Act 2



Fade In:
Watchers Council – Night

After hearing a knock on the door, Willow walked over to answer it. Andrew stood behind her.

In the doorway stood a well-dressed man with a serious expression upon his face. He introduced himself to Willow as he reached to shake her hand.

“Hello. My name’s Vincent DeVeer, with the Watchers Council. I’m here about an issue regarding 200 million pounds that have come up missing.”

Her eyes widened and she promptly let go of his hand. She turned to Andrew, who had an equally surprised expression. Pursing her lips, Willow turned to Andrew and nodded behind her, sending him off to get Giles. Understanding the silent request, he trotted off into the recesses of the building without speaking

“Oh ah, co-come on in. I’m Willow Rosenberg,” Willow said. She stepped out of the way to give him room to enter the building. They began to walk over to the lounge area of the lobby. “Would you like something to drink? Or food? I can get ya something to eat if you’d like,” she said with an unsure smile, trying hard to make the man comfortable.

“Oh, no thank you. I’m fine. I was just wondering if we could get this little matter settled soon,” he replied as he sat down on one of the area’s sofas. The respite was short lived, as he saw Giles approaching and rose to meet him.

“Hello. I’m Mr. Giles,” the Watcher said as he walked over to where the man was sitting. Shaking his hand, Giles sat down across from DeVeer and motioned for him to do the same. “What exactly is it that we can help you with, Mr. DeVeer?”

“I just told Ms. Rosenberg here, there’s an issue to be settled. It seems several million pounds came up missing from one of two Swiss bank accounts and we’re trying to figure out where it all went,” the man said with a serious look. “Perhaps as a Council member you can aid us in the search?” DeVeer added with a knowing smile. Giles remained calm.

“Ah, yes. And…who exactly are ‘we’?” Giles asked.

“Oh, forgive me. I represent the Watchers Council.”

“We are the Watchers Council.” Giles told him firmly. “Um, the old Council has been destroyed. And there were no survivors to our knowledge. We’ve made efforts t-to try to find members, but the only contact we’ve had is with Mr. Robson, a fellow watcher whose potential was killed. I’m sorry Mr. DeVeer, but I don’t think we can help you,” Giles answered.

“Yes, well. The Council wasn’t completely destroyed. Those of us that are left are getting things back in order. The demise of the Council is very over-exaggerated, Mr. Giles.”

“Then may I ask where they have been the last 12 months?”

“With the threat of the First Evil, all Council members have been conducting operations underground,” DeVeer explained.

“You mean hiding?” Willow retorted.

“How noble and brave of them,” Giles quipped, before turning to Willow. “And here I am foolishly spending my time on the front line.”

Willow simply gave him a grin.

“It’s nothing like the rumors made it out to be,” DeVeer continued, ignoring Giles’s comment. “Perhaps you should call James Tyrell himself. You two are familiar with each other, if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure he could vouch for the inadequate rumors that have been floating about.” The man gave a slight smile.

“I’d assumed he’d been killed during the explosion. Do you mean to tell me that he’s alive, Mr. DeVeer?” Giles said, trying to take in all the new information he’d been given.

“Indeed, Mr. Giles. I spoke to him just this morning. Ring him, see what he has to say for himself.” Mr. DeVeer then handed Giles a business card. “His home number is on the back.”

With the suggestion, Giles got up and walked over to the telephone and dialed the set of numbers. Willow, Andrew, and Mr. DeVeer all heard what Giles said to the person on the other end of the line. 

“Yes, Rupert Giles calling for Mr. James Tyrell,” he said casually.

“Tyrell? This is Rupert Giles…To be quite honest, I never thought I’d hear from you again,” he said with a smile. “Ah, yes, yes. I understand. There is important work to be done, no need wasting time traveling to meet old friends. There’s a lot to take care of in London, from what I’ve heard so far from Mr. DeVeer.”

As he talked, Willow and Andrew exchanged worried looks as they tried to comprehend what it all meant. As Giles hung up the phone and walked back to his seat, he apologized.

“I-I’m sorry Mr. DeVeer. It seems as though you are authorized by the old Council to speak on their behalf. They have complete confidence in your work.” Giles noticed the looks that Andrew and Willow were sharing as he returned to his seat.

“Yes, well, it’s to be understood. I think the Council won’t have a problem with your actions Mr. Giles, upon learning of your reasoning that is. You should be commended for taking the initiative. Although you were slightly mistaken, what’s to happen in the future needn’t be decided right this second,” Mr. DeVeer explained. He sat up and leaned slightly forward as he continued. “We won’t make an issue of the money,” he casually mentioned with a smile.

With his words, Willow quietly sat down next to Giles and relaxed. Andrew did the same, closing his eyes and smiling. Giles, however, had no change of expression. Willow could tell Giles was still compiling everything in his mind and a small grin crossed her lips.

Just then, a loud parade of girls entered the room. Kennedy and Rowena were leading the way, giving each other glares and arguing over their earlier patrol as they walked

“Danger? You think THAT was danger? We had it all under control. It was YOUR little stunt that put us all in danger!” Kennedy said as she turned to the woman, hands on her hips. “You’re the one that stepped in and made a mess of the game plan!”

Faith ran in after hearing all the noise, stake at the ready as if preparing to see a legion of vampires or demons. She stopped in her tracks as she noticed the slayers had returned home, with a blonde stranger in tow. She stood quietly, listening to the argument.

That’s not true. I’m telling you, more recon needed to be done in order to assure the safety of the entire group. You can’t just go out there looking for a fight,” Rowena explained adamantly. “You’re lucky I was there to help. If I hadn’t been, who knows what might’ve happened to this entire group?  A patrol isn’t as simple as you’ve made it out to be. There’s so much more work involved than just going out and strolling the streets, looking for vampires.”

Excuse me? The mission got done and no one got hurt. We do this kind of thing all the time on our own and it’s always worked. The last thing we need is some know-it-all in the mix. We didn’t need your help. And as a matter of fact,” Kennedy replied, stepping closer to the blonde, “We saved YOUR WASP, blonde ass! You should be thanking me.”

They were all too caught up in the current conversation to notice Robin making his way to Faith’s side. He stood next to her as the events continued to develop.

That’s it! Where was your watcher during all of this? Every mission should have a watcher overseeing it. Certainly none of you are watchers,” the blonde said, looking back at the young group standing around her.

Kennedy looked around and then walked over, sliding her arm around Willow. “This is my watcher,” she pointedly told the agitated woman.

The blonde raised an eyebrow at Kennedy’s statement and their physical closeness. She turned to Willow and asked, “And just where were you when your slayer was out risking her life?”

Willow started feeling uncomfortable with all eyes on her and she gave her blouse a slight tug in discomfort. “Well, uh, I-I’m not really her watcher, per se. I’m more of a girlfriend, actually. Er, she’s my girlfriend. Well, we’re each other’s girlfriend, really, and…who are you, exactly?” Willow asked, her tone indicating she wasn’t sure how she had ended up explaining her relationship to the stranger.

What? Are you insane?” Rowena’s mouth opened and her facial expression was one of horror as she looked at the couple standing in front of her.  Before she could get a word out, Kennedy immediately took offense.

“Hey!” she said, dropping her arm from Willow and quickly making her way over to face off again. “You’re in the wrong place if you’ve got a problem with two women being together.”

With each word spoken, Kennedy got more defensive. Faith tried to take a step forward in an attempt to calm Kennedy down, but was unable to move because of Robin’s hold on her. He gently shook his head. Faith stood still and continued to watch.

“Women?! You think I’m upset about that?! I don’t care if you two date the entire Olympic women’s gymnastics team,” the blonde replied. “Don’t you realize there are limits to a watcher/slayer relationship? Lines that must not be crossed?” She then turned to Willow. “What were you thinking!”

Willow was trying to think of a reply when Mr. DeVeer finally stepped in to end this turn of events. 

“Um, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to introduce Rowena Allister,” he said, turning to the blonde woman.

“Ah, yes,” Giles replied, “I’ve heard of your work. I’m sorry about the loss of your potential to the Harbingers in Istanbul. That must have been horrible,” he said with genuine sadness in his eyes.

“Yes, it was. Thank you, Mr. Giles,” the blonde said solemnly.

Kennedy huffed and with her arms crossed remarked, “How good of a watcher can she be?”

Faith quickly turned her head after she heard Kennedy’s words and started to open her mouth to say something, but was beat to the punch when Willow shot Kennedy a look that immediately made the Slayer regret saying the words. After a moment of thought, she turned to the blonde, “I-I…I’m sorry,” she said apologetically, unable to look at the woman.     

Rowena paused a moment. “It’s alright,” she replied, trying to sound casual.

Kennedy glanced over and noticed Willow looking at her, still with arms crossed.

“What? She made me mad,” Kennedy explained.

“Um, yes, well,” Giles said as he walked toward the door, “how about a meeting tomorrow afternoon? Hopefully by then, everyone will be calmed down and we can get things taken care of.”

“Right, I agree. A meeting tomorrow would be best for everyone involved. I think we all just need some time to cool down,” Willow said as she looked at Rowena and Mr. DeVeer.

“Good then. It was nice meeting you all,” Mr. DeVeer said politely, “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

He led the way out the door, Rowena following behind him. As they stepped out, they didn’t notice the van filming the building they had just left.

As Giles closed the door behind them, everyone started talking at once.

“Okay, okay! Everyone just calm down!” Willow said loudly, getting everyone’s attention. “There are other things that need to be taken care of.”

“She’s right. There are other pressing matters at hand,” Giles stated.

“Let’s all just sit down and relax,” Willow said as she took her seat. When everyone had taken a place, she continued. “I’ve been trying to do some research on those weird dreams we were all having. There really isn’t much for me to go on. The only thing we’ve learned so far is that there were a series of child murders in this city last year. The chief suspect, Richard Malloy, died in a fall and after that, there were no more murders.”

She was interrupted by Rona. “Wait. Malloy? Why’s that name familiar?”

“Apparently Hank, our repairman, had a twin brother, Richard,” Giles offered.

Robin commented, “Well, our new friend does have some secrets.”

“You’re surprised by this?” Faith asked, turning to him. “It’s a Hellmouth, I’m sure everyone in this town has secrets.”

Willow continued. “I tried to do a search on similar crimes, but there weren’t many distinguishing factors, just children killed by bladed weapons. There were just too many results to narrow down.”

Hearing the words, Andrew bent over slightly and wrapped his arms around his stomach. Seeing that the others had noticed him, he quickly explained. “Sorry. Just a little queasy. Someone killing innocent little kids for fun? It’s pretty sick.”

“I think tomorrow we should talk to Hank when he gets here. He may have something important he could tell us, something that might help lead us in the right direction,” Giles suggested. “However, if the dreams do continue, I advise everyone to keep a pen and paper handy by the bed. Details could prove to be very important. We should all write down anything and everything that we dream about, just in case it may be of any use.”

Cut to:
Willow and Kennedy’s Bedroom – Night

“I almost did it again,” Kennedy said softly. Her head rested on Willow’s shoulder as they both rested against the headboard in a mix of blankets on the bed.

“Did what?” the redhead asked. Kennedy paused a moment and licked her lips. “Sweetie?” Willow questioned when she didn’t get an immediate response.

“Killed a girl,” Kennedy muttered. “That Rowena chick was right, you know? I took a chance. I pushed the girls into the confrontation and I almost got Vi killed…Just like I pushed and killed Chloe.”

“You did not kill Chloe,” Willow insisted gently. “She committed suicide thanks to the First. And as for what happened tonight, you did what slayers are meant to do. You went in and wiped out a nest.”

“I just keep thinking about all the things I should have done differently. Maybe not spread the team so far…Maybe–Hell, I don’t know. Maybe I should have reconned the area first like Rowena said, rather than just lead them in blindly. Maybe I’m more pissed at myself than with Rowena.”

“Maybe that’s why you took such offense earlier?” Willow offered.

Kennedy shrugged. “Yeah, maybe.”

“Hey, I know Slayers,” Willow smiled as she ran her fingers absently through Kennedy’s hair. “And you’re a good one, so don’t doubt that, Ken. Not for a moment. Yes, you’ve got things to learn still, but hey! We all do. I’ve been with Giles for seven years now, but that doesn’t make me a watcher. I’ll have things I have to learn too, but step by step we’ll get there.”

“What makes you so sure I’ll catch on?” Kennedy asked.

“Because I believe in you. You’re dedicated and persistent and–”


Willow paused and smiled. “Yes, sexy too. And you’ve got nothing to blame yourself for, because everything you’ve ever done has been to make the world a better place. And that’s quite noble. I respect that.”

A smile slowly worked to Kennedy’s lips. “Promise you’ll respect me in the morning?”

“What did you have in mind?” Willow teased, recognizing the playful sound in Kennedy’s voice.

Kennedy pulled back briefly and flashed Willow a lecherous grin before darting underneath the cover. Willow began to giggle at first but her breath caught in her throat. “I’ll respect you,” she gasped as she slipped gently down to rest against the mattress. 

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Night

“Oh there you are. Ya kinda, you know, ran away from me the last time. Are you okay?” Willow asked the small boy in her dream.

Without a word, the boy turned and started walking. Quietly, she followed behind him down the stairs, watching his every move. Then her steady walk stopped as a man approached.

“Here, have some cheese. Swiss or Cheddar?” he asked as he held out a small plate.

“Would you go away already?” she asked politely, but still with a tad of annoyance, as she continued on her journey to follow the boy.

Suddenly, in front of her, she saw the child stop. She stepped up to his side and watched as someone, the figure of an unknown person, crouched down and removed some sort of panel. After neatly placing the object he was holding in the small area, he replaced the panel, covering it back up. Willow watched intensely as the figure slowly dissipated.

She turned to the boy again, noticing he was suddenly gone. Slowly, she walked to the window where she had last seen the figure and removed the panel to reveal a very shiny, very stylized dagger. Gold with silver details, she marveled at its beauty, but it seemed to take on a life of its own. She gripped the handle, but it began to move closer toward her heart. She strained to stop it, but the tugging wasn’t helping. With a mighty thrust, she was unable to stop it from burying into her chest.


Cut To:
Willow and Kennedy’s Room – Night

Willow shot up in bed with enough force to wake Kennedy. The dark haired Slayer looked around the room and quickly turned on the light to find her lover, sitting upright in bed.


“There’s something in this place,” she answered as she tried to catch her breath.

Fade to Black

End of Act Two


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