Act 4

Fade In:
Watchers Council – Guest Bedroom – Late Afternoon

Oz and Camille stared out of the window, at the fading sunlight.

“What if it doesn’t work?” Camille asked.

“The backup team is going to bring tranq guns. Just in case.”

Camille shook her head. “That isn’t what I meant.”

He squeezed her hand. That, apparently, was enough. She relaxed a little.

For a full minute, they waited, not saying anything, nor needing to.

“Here’s something weird,” Camille said finally.


“Okay, maybe not weird, but ironic. I think.” She paused. “Maybe tonight, I think I’ll be able to control it.” Camille smiled.

He grinned back. “You have before.”

With a deep breath, she said, “Time to go.”

And with a nod, he followed her out of the room.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Conference Room – Same Time

Giles was speaking to an assembled group. “Per Cassandra’s instructions, Willow will be in the van with Jeff, Dawn and Skye, as well as, of course, Oz and Camille.”

Dawn looked around. “Where is our canine couple, anyway?”

“They’ll be here,” Willow replied.

“No doubt Cassandra expects us to have a backup team in place. And we shall. Xander, you will be driving. Faith, you, Kennedy and Vi will be armed as usual, but also will carry tranquilizer guns. Keep in mind, although we don’t know all the details, at least one other werewolf must be involved in all this. We still don’t know why Cassandra wants this ritual performed, but its very nature presumes the presence of such.”

“I still don’t get that,” muttered Jeff. “Unless…maybe she owes somebody a favor?”

“That’s certainly a possibility,” agreed Giles. “But it’s essential that we remember how much of this situation remains unknown –”

“I.e. dangerous,” Xander interjected.

“Yes, dangerous,” Giles agreed, taking back the floor. “Naturally, she’s not giving us enough time to find out more. She is formidably intelligent, as well as extremely experienced. That’s why we’re sending in the Black Ops team, as well.” He gestured to Mia and Robin. “Robin will drive. Willow is carrying a transmitter. You’ll be well out of sight, so Cassandra should have no reason to suspect your presence.”

Mia nodded then turned to Willow. “The transmitter is very low power, but we can track you from as much as five miles away. We’ll be circling until we see you stop, then begin to move forward.”

“Which means,” Robin noted, “when we do move, we can’t be there at once. Something for everyone to consider.”

“Don’t worry,” Faith said, “we can take care of ourselves.”

“Yes,” agreed Giles. “Not only are they our three most experienced slayers, Xander and his eye should provide an advantage as well.” He took a deep breath. “All three cars have full first aid kits, not only for yourselves, but for Andrew. If we’re lucky, he’ll simply be weak from loss of blood. We can hope they’ve done little more damage than that, but we must be prepared.”

Then Jeff asked, “What if they’ve…that is…” He stumbled.

“That is something else we might have to face,” Giles said ominously. “It’s possible that Andrew may well be dead. Or worse. Be prepared for that.”

Silence followed. After a few moments, the door opened, and Oz and Camille entered. The latter seemed calm, but clearly had to force herself to make eye contact with Giles. “We’re ready,” she said bravely.

“Well done,” he murmured. He gestured to Willow, who took shackles off the table and approached the two werewolves. Oz immediately took them from her.

“I’ll take care of it,” he said simply.

“You don’t have to do that now,” said Giles.

Oz nodded.

Rowena entered the room. Giles immediately turned to her. “Anything?”

“No,” she shook her head. “She hides her tracks very well, so there isn’t a lot to go on. The good news is that she seems to have grown less violent over the last hundred years or so. But the bad news is that she’s also been more erratic, less predictable.”

“Maybe she gained a soul?” Dawn suggested.

“I said less violent, not non-violent. She still kills people, and it doesn’t seem to bother her at all,” Rowena replied.

“Besides,” said Skye, “how often can a vampire get a soul?”

Dawn thought about it. “Twice.”

“I rather doubt we can count on that happening a third time,” said Giles. He glanced at his watch. “Willow, it’s time.”

She nodded. On the way to the door, she and Rowena hugged. “Come back to me,” Rowena whispered in her ear.

“You know it,” Willow answered.

Faith and Robin hugged, as did Kennedy and Mia. Xander and Vi exchanged a look and a smile.

Cut To:
Bedroom – Same Time

Cassandra lay curled up, naked under sheets, but fully awake. The bed, such as it was, looked more like a half dozen or so mattresses piled on top and beside each other. Clearly, the room was not originally designed to be a bedroom. It looked more like an abandoned storage area, but there were no windows and only one door. There was a knock at that door now.

She did not answer, but she did rise and approach Troy, who stood a few feet away, also naked. As she did, he turned and put his arms around her. She, likewise, embraced him, running her hands along his flesh.

The knocking persisted.

Looking towards the door, Cassandra raised her voice. “I know what time it is!”

Cut To:
Hallway – Same Time

Cynthia and Teela stopped knocking immediately. Nervously, they waited. When enough time had passed that they knew no further instructions were coming, they walked away. They were careful to make as little noise as possible.

Cut To:
Cleveland Intersection – Late Afternoon

The van came to a stop at the corner of George Street and Martin Avenue. Luckily, there was hardly any traffic, so when the van remained stopped, they didn’t have to deal with any honking cars or irate motorists. Already, the sunlight was fading. The nearby bank’s digital clock displayed “5:29.”

Cut To:
Council Van – Same Time

Skye was driving, with Willow riding shotgun. In the back seat, Jeff helped Oz into his wrist and ankle shackles. Dawn was doing the same for Camille.

“Sorry,” Dawn whispered to the woman.

“It’s okay,” Camille assured her. She looked out the van windows at the fading sunlight, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her hand reached out to Oz, who took it into his own.

“Well,” said Skye, nodding at the digital clock outside the bank. “Any bets on whether that is a coincidence?”

“Nope,” sighed Willow, who took out her cell phone.

Cut To:
Cleveland Street – Same Time

Two blocks away, a car double parked in near-perfect timing with the van.

Cut To:
Car – Same Time

Xander, in the driver’s seat, sighed. He looked at Vi, seated to his right.

“And now we wait,” muttered Kennedy, seated with Faith in the back.

“Yup,” agreed Faith.

Cut To:
Council Van – Same Time

Willow’s cell phone rang exactly as the digital clock turned to 5:30.

“Hello?” Willow answered immediately. “We’re here!”

“Listen carefully,” said the familiar female voice. “Drive forward five blocks to Kolchak Street. Then take a left.”

Cut To:
Black Ops Van – Same Time

Mia sat beside Robin, gazing at a digital display. “Willow’s van is moving,” she noted.

“She must have gotten instructions,” agreed Robin.

“We should wait until she gets a lot further away…”

“Or stops altogether.”

“Right,” she agreed.

In the back, four other Black Ops slayers quietly checked their equipment.

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Minutes Later

By now, the horizon showed only the barest hint of red. Willow’s van pulled into the parking lot of what looked like some kind of old factory. On closer examination, it proved to be an abandoned foundry. The van parked and stopped its engines.

A block away, Xander’s car didn’t quite turn the corner, but it was still visible from the foundry parking lot.

Cut To:
Car – Same Time

“I guess this is the place,” Vi said.

“Guess so,” agreed Xander, watching the van. “Look, they’re getting out.”

From the back seat, Faith held up her own cell phone and spoke into it. “Yep. Willow’s van has stopped and they’re getting out to go inside that old foundry. Guess that’s this Cassandra chick’s lair.”

Cut To:
Black Ops Van – Same Time

Robin, cell phone at his ear, nodded. “Gotcha.” He hung up, slipping the device into his pocket. Then he turned to Mia and the others. “Ladies, let’s go.” He started the engine.

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Main Floor – Dusk

Jeff hovered while Dawn and Skye helped Oz and Camille walk. The shackles on their ankles made the going slow. Ahead, Willow held the Opus Obscurum.

“Hello?” she called out. “Anybody here?”

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Blast Room – Same Time

Troy and Cassandra each drank a vial of violet liquid. They looked at each other, then kissed. Cassandra, eyes bright, turned and walked away.

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Main Floor – Same Time

“We’re here,” Willow continued. “Just like you told us!” Her voice echoed in the darkness and the shadows of huge, rusty machines. Her voice was the only sound. Willow looked back at her companions.

Camille’s eyes were unfocused, her breathing deliberate and even. Oz watched her carefully. Dawn, Skye and Jeff all stayed close, but not too close, to the werewolves as the light from the sun faded.

“Hello?” Willow cried out again.

“Good evening,” said a voice.

They all turned around.

Cassandra of Bruges, child of watchers, chosen as a slayer, now a vampire of great age and power, stood perhaps six yards away. She wore white and was easily spotted in the gloom. “This way,” she said, gesturing.

“Where’s Andrew?” demanded Skye.

“Safe,” was Cassandra’s answer. “As long as you do what you’re told. Do that, and we all get what we want.” She waited one full second. Then, an edge crept into her voice. “Now.”

The six of them moved to obey. Cassandra walked further into the foundry, and they followed. Above them, unseen, moved two other figures. They began to descend from the catwalk via a long built-in ladder.

“I’ve already set things up – the circle, the brazier and, of course, the Diana’s Favor. I see you’ve brought the Opus Obscurum.” Cassandra’s voice was fading as she moved. “Haven’t seen that in ages.”

Once the two figures reached the foot of the ladder, they emerged into the light. One was Cynthia, the other Teela. Both grinned as they moved quietly across the floor towards the entrance where Willow and her group had just entered. Both vampires carried a machine gun fixed with a silencer.

Once near the entrance, they looked out. Four figures were making their way towards the foundry. One was a tall man with short dark hair. The other three were women, young women. A redhead and two brunettes. In addition, all three young women carried what looked like wooden stakes.

Cynthia looked at Teela and mouthed the word ‘slayers.’ Teela grinned.

Together, they cocked the firing mechanisms of their machine guns. And slipped back into the shadows.

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Blast Room – Same Time

“Here we go,” said Cassandra. Sure enough, an elaborate circle with arcane symbols had been painted on a large section of the floor. A brazier burned in the very center, giving off the scent of various herbs.

Standing at a particular point on the edge of the circle, beside the sigil of Sagittarius, was Troy.

“This isn’t Andrew,” Skye said.

“Yeah,” agreed Jeff. He approached. “Who the hell are you?”

Troy literally growled. His eyes were fierce enough that Jeff backed up immediately. As he did so, Troy’s eyes changed color and he opened his mouth to reveal wolf-like fangs. He was changing in front of their eyes.

“Sunset,” breathed Cassandra. “Time to begin. You and you,” she pointed to Oz and Camille, “go stand there.” She indicated the points of the circle where the Sagittarius sigil was painted. “Now!” They moved to obey, as the man howled and shook, revealing the fact that he was chained by the wrists to the floor.

“Everyone, take positions,” said Willow. As Skye, Dawn and Jeff did so, Willow opened the book. All stood now at the edge of the circle. Willow found the place she wanted and then looked up.

By now Cassandra had reached behind an old box and taken out the Diana’s Favor. She stepped forward, into the last remaining spot where a Sagittarius sigil was painted. This fact got a small take from Willow, but she had little time to react. With a gesture, Cassandra intoned the words “Sanctum Invicto.”

From behind, there was a great sound. Huge blast doors lowered, sealing off the entire room. Willow looked again at Cassandra.

“You…you can do magic! But why…?”

Cassandra didn’t let her finish. She tossed the flower into the brazier, where it ignited in a brilliant violet flash. “Begin the ritual,” she ordered. When Willow hesitated, Cassandra looked at her. “Begin, or I’ll turn every one of you and bury you at the bottom of the ocean.” She let the threat sink in. “Begin!”

Willow turned to the book. “Hecate and Artemis, we invoke thee.”

At Willow’s nod, Jeff, Dawn and Skye repeated her words. “Hecate and Artemis, we invoke thee.”

By now, Troy had nearly finished transforming into a huge werewolf. He stood over seven feet tall, and his howl seemed to shake the walls. Willow’s eyes went wide, and a small tremor went through her voice, but she stayed where she was and continued the ritual.

“We supplicate ourselves to Pan and to Proteus…”

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Main Floor – Same Time

Xander and the others heard the howl.

“Was that…?” asked Vi.

“A werewolf,” answered Faith. “Yep.”

They were at the door where Willow and the others had entered. Now they fanned out, trying to stay as aware as possible of any movements amidst the shadows. Of course, this place was filled with shadows, so their movements were slow. It took a surprisingly long time even to get very far from the entrance.

“X-man?” Kennedy asked.

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that, Kennedy.”

“Whatever. Your spider sense going off?”

He sighed. “No.”

“Let us know if it does,” said Faith.

“What a great idea!” Xander said sarcastically. “And here I was planning to keep it all to myself.”

The three slayers groaned.

For another full minute they inched forward, and in the process they heard a werewolf howl at least twice more. It was muffled, as if in another building or room, but distinctive.

“Surprise!” they heard behind them.

When they turned, they found the two tattooed vampires, both holding machine guns in their hands. Machine guns pointed directly at Xander and the three slayers.

“Time to say bye-bye,” giggled the blonde.

“So…bye-bye!” gloated the redhead.

Xander stepped in front of Vi as the vampires opened fire. Flames shot from the barrels of their weapons. Both shook with the power of the guns, and each sprayed the area in front of them several times. They emptied their weapons’ magazines, creating a kill zone in which nothing human could survive.

Which no doubt explained the shocked look on everyone’s faces when Xander and the three slayers were still standing afterwards.

Xander even looked down, as if expecting to see wounds that simply were not there. His fingers touched himself, confirming the total absence of holes. Vi looked, too, then at her fellow slayers. Faith was blinking and breathing hard. Kennedy’s eyes were simply huge. Her head whipped back and forth, confirming that not only was she unharmed, but so were her companions.

“What the hell…?” Xander said.

“Guess that’s why your spider sense didn’t go off,” offered Vi.

“Don’t call it that,” he said faintly.

The vampires looked, if anything, even more stunned. The blonde looked at her companion.

“How could you miss?”

“I didn’t miss! Anyway, if I did, then you did too!”

“That’s stupid!” She waved the weapon in her hand. “These are machine guns! At point-blank range! All we have to do is point them in the right direction!

“So what happened?”

I don’t know!

Before the redhead could say anything more, she dissolved into dust, as Vi walked up to her and jammed a stake into her heart.

The blonde’s expression grew even more upset when Kennedy and Faith grabbed her on either side and held up their wooden stakes.

“Okay, talk!” ordered Faith.

“What do you want to know?” she whimpered, visibly cringing.

“How about,” Xander said as he walked up, “explaining why you were shooting at us with blanks? ‘Cause that’s gotta be it, right? I mean, it’s just gotta be.”

They all looked at the blonde. She looked terribly distressed. “I dunno,” she whispered. “Troy gave us the guns, told us what to do.”

“Who’s Troy?” demanded Kennedy.

“Cassandra’s boyfriend. He’s a werewolf.”

All three slayers and Xander took this in for a moment. Vi’s face quirked into an expression of uncomfortable acceptance. “That’s kinda…” Vi didn’t finish.

“Yeah, yeah, very nice, an interracial couple, woo hoo,” was Faith’s deadpan reaction. “I still wanna know what the hell is going on.”

Before the blonde vampire could say anything more, running footsteps echoed from the parking lot. Five figures in high-tech stealth gear ran towards them, led by Mia. Robin brought up the rear. As they reached the first group, they looked around in all directions, clearly alert and ready to fight.

Mia was the first to realize that there was nothing to fight. “What happened?” she asked.

“The two mighty minions opened up on us with machine guns,” Xander replied. “Machine guns filled with blanks.”

Robin’s eyes went big. He looked at the cringing blonde held at bay by Faith and Kennedy’s stakes. “Ohh…kaay,” he said, nodding. “Any idea why?”

“Goldilocks was about to tell us,” Faith assured him. Then she looked at the vampire.

“Cassandra had a plan,” the blonde stated.

“Well, duh,” muttered Vi.

The vampire flinched. “She said there was a magic ritual we could use, but that the watchers were the ones with the book she needed. Plus we had to wait for some kind of special full moon and get this really rare flower. That’s why we kidnapped your friend.”

“Guess what?” said Robin. “We already knew all that.”

“Yeah,” said Kennedy. “What was the point? What’s she trying to do?”

“She said…she said it would combine all the powers of a vampire and a werewolf together, turning her, and us, into something brand new and super-powerful. We’d be more powerful than either one, you see?”

For a moment, no one said anything.

“That so sounds like something out of a movie,” said Xander.

“Your friend, Andrew? He’s downstairs in the sub-basement. He’s fine, really. Just tied up. Cassandra said not to hurt him because he was more valuable as a hostage. The stairs are just over there,” she gestured with her head, “next to the vending machines. Just go down, take a right, fifty or sixty feet and he’s there.” She was saying all this very fast and with a huge fake smile on her face. “See? I’m helpful! You’ll let me live now, okay? Please?”

Vi stepped up to her. “No,” she answered flatly. She plunged her stake into the heart of the vampire, who had just enough time to look equal parts disappointed, surprised and afraid.

Then Vi pointed. “We heard wolf howls from that direction.”

Xander nodded. “I’ll go get Andrew.” He headed off to the basement, and everyone else followed Vi.

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Blast Room – Moments Later

By now, the violet glow from the brazier had become intense and had spread to everyone in the room.

“Let the bonds of Sutekh be broken!” Willow intoned over the howls of the strange werewolf. Both Camille and Oz were trembling. Each had begun to change, their eyes growing dark and their teeth growing longer. The features of each were altering with every passing moment.

“Let the bonds be broken!” chanted the other three Coven members.

“And the flesh be reborn!” Willow called.

“And the flesh be reborn!” came the response.

From her place, Cassandra was also shaking. The violet glow had begun to emit from her eyes. She seemed to be nearly in convulsions.

Willow continued reading from the book as the violet glow grew even stronger.

“Unleash what has been chained!” she cried.

“Unleash what has been chained!” the three answered.

“Remake the bone and skin and blood!” Willow intoned.

“Remake the bone and skin and blood!” they echoed.

So mote it be!” Willow commanded.

So mote it be!” came the reply.

At the last word, the violet glow erupted, like a cross between an aurora borealis and a fireworks display. A whirlwind began to fill the chamber, forcing Willow and others to the ground. Through slit eyes, she could see both Camille and Oz assume their lupine forms, howling against the wind. Near them, the huge werewolf was already fully transformed, yet it still writhed, as if in the middle of a change. Strangely, Cassandra also appeared to be undergoing some kind of change. She dropped to all fours, her hairline extending while her face reshaped itself.

A great roar rose as the violet light and whirlwind reached its peak. Willow was thrown several feet across the room, as was Jeff. Dawn and Skye clutched at each other, but were thrown apart. Debris began to swirl in the air. The growling of feral beasts competed with the overwhelming din.

Then, the sound spiraled down, along with the violet glow.

Cut To:
Watchers Council –  Library – Same Time

Giles followed Rowena into the room. She headed towards the laptop on a table.

“You need to see this,” Rowena said. She sat before the laptop and clicked something. “It arrived less than three minutes ago.”

Another media file opened, revealing yet again the face of Cassandra. Looking directly at the camera, she spoke.

“By now,” she said, “my plan will have worked. The ritual is done, or is so close to being done that no one can stop it. I have what I want. We both do.”

Giles looked worried. “Oh dear.”

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Blast Room – Same Time

Jeff was the first one to get up off the floor. Dust and darkness interfered with his vision, but he knew he wasn’t the only one alive because he heard the others coughing too.

“Dawn? Willow? Skye?”

“Here,” Skye’s voice called through the darkness. She was dirty, but rose unhurt. She looked around in the gloom. “Dawn, honey?” A tiny edge of panic entered her voice. “Dawn?

From maybe ten feet away, a familiar voice said “Owie,” and Skye visibly relaxed. Dawn tossed a piece of cardboard off her own face and coughed. “I need…a bath. A nice, long, hot bath.”

Skye chuckled. “We’ll get you one, just as soon as –” She stopped when she heard a growl behind her.

Slowly, she turned. Rising from the debris was a lupine figure, dark and clearly dangerous. Its eyes were filled with rage and drool ran from its gaping jaws. Broken shackles dangled from its wrists. Skye froze.

“Camille!” Oz called, half-naked, but still in his human form. Despite his shackles, he managed to move slightly towards his wife. “No…don’t. Listen to me…”

The beast did seem to listen, but only barely, staring at Oz with an unreadable expression. Skye tried not to breathe. Dawn, on the other hand, was breathing very hard indeed.

The last to rise, Willow groaned and sat up. Instantly, Camille turned towards the new sound. Willow’s eyes grew huge at the sight. She held up her hand and said “Tar!” in a commanding voice.

Nothing happened.

Camille snarled and began to move towards Willow.

Tar? Tar! Tar, dammit…!” Willow shook her hand as if willing it to work.

There was another sound, this time the creak and crash of old machinery in motion. The blast door of the room began to rise. Camille once again turned her huge head towards the new sound, this time sniffing with her snout for some whiff of the newcomers.

“Got it!” Robin’s voice could be heard from the other side of the rising door.

With a snarl, Camille began to move towards the door. She looked exactly like a predatory beast who’d just caught sight of her next meal.

Faith and Mia were the first ones to step under the slowly rising door and into the blast room.

“It’s Camille!” Oz cried out.

The two slayers moved in perfect unison. Each drew their tranq guns, like gunslingers of the Old West, and fired simultaneously. Once hit, Camille’s momentum carried her a little distance, but not far, before she collapsed.

Faith said, “Where’s Cassandra and her boyfriend?”

Willow blinked. “Boyfriend?”

“The other werewolf? Where are they?” She sounded frantic. The six slayers that entered now looked equally grim.

“We don’t know,” said Dawn.

At that very moment, some more movement registered on the other side of the room. The slayers pointed their weapons. Skye and Jeff rushed to Dawn’s side. Oz knelt beside Camille. Then, as the door rose further, the additional light revealed something that had nearly everyone staring or blinking.

Standing there was a wolf. Not a werewolf. Not some kind of supernatural creature. But, as far as any could tell, just an ordinary wolf. It looked at them exactly as a natural creature would, warily, but with no discernable malice. After a moment, another wolf emerged from the shadows and stood beside it. The two creatures appeared to be…mates.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Library – Same Time

Giles and Rowena continued to listen and watch the media file.

“…five centuries of the same dreariness,” Cassandra continued in her recording, “dozens of languages, hundreds of things to try, thousands of people to meet or kill, and they all turn to dust. Even as a vampire I couldn’t escape it, the human condition. Worry about the past, worry about the future, worry about how the past and the future affect the present.” She sounded sick and weary. “No more. From now on, we will live. Really live. Live in ways and with such purity that the rest of you can’t even comprehend. I almost pity you, still burdened as you are with the garbage of civilization and sentience. But soon, I won’t be almost anything. By now, I’ll be myself, pure and unencumbered. I’ll be really alive and in love and free.” There was a strange smile on her face now, and she seemed enraptured by a vision only she could see. Suddenly she turned again to the camera. “So, goodbye, you pathetic creatures. All of you. And good riddance.”

The image stopped.

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Blast Room – Same Time

Everyone stared at the two wolves. Willow was on her cell phone. “You’ve called animal control? Good. Okay then, we’ll be headed back. The ritual?” She looked at Oz cradling the unconscious Camille in his arms. “We’ll have to get back with you about that.”

Now unshackled, Oz whispered to Camille, stroking her head, and as he did, she began to change. Still unconscious, she returned to human form – sans fur and fangs and snout and claws. It took nearly twenty seconds for the change to be complete, but as he whispered to her, everything lupine in her appearance faded away.

Faith knelt down. “I’ll help you with her.”

“Thanks,” he said.

Faith and Oz lifted Camille and carried her out of the blast room.

Dawn, leaning on Skye, could hardly take her eyes off the two wolves in the corner. As Willow shut down her cell phone and approached, Dawn said, “I don’t get it.”

“This must be what they wanted,” Willow answered.

“But to be wolves? Why?”

“Maybe to let go of all the grief and trouble that comes with being human?” suggested Skye.

“But…she wasn’t human,” Dawn said.

Xander stepped up. “Maybe she was, in every way that counted. For her, anyway. And him.”

Vi, next to Xander, said, “You know, it’s even kinda romantic.”

Skye opened her mouth, then closed it again. Then she said, “In a very weird way.”

“Very,” agreed Dawn, “very weird.”

Cut To:
Old Foundry – Main Floor – Same Time

Faith and Oz carried the slack form of Camille out of the foundry. Circled protectively around them, more out of habit than anything else, were Mia and the other Black Ops slayers. Robin went with them.

Above, in the catwalk scaffolding, a single figure remained absolutely still. Her eyes were fixed on the woman being carried, as well as on those with her. She wore her hair back in a ponytail. Her clothes resembled, in a superficial way, the garb of the Black Ops slayers, though without the high tech.

The woman’s eyes managed to be icy, yet burn at the same time. And they burned with hatred. Raw. Vivid. Deep.

She remained absolutely still, unnoticed by any below her.



 Black Out

To Be Continued

End of Blue Moon


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