Act 4

Cut To:
Council’s Jeep – East Side of Cleveland

Giles drove along the street as Willow, Rowena, Vi and Marsha helped him look around the city for any sign of Sister Sin.

“Giles, go right,” Vi told him from the backseat.

Giles did so and asked, “Do you see her?”

“No, but there’s something giving off a strong demon-y signal,” she answered. She looked further down the street and saw the group of vampires and Bacnee demons from earlier.

“There they are,” she pointed. “They must have some way of tracking her if they’re in this area.”

Suddenly Vi’s two-way radio crackled as Giles slowly drove past the six demons walking along.

“Wondered when you guys would show up,” Tammy said, with a hint of amusement in her voice. “How’d you find us?” she asked.

Vi looked up to the building and saw Tammy waving from the rooftop.

“Sister Sin is in the area, so keep your eyes open,” Vi told her as she spoke into her handset. “Put another Slayer up there to get a better range of sight.”

“Copy that,” Tammy answered.

Giles looked in his rear-view mirror and watched as a slayer came out of the shadows and began to crawl up a fire escape.

“Now what?” he asked.

“Circle the block,” Vi told him.

“Hey, hey, I got something,” Tammy told them over the radio. “Two blocks over. Go left.”

Cut To:
Abandoned Warehouse – West Side of Cleveland – Same Time

A vampire was handing over a roach clip to another vampire when suddenly the doors of the warehouse burst open.

“A party and no one invited us?” Faith announced, as her fellow slayers dashed inside. “I’m hurt.”

Three vampires immediately began to charge and the room immediately turned to total chaos. People were screaming and running around, gathering belongings and dashing about.

“Rona, cages,” Faith said as she turned back to the girls. “Everyone else remember: Human face? Bite marks? No staking.”

As the vampires ran toward them, closing the distance, Faith sent a right hook at the one who arrived first, but it didn’t seem to daze him in the least. He simply grabbed her by the lapel of her coat, tossing her into two other slayers.

“Daaaamn. That guy’s strong,” Faith muttered. She struggled to her feet and charged back toward him.

Cut To:
Council’s Jeep – East Side of Cleveland – Same Time

“Look,” Rowena pointed, “Over there by the park.”

They all saw someone dressed in a long, white robe, who almost seemed to float as she walked along. Giles promptly sped up and passed the figure, before he pulled over and put the car in park near some bushes.

“This is so cool,” Marsha said excitedly.

“Yeah, well you’re just on box duty right now, not slay duty,” Willow warned her. “Get the supplies and follow me.” With that, she opened the car door and stepped out.

Cut To:
Abandoned Warehouse – West Side of Cleveland – Same Time

Rona raced along the open floor to the cages with a sword in hand. With a heavy swing, she severed the head of an approaching vampire before turning the blade on the lock. With a mighty clashing noise, she pulled the door open.

“Run!” she told the two scared women inside.

When neither moved, she physically pulled the shaking women out and pushed them toward the door. As if collecting themselves and realizing they were free, they took off, dodging the slayers and vampires that were combating each other near the door.

Kennedy spotted Valerie across the room, casually sitting in a chair, not bothering to join in the melee. Kennedy took purposeful steps toward her, pushing vampires and slayers alike out of her way.

Once Kennedy was a few yards away, the vampire slowly rose to her feet.

“I see you brought some friends,” Valerie remarked indifferently, not even glancing at the battle raging around them.

“What are you doing here?” Kennedy asked.

Valerie snorted. “What do you think?”

“We had a deal,” Kennedy told her. “You said you wouldn’t feed on anyone else.”

“No, I said I wouldn’t suck you dry, and I kept my end of the bargain.”

“Kennedy!” Faith called out. She did her best to stake the vampire in front of her, but without success. “A little help, Brat!”

Kennedy watched as Faith punched the vampire in the jaw, but nothing happened. He then backhanded Faith, sending her flying across the room. The closer Kennedy looked, the more she saw. Numerous slayers found themselves in the same situation, their blows doing little damage. Confusion and shock on her face, she looked back at Valerie. That’s when she noticed the bite marks on Valerie’s arm.

“Something tells me those aren’t track marks,” Kennedy answered.

“Told you I needed you.” Valerie smirked.

Cut To:
City Park – East Side of Cleveland – Same Time

“Okay,” Willow said quickly from their hiding space in the bushes. “Light the candle now.”

Rowena quickly brought out a Zippo and lit the candle, which sat on the ground surrounded by a mix of herbs. Marsha peered outside the bushes as Willow and Rowena both sat on the ground.

“She’s getting closer,” the young girl whispered, taking a seat beside them.

Willow nodded and began to chant. “Morrigan, Queen of Phantoms, we ask in your divine wisdom you see fit to vanquish this creature to –”

Suddenly a Bacnee demon flew over the bushes and knocked over Giles, who was crouched beside the trio.

“Oouah,” the demon grunted, moving to his feet, patting out the small fire burning on his chest. Once it was out for good, he turned to the small group. “Sorry,” he added meekly before vaulting back from where he came.

Everyone in the small group looked at each other with bewildered expressions, then stood up to see Sister Sin firing exploding shots at the demons attempting to surround her.

Cut To:
Abandoned Warehouse – West Side of Cleveland – Same Time

“You’ve been feeding them?” Kennedy asked in astonishment.

Valerie continued to grin. “It’s amazing what a pick-me-up slayer blood is for a vamp. Great thing is, it doesn’t have to come directly from a slayer.”

Kennedy looked back to see her fellow slayers getting tossed around the room. Even from across the room, she could see the bruises and cuts on their faces. Still they all battled on, although it was obvious they weren’t winning. Quickly Kennedy turned back to Valerie.

“You evil whore!” Kennedy shouted. She charged ahead with her stake in hand.

Valerie backhanded Kennedy with ease and sent her flying to a nearby couch. Kennedy tried to rise, but Valerie leaped and landed her body across the slayer’s, holding her down.

“All bets are off,” Valerie said. Her face morphed and she sunk her teeth into the dazed slayer’s neck.

Cut To:
City Park – East Side of Cleveland – Same Time

“Come on,” Vi said, tugging Marsha along. “These guys need back up.”

“Willow? The spell?” Giles prompted as he watched Vi and Marsha race through the open field to join the fight.

“Right,” Willow said, taking her seat again. “Okay. Take two.” She nodded to Rowena who lit the candle again. “Morrigan, Queen of Phantoms, we ask in your divine wisdom you see fit –”

Another body came hurtling over the bushes, this time hitting Willow. Wobbling slightly, she sat up again.

“Damn it!” Willow exclaimed in frustration. “Nobody lets me finish!”

“Hi, backup’s here,” Tammy told the three of them, holding her head. “Man, that’s one tough nun.”

“That’s it,” Giles said, grabbing the box. “Time to move a bit further away.”

Tammy, like the demon before her, leaped back over the bushes as Giles, Rowena and Willow began to put the supplies in the box.

“Are we even certain this spell will work?” Rowena asked.

“We’ll find out, if I can ever finish the chant,” Willow quipped as she picked up the box and motioned for them to follow her.

Cut To:
Abandoned Warehouse – West Side of Cleveland – Same Time

Kennedy tried to swing her arm to stake Valerie, but the vampire reached up and grabbed her wrist, forcing it above her head. “Oh no, Darlin’,” Valerie pulled back, taunting her. “You’re mine.”

Kennedy took the opportunity and head-butted the vampire hard enough to work her way free, but in the process her stake fell from her hand. She moved to her feet and Valerie picked up the stake.

“I’ve got something you need,” Valerie teased, holding the discarded stake.

Kennedy whipped out another stake from inside her jacket. “That’s why I always carry a spare.”

Before Valerie could react, Kennedy tossed the stake, striking Valerie in the heart.

“You bitch!” Valerie said, looking down at her chest.

“Consider that your Dear Jane letter,” Kennedy told her, just before she turned to dust.

Cut To:
City Park – East Side of Cleveland – Same Time

Rowena lit the candle again, while Giles watched the Slayers and demons trying to subdue Sister Sin.

“Third time’s a charm,” Rowena said with a slight grin.

Willow grinned in response and started to chant again.

“Morrigan, Queen of Phantoms,” she began, in an obviously frustrated tone, “we ask in your divine wisdom you see fit to vanquish this creature to the blessed crystal before us. See that Gaia –”

Giles looked up to see a wayward fireball heading straight in their direction. Without a word, he tackled both Willow and Rowena and all three of them tumbled away.

“Damn it Giles, I was almost –” The fireball exploded and all three of them tried to shield their eyes. When Willow looked back over. she noticed it was in the spot where she was sitting seconds before. “Oh, thanks,” she said modestly.

“Oh no,” Rowena said, going over to survey the damage. “The candle is toast.” She pointed to a wax puddle on the ground.

“What about the crystal?” Willow asked.

Rowena began to look around. “I’ll let you know when I find it.”

Willow released a sigh. “Why is this fighting evil stuff never simple?” she asked Giles rhetorically, before helping Rowena in her search.

Cut To:
Abandoned Warehouse – West Side of Cleveland – Same Time

Kennedy’s heart could be heard audibly pounding as she looked at the pile of dust, drowning out the sound of the battle just across the room. As if getting sucked back from the place she’d gone to in her mind, she looked over to see the slayers still battling the supercharged vampires. It was as if the sights and sounds were crystal clear to her again.

Two vampires had Rona. One stood in front of the dark-skinned Slayer and the other behind her, holding her arms. Her sword lay on the ground, out of reach as the vampire in front of her licked his teeth. When she looked back to the ground again, the sword was now gone.

Rona heard Faith yell to her. “Duck!”

Rona pushed her head down to one side as far as she could and Faith slashed out with all the strength she had, decapitating both vampires at once.

“Arghh!” Rona shouted as she grabbed the side of her head.

“You okay?” Faith asked, dropping the sword and grabbing Rona’s face.

“My ear,” Rona told her as her hand clutched the side of her head.

Faith pushed her hand away and saw that the top half of Rona’s ear was completely gone. Seeing Faith’s concerned expression, Rona began to panic.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. She pulled her hand away looking at the blood. “Oh Christ!” she said, starting to feel her head.

“Your ear’s still there,” Faith told her. “Well, most of it anyway,” she added. She gripped Rona by the upper arms. “Stay focused, Kid!” she warned.

Rona hesitated a moment, but then gave a firm nod and a look of determination. “Let’s finish this,” Rona told her.

Faith gave her a slight grin and handed her back the sword.

Kennedy charged ahead to where a vampire had another slayer by the throat. Without so much as an announcement she plunged her stake into his back. Not bothering to stick around, she moved to the next small battle going on and turned the vampire sharply before burying the point into his chest.

The freed slayers were now able to help their fellow soldiers and vampire by vampire the Slayers gained the upper hand. The last vampire realized quickly that he was just that – the last vampire. He looked around to see that he was surrounded by slayers.

Picking up a fallen stake that lay at his feet, he pierced his own heart with a shrug.

“Later,” he told the group, just seconds before he turned to dust.

Cut To:
City Park – East Side of Cleveland – Same Time

A host of Slayers and demons lay sprawled out across the grass as Sister Sin moved toward the Watcher trio.

“Found it!” Rowena said, holding up the crystal.

Willow took it and placed it before her. “One last try,” she said.

“Sinner,” the Sister said as she menaced toward them. “I can see. Your unnatural desires. Your pagan ways. Your damnation is at hand.”

“Gee, wonder who she’s talking about?” Willow wisecracked.

Giles took a protective step, putting himself between Sister Sin and Willow.

“But the candle, Willow,” Rowena said in an urgent voice. “Don’t we need –”

“Screw the candle,” Willow said, her resolve face firmly in place. “Morrigan, Queen of Phantoms, we ask in your divine wisdom you see fit to vanquish this creature to the blessed crystal before us. See that Gaia’s kingdom is protected from this destroyer of her beautiful works and all creatures within are guarded and shielded from her wrath!”

Sister Sin began to glow a bright green color and she looked at her hands. Giles turned and saw the crystal glowing the same color. He sidestepped it just as it flew past him, hurtling toward the nun. In a brilliant flash of light, suddenly the only thing they could see was the glowing crystal in the grass.

Slayers and demons alike moved to their feet and began to look around. With haste the vampire ran away before the Slayers could give chase. The Bacnee demons, however, just shrugged at each other and casually walked away.

“We go after them, don’t we?” Marsha asked, excited at the prospect.

“Did that once,” Vi told her. “Not looking forward to doing it again. But if Giles says so, then…”

Giles looked up at the mention of his name. “No,” he told them. “We don’t have nearly enough slayers to take them on, and I doubt they’d go toddling back to the Presidium, wherever they might be.”

“Thank god,” Vi sighed.

“Well, that answered my question,” Rowena told Willow with a small grin. “Looks like it worked,” she added as she carefully picked up the crystal and put it in her pocket. The trio began to walk away with the slayers following behind them. “Candles? We don’t need no stinking candles,” Rowena said in a bad Mexican accent, before starting to giggle and bump shoulders with Willow, who wore a grin on her face.

Cut To:
Abandoned Warehouse – West Side of Cleveland – Same Time

Exhausted, bleeding and battered, the slayers looked at the dust around the room.

“Fifteen,” one of the girls remarked to Faith. “I counted fifteen Supervamp piles.”

“Was it the drugs?” Rona asked. “I mean damn, those guys were almost invincible.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Faith offered, never taking her eyes off Kennedy.

“Well, either way,” Rona replied. “I’m glad we had an extra slayer here tonight,” she said, smiling at Kennedy. “Now if it’s not too much trouble, think I can go to the infirmary?”

“Oh yeah, of course,” Faith said, tossing her a set of keys. “Truck’s two blocks up,” she added. “You gals take off. Me and Brat will do a final sweep.”

“You sure? Because –”

“Positive. Go on back and see the doc.”

Rona nodded to Faith and headed out the door with the other girls.

Faith walked down the short steps to the landing where Kennedy stood.

“Something tells me it wasn’t just the drugs, was it, Brat?”

Kennedy shook her head. Faith nodded in response but didn’t say anything.

“I screwed up bad,” Kennedy said, finally looking up at Faith.

Faith cleared her throat and looked away. “Yeah, you did,” she said softly.

“Do you hate me?” Kennedy asked, on the verge of tears.

Faith paused for a moment, then shook her head. “Would I like to throw you through a brick wall? Sure. But I don’t hate you.”

“Well… I hate myself,” Kennedy sobbed. She started to cry and buried her face in her hands. “Oh God, I’m a terrible person, a lousy slayer –”

“Bullshit,” Faith told her. “I don’t believe that for a second.”

“Oh yeah?” Kennedy challenged, still crying. “Then how do you explain this?” she asked, waving her hands around the room. “I coulda killed everyone here tonight, and for what?”

Faith paused for a moment and then pulled Kennedy into a tight hug, one hand resting on the back of her head, her mouth close to her ear.

“Now I’m gonna say four words someone said to me once – I believe in you,” Faith said softly. “And I mean that.” Kennedy began to cry even harder and gripped onto Faith. “I don’t know why you’ve done the things you’ve done lately,” Faith went on. “Only you know the answer. But if you need someone to try to help you figure it out, come to me.”

“I feel like I’m drowning,” Kennedy said, trying to compose herself.

“Then hang onto me and we’ll get through it. Hell, maybe someday, when Robin wakes up and realizes he’s wasting his time, I might need a shoulder.”

Kennedy pulled back and wiped her eyes before starting to grin. “Sorry about that,” she said as she ran her hand over Faith’s wet shoulder.

“Don’t be sorry. Let it out,” Faith told her. “I got…dangerous for a while… I think things would have been different if I took what was offered at the time. But, loner that I was, I didn’t think I needed anyone. Turns out I was wrong. So don’t make the same mistake I did, okay Kennedy?”

Kennedy sniffed and began to grin. “You know that’s one of the few times you’ve actually called me by my real name?”

“Yeah well, y’know, this is the first time you’ve ever shown your true face, and not the brat act.” Kennedy didn’t say anything. She simply looked down at her feet again, so Faith went on. “Something’s gnawing at you. I don’t know what it is but all this crap…it’s not just about Red. I know it’s something but I’m not a shrink.”

Kennedy was silent for a moment, but then quietly said, “Everyone I love leaves me. My parents, my watcher, Willow…so what’s the point?”

“I love you,” Faith said. “There. I said it. And don’t be getting any lesbo idea either,” Faith teased, bringing a grin to Kennedy’s face. “I told you before… happy with the Wood, thanks. But I’m not leaving you, Ken. I’ll always be here for you.”

Kennedy chuckled, then looked up to see Faith’s smile slip away and a serious look return.

“We’re slayers, both of us – damn good ones, too. But I enjoy being with you, hangin’ out, talkin’… well, when you’re acting sane, that is,” Faith told her with a smirk before growing serious. “But even when you’re nuts, I still love my friend. And to be honest, I miss her a lot. But I know she’s still in there. Like I said… I believe in you.”

“I won’t let you down anymore, Faith. I promise.”

“Don’t do it for me,” Faith told her. “Do it for yourself and I’ll be happy.”

Kennedy nodded and Faith put her arm around her, leading her up the steps, toward the door.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Lobby – Later that night

Willow, Rowena, Giles and Becca all stood up when they saw Faith and Kennedy walk in, laughing together.

“We started to get worried,” Giles told them.

“No sweat, just decided to stop for some coffee and conversation. We shoulda called, but we lost track of time,” Faith told them before facing Kennedy. “I’m gonna go get that CD. I’ll bring it over to the dorms.”

Kennedy nodded and watched as Faith dashed up the stairs taking them two at a time. Kennedy finished her journey over to where the Watchers were standing and cleared her throat.

“For the record, I’m sorry… about everything. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. And I know I’m still on suspension, but if you’d like to do some training or exercises Rowena, I’m open to it. I won’t give you any grief… well okay, not too much grief,” she added in afterthought. “So, if it’s okay, I’d like to call it a night?”

Rowena had to shake off her shock. “Uhhh, okay,” she answered dumbly. “Tomorrow then?”

Kennedy just gave her a nod and walked toward the Slayer Dorm. Once they heard the door to the walkway close, Rowena turned to Giles.

“Did Hell just freeze over? Because we didn’t get the memo.”

Andrew trudged into the room. “Okay, I tried the calamine. I tried the aloe. Nothing’s working.”

“What do you want us to do about it?” Willow asked.

“I need some mojo. You can fix this right? A few chants, some burning incense and my life is back to normal.”

“Well, there are healing spells, as Xander could attest to if he were here. Actually, come with me,” she said, waving him toward her coven room. Willow walked over to the door, but stopped when she noticed Andrew wasn’t following.

“You coming?” Willow asked.

Andrew shuffled foot-to-foot, looking nervous. “Not that you’re not a beautiful woman and all, but you know I thought maybe the healing spell might not require… well, you know?”

“I have something very special I can give you that I used for my ritual with Xander. Come on,” she said again, walking inside the coven room.

With a ragged sigh and a reluctant look, Andrew crept inside the room.

“Come here,” Willow said gently, waving him over.

Andrew completed the journey and watched with a cringe as Willow opened her cupboard and handed him a box.

“This is it,” she told him.

He looked at the package. “Oatmeal bath?” he asked.

“I use it before ritual. It’s not the magical cure you’re looking for, but it helps relax me. Makes the skin soft. It should help ease the rash.”

Willow walked away and left Andrew alone with the box.

“You know, this really wasn’t what I was looking for exactly,” he called out. He went back to reading the package when he heard the door close.

Black Out

Andrew V.O.: Oooo, smooth silky skin in a matter of minutes. Cool!


End of Rash Decisions

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