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Opening Credits! Each year we had at least one video (sometimes more) and every season had its own opening credits. By the way, that theme song you hear was created especially for Watchers by Track6. Enjoy!


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Everything Old


In the second season premiere, Rowena and Willow try to move on by throwing themselves into their work on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

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New Again


Old wounds threaten to reopen for Faith when her younger sister arrives at the Council, asking her to return to Boston because their father is dying. 

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Check Mate


Willow and Rowena find themselves trapped inside a magically-enhanced game of chess that threatens to reveal each woman’s darkest secrets.

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Swap Meet


Mass chaos ensues at the Watchers Council after a magic vase switches everyone into each other’s bodies.

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True Colors


As Willow and Rowena try their hand at physical closeness, Presidium assassins target the Council through one of its own.

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Red Herring


The gang dress up as Clue characters for Andrew’s Halloween costume party, but the festivities threaten to go dreadfully wrong.

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Dream Warriors


The Presidium’s plan for revenge is set into motion when every sleeping slayer in the world wakes up in an all-too-real magical arena and is forced to fight for their lives.

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Hell GoDdess


When unstoppable Mizor demons swarm Cleveland, the Council must make impossible choices to save millions of lives.

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Time Out


When Kennedy has a slayer dream involving the deaths of Willow, Xander and herself, she is forced to race against time to prevent her vision from coming to pass.

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Real World


A partnership between a local mob boss and the Presidium results in Rowena’s kidnapping by some very human foes, and it’s up to Mia and the Council’s new Black Ops squad to bring her home.

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blue Moon


Oz returns to Cleveland with a surprise guest… his wife! But Willow’s attempt to cure them both of their more wolfy tendencies is side-tracked by the intervention of an ancient vampire.

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Bad Blood


A werewolf hunter from an ancient bloodline is out for revenge on Oz’s wife, Camille. The Council is about to be caught in up in a legend, but it isn’t clear what side it will be on.

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In The Dark


Vi’s twin sister Angie joins the Council, but her first assignment with Robin turns out to be scarier than either of them bargained for.

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A new kind of vampire arrives in Cleveland, and to fight it Kennedy is going to have to become more than just a slayer.

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Fire Eater


Ethan Rayne’s return to Cleveland is accompanied by the arrival of a mysterious, malevolent force, and Giles is convinced the two are related.

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Unfinished business


Faced with an unstoppable foe out to destroy her bloodline, Kadin Van Helsing flees to Cleveland in a desperate search for aid.

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chapel of love


Giles is determined to marry Becca before their baby comes, but Murphy’s Law gets in the way, not to mention literally everyone’s relatives.

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Get a Life


Several of the Council’s more unsung heroes try to spend a fun day at a Sci-Fi convention, but things go off the rails. Can Andrew both fulfill his dream of meeting Jeri Ryan and save the day?

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rack and ruin


When Willow’s past misdeeds come back to haunt her, the other members of her Coven will risk everything to save her.

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The sudden death of a key Council member reveals a Presidium plot that is even more disturbing than it first appears.

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Infernal Affairs


When Xander and Vi’s hot dates turn out to be with the same gender-bending demon, hijinks ensue, and possibly dire consequences.

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When the Council finds out that the Presidium is testing its equipment for the invasion of Earth in an Ohio forest, the stage is set for an epic battle.

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Ragnarok Pt. 1


In the first part of the Watchers Season Two finale, the Council calls in every favor it has at its disposal to execute a desperate plan…to save the world, the Council will have to invade hell itself.

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Ragnarok Pt. 2


With Willow captured by the Presidium, and the rest of the Council’s forces trapped in a hell dimension, outnumbered and outgunned, they will all have to fight a final, desperate battle.

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