Now


Rowena learns rank has its disadvantages when a mission goes horribly wrong and she is forced to call Willow, Xander and Vi before a Council tribunal.

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Untimely arrivals


When reporter Robert Devlin stumbles on the secret of the Watchers Council, he finds himself in the middle of the story of the century, while the Council finds itself torn apart over how to respond.

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Trial by fury


While fangs and claws are out for Willow and Rowena, still at bitter odds over the spell, an ancient order of werewolves is in town to bring “justice ” to an old friend.

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What do a villain straight out James Bond, a lovesick Andrew, a stuffed cat named Madame Fliffertop and an army of giant bugs have in common? The Watchers Council is about to find out!

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In the Balance


Lives and loves are hanging in the balance when quests for a lost Monarch, a lost Idol, for closure, and maybe for a lost girlfriend all come into conflict with one another.

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Love’s Labor Lost


The affair of young lovers Richard Caperlet and Erios, of the Montager demon clan, threatens to spark a supernatural war in the Cleveland underworld.

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No Mercy


Gregor Kalderash’s wining and dining of the top brass of the Watchers Council takes an unexpected turn, leading some of our heroes to question everything they thought they knew.

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Birth Rite


When Kadin Van Helsing finds the mystical other half of the medallion left to her by her father, she and Kennedy are sent on a quest to the Van Helsing ancestral homeland.

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Rule of Three


A baseball card and a unique friendship lead to a bitter lesson in what goes around comes around for Shannon.

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Roses Are Red


When Vi is cursed after a fight with a necromancer, it is only the start of one wild and unexpected night that will shake the Watchers Council to its core.

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The Night In Question


As Faith flees her life and career at the Watchers Council, she finds herself  trapped in what might have been.

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A Road Trip To Remember


While the rest of the Council searches for a fugitive, Andrew’s attempt to take Tracey on vacation gets derailed when duty calls the two of them to the swamps of Florida.

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Less than an hour is all it takes for the Council to be put to the severest test of its strengths and weaknesses.

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Skin Deep


Willow and Rowena reach a crossroads and must come to terms with the differences in their perspectives on both life and the Council.

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Strange Bedfellows


While Dawn and Jeff search for a spell to restore Skye’s soul, the Council’s attempt to determine if Kadin should be allowed to join is complicated by the reappearance of an old enemy.

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Very Bad Ideas


A strange “Fellowship” of villains causes mayhem across Cleveland and Dawn and Jeff attempt to restore Skye’s soul against everyone’s advice.

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Rules of engagement


Rowena’s sudden resignation and her choice as her successor blindside the rest of our heroes, but the new Council Chair has no time to settle in before the next crisis hits.

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Foucault’s Pendulum


The discovery of Vi’s dead body is particularly confusing given that Vi herself remains alive and well at the Watchers Council, and things only get weirder from there.

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Secret Life of DJ Trace


What do vampires juiced on juiced-up victims, freelance slayers playing by their own rules, a computer professor with a knack for robotics, Darth Vader, Reteesk, Romeo and Juliet and a chorus line to end all chorus lines have in common?

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A strange temple is unearthed on a construction site and the Watchers Council is called in to investigate the unlikely archeological find. Willow and Giles begin to unravel the mysteries of the Ouroboros .

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In Part One of the Watchers season finale, an angel visits with tidings of great doom, and soon every member of the Council will find themselves on the front lines of a desperate fight to save the world from its biggest threat yet.

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The epic conclusion to Watchers Season Three, the Council will be forced to rally humanity in ways it never has before to defeat a seemingly unstoppable foe, and in the process suffer several losses too horrible to imagine.

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