Originally broadcasted 12/25/07

Fade In:

A giant red 3-D CNN logo whooshes into place, accompanied by the usual deep voiced narration of James Earl Jones.

This is CNN.”

Fade to Black

Title: The following is an Exclusive CNN Special Report.

Fade to Black

Title: Sensitive viewers should be advised that this program contains graphic violent content and potentially disturbing situations, including death and dismemberment of vampires.

Fade In:
Television Studio

“Hi, I’m Robert Devlin, and I would like to welcome you to this Exclusive CNN Special Report.”

The former newspaper reporter walks toward the camera in an ultra-modern TV news studio, lined with tempered glass and large television screens.

“The Watchers Council burst onto the world scene during the Crisis of May 2006, after centuries of rumors and cover-ups. An organization that had spent most of its existence being mentioned in the same breath as the Illuminati and UFOs suddenly found itself in the international spotlight. The Council has all the elements that make up a good story…drama, adventure, heroics, a little sex…but it was also intensely private. Most high-ranking councilors have resisted attempts by the press to turn them into superstars, with varying degrees of success. The existence of the Watchers Council may have been exposed, but its dealings still took place behind closed doors.”

“I had my own run-in with the Watchers Council in 2005 while working for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, several months prior to the Council’s coming out party. The evidence I uncovered was incontrovertible enough to warrant an order to erase my memory, an order that came from then-Chairwoman Rowena Allister herself. I later received a formal apology for this incident, and went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for my work.”

“I do not know whether the lingering guilt over what happened then is related to the Council’s recent decision to allow myself and a CNN camera crew exclusive, unprecedented access to the Watchers Council’s Headquarters in Cleveland. I can tell you that this documentary is the result of that access, which took place over a few weeks prior to Christmas. With that said, CNN will be the first to take you…Inside the Watchers Council.”

Cut To:
Apartment Complex – Hallway

“Alpha team is in position.”

Amira, Valentine, and a few other girls crouch in a dingy hallway outside a door marked “#302,” except the three is backwards and falling down. It was Amira who spoke into her radio. They are all dressed in stealth armor.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Command Center

Robin takes a sip from a mug of coffee and speaks into the microphone in front of him.

“Roger, Alpha Team, you are a go. Be careful in there.”

Cut To:
Apartment Complex – Hallway

The camera zooms in on Amira’s face as she replies. “Roger that, we are go.”

Cut To:

Amira speaks directly to the camera.

“My name is Amira Aziz and I work for the Council on…Special Operations. I was born in the Gaza Strip. I worked as a slayer in Paris for many years. That’s where…sorry about the accent, I have only been in this country for a year.”

Cut To:
Apartment Complex – Hallway

Two of the girls break down the door of Room 302, and camera shakily follows Amira and Valentine as they enter the room, weapons drawn. At the far end of an incredibly cluttered room, a man hunches over a large, bubbling cauldron.

“This is the Watchers Council. Put your hands in the air.”

Amira (V.O):The life I have lived has taught me that there are terrible things in the world, but there are also other terrible things… what I mean is, you cannot become upset.”

The man turns, an angry expression on his face. He throws a fireball at the slayers, just missing, and then they open fire. Rather than being torn apart by a hail of bullets, he finds himself trapped in a deep red anti-magic field. The mage screams.

Devlin (V.O.):This is what most people have in their heads when they think about the Watchers Council. Super-powered young women, magic, daring raids…

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Cafeteria

Several young girls wait in line at the lunch counter, talking excitedly and wielding red plastic trays. At the front of the line, Andrew plops a pile of macaroni and cheese on Denise’s plate.

Devlin (V.O.):But this is also the Watchers Council.”

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Watcher Rec Room

Jackson and his friend Markham engage in an intense game of Guitar Hero, playing the song “Woman” by Wolfmother with varying degrees of success.

Devlin (V.O.): And so is this…

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Library

Dawn sits alone at a research table in the middle of the night, an incredibly thick tome open in front of her. She rubs her eyes with her hands, then returns to the research.

Devlin, V.O.:And so is this. Join us as we unravel the mystery of the Watchers Council.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Buffy’s Office

Announcer (V.O): Coming up on Robert Devlin‘s Inside the Watchers Council

Buffy points to the Scythe as it hangs on her office wall. “And this is it, with a capital S.”

Announcer (V.O.): A visit with the Council‘s reclusive Chairwoman.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Coven Room

Announcer (V.O.): And tragedy strikes the Watchers Council.

Willow holds a cell phone to her ear, as other members of the Coven look on. “She’s…she’s dead?”

Black Out




End of Teaser