First, there was one girl in all the world..

For centuries, one girl in each generation, the Slayer, fought the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness.


The Slayer of her era, Buffy Summers, and her friend, the witch Willow Rosenberg, gave the power of the Slayer to every “potential” in the world. Then there were thousands of slayers, overseen in their fight against evil by the reborn Watchers Council.


After Council High Priestess Willow Rosenberg met geneticist Dr. Tamara Goldman, who happens to look exactly like her deceased lover Tara Maclay, she asked her wife, Rowena Allister, if they might “open up” their marriage, a proposal that became the talk of the Council when it came out during a staff meeting. Meanwhile, Council Chair Grace Hatherley’s hard decisions, including striking a deal with slayer-murdering millionaire Tess Muller in exchange for information, have strained relations with all the Council’s slayers just as a new threat rises from the hell dimension Vor.


Former Head Slayer Kennedy has just had her first child with her wife, Kadin Van Helsing, but motherhood is proving to be more of a strain than she first thought. Driven to her wits end by her baby Vanessa’s crying and other behavior, and having had her pet dragon Marsha sent away after the beast attempted to breathe fire at her child, Kennedy has become convinced that her daughter has been replaced by fairies with a Changeling, and set out to prove this by holding Vanessa underwater for forty seconds. If Kennedy’s wrong, the results could be disastrous, but she has chosen to take a… 

Leap of Faith Pt.2


Cut To:


Kennedy and Kadin’s Cabin – Master Bathroom – Resume

Kennedy continued to kneel next to the tub. Her cell phone timer counted down as she held Vanessa under the water.

The baby’s cries became muted, and she began to struggle as best she could, her arms thrashing about and causing splashes in the tub. Kennedy did not let Vanessa come up for air, her face remaining still. She looked down at the baby’s face, waiting for something to happen. Vanessa’s cheeks were still scrunched up in fear.

The timer reached thirty seconds. The only sound in the bathroom was the splashing from Vanessa’s struggles.

What the fuck?!?

Kennedy turned her head to see Kadin standing in the doorway of the bathroom, mouth open in shock. Then Kadin rushed forward and frantically grabbed at Vanessa in the tub. Kennedy tried to push her away, struggling to keep Vanessa under the water.

“Just a little longer!” Kennedy yelled.

Kadin was the stronger of the two, though, and wrested Vanessa up and out of the tub. Kennedy glanced at the phone…thirty-five seconds.

“No, no,” Kennedy said frantically, “you don’t understand. You don’t understand, she’s not–”

Vanessa spat up a small amount of water and started screaming again. Kadin looked up at the ceiling. “Thank you,” she said. She cradled the still-dripping Vanessa against her chest protectively, kissing her head and whispering in the baby’s ear. “It’s OK, shhh, it’s OK. You’re gonna be OK.”

With a loud, quick series of beeps, the timer alarm went off. Kennedy quickly reached over and turned it off. She looked back up to see Kadin now looking at her with pure fury in her eyes. Kennedy couldn’t quite meet them, but she still managed to speak over the sound of Vanessa’s cries.

“That’s not Vanessa,” she said. “I can prove it. Just let me–”

“Shut up!” Kadin spat. “You could have killed her. Our daughter would probably be dead if I hadn’t forgotten my phone and came back. Do you get that?”

Kennedy stared at the floor.

“You’re sick,” Kadin said as she began to dry off their daughter. “You need help. If you won’t get it, I can’t let Vanessa be around you.”

Eyes wide, Kennedy looked back up. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, I’m taking her to the guest quarters at the Council,” Kadin replied. “There’s enough milk in the fridge for a couple days. I’m taking it with me.”

Kennedy, on her knees, crawled across the floor to Kadin’s feet. “Wait, wait, no, you don’t understand. She’s been replaced. It’s not her.”

Kadin shook her head sadly. “I wish you could hear yourself. I wish I could help you. But I’ve gotta protect Vanessa first.”

Still cradling the screaming baby to her chest, Kadin turned and walked out of the bathroom.

Kennedy reached out after her. “No, no, no, wait! I’m not crazy!” Her elbows collapsed down onto the floor, and tears flooded down her face. “Wait!” she sobbed. Her forehead fell down to the tile.

Black Out

V.O., Kennedy: “I’m not crazy!”

End of Teaser

End of Teaser