Fade In:


Dark Warehouse – Night

The sound of Tyrell’s shoes clicked and echoed off the walls as he walked across the darkened room.

“Are you here?” he called out into the darkness.

From the shadows, a woman stepped out. It was Eris Pantelles, head of Department: Ares, the weapons division of Hubris, Inc.

“On time as usual, I see,” she quipped.

Tyrell disregarded the jab for his lateness and continued. “What’s the status of Dr. So’s new laboratory?” he asked.

“A cut-to-the-chase kinda guy…I like that,” Eris said with a smile.

“Time is of the essence here,” he told her.

“Relax,” Pantelles sighed. “Dr. So is set up, and his projects are on track.”

“They better be,” Tyrell warned. “Or it could cost you dearly.”

“Are you threatening me, Mr. Tyrell?” Eris asked confidently.

“I never threaten, Ms. Panelles. Never.”

Eris looked at Tyrell as if trying to size him up. “So tell me, what’s Dr. So working on that’s so important?”

“His projects are on a need-to-know basis, and you, my dear, don’t need to know,” he said as he began to walk away.

Eris’s eyes hardened, but she followed along.

Cut to:


Dark Parking Garage – Night

The sound of a baby crying and a mother trying to soothe it resounded through the concrete tower. Finally, the pair rounded the corner with the mother pushing a stroller.

“I know, Sweetie,” she called down to the child bundled up inside. “It’s cold out, but we’ll be home soon, and then you’ll get to see Daddy.”

The promise of the child’s father did nothing to dispel the infant’s crying. The mother opened her door and readied the car seat in the back as quickly as possible. When she reemerged to collect the baby, her eyes went wide as a claw reached out, connecting with her face.

From the rear of the vehicle, the stroller slowly rolled backward through the garage with the crying baby still inside. The mother screamed only once before she went silent.

Cut to:


Watchers Council – Katherine’s Quarters – Same Time

Brianna knocked and opened the door without waiting for an answer. She poked her head inside to see Katherine lying on her couch looking at the ceiling.

“A few of the girls are going to the rec room. Wanna come?”

“No thanks,” Katherine answered.

Brianna walked inside, closing the door behind her. “You okay? You’ve been pretty tightlipped since you got back from the station.”

“I’m fine,” she answered flatly.

Brianna examined Katherine for a moment. “Look, I’m not going to say I told you so. So if you want to talk about-.”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Katherine said, cutting her short.

Brianna watched Katherine’s stony demeanor a moment longer, and then she just nodded.

“Okay, but if you change your mind…”

She let the sentence hang, but when she got no response, she closed the door softly and left.

Fade In:


Watchers Council – Jocasta’s Office – Next Morning

Giles walked into Jocasta’s office briskly. “Turn on the news net,” he said.

“And a good morning to you too, Giles,” she said with a grin as she reached for her controller, flicking the switch.

Lisa Lance sat behind an anchor desk talking. “So…for an organization that prides itself on eliminating magic, we’ll be examining why magical weapons have been used more and more lately within the Council. Roger, back to you.”

Jocasta looked up at Giles. “How the hell did she find out?”

“A leak, I suppose. She mentioned something about internal documents,” Giles answered.

“Isn’t that just beautiful? I guess that means it’s my job to lock things down?”

“Just the opposite,” Giles answered. Jocasta’s face registered surprise. “Whoever is doing this is trying to undermine us, but let’s make it backfire on them.”

“What are you saying, Giles?”

“I’m saying this might be just what we need to reinstate the Coven.”

Jocasta said nothing at first. Then she then let out a shocked, “What?!”


End of Teaser