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Opening Credits! Each year we had at least one video in an episode (sometimes more), and every season had its own opening credits. By the way, this theme song you hear was created especially for Watchers by Track6 and it was remixed by them again in our 2023 reboot. Enjoy!



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W:ReVamped #1


Willow and Co. grapple with raising teenagers while fighting a rising threat.

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W:Revamped #2


The Watchers Council tracks down a supplier promising renewed slayer strength with fatal consequences.

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W: Revamped #3 pt. 1


S1-Ep3 Part 1

Kennedy and Kadin have different experiences with motherhood that have them butting heads.


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W: Revamped #4 pt.2


S1-Ep4 Part 2

Kennedy struggles with new motherhood and a support system that doubts her concerns.


coming autumn 2023


W:Revamped #4


Grace finds her life in the hands of an unexpected ally with important info.


coming 2023


W:Revamped #5


The Watchers know they need a unified front, but can they hold it together?


coming 2023


W:Revamped #6


The battle ensues, as the Watchers Council yet again defends Earth.


coming 2023


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