Act 4

Fade In:
Ronda – Ortiz Residence – Night

Willow knocked on the door for the third time and sighed. She checked her watch and was about to knock again when the door pulled open a crack. Isabel’s grandmother stood in the slit, barely visible. She eyed Willow with a look of contempt.

“Mrs. Ortiz, hel –” Willow wasn’t able to finish her sentence because the elderly woman began speaking Spanish very quickly in an indiscernible dialect.


Willow had extreme difficulty uttering more than a syllable or two before Mrs. Ortiz increased the volume of her disjointed squawking.


Mrs. Ortiz slammed the door in Willow’s face, muttering a few words that sounded suspiciously like “policía” and “fusil.

Her mouth agape, Willow left the small porch and headed for her car.

Cut To:
Ronda – El Tajo – Cliff’s Edge – Same Time

“Gabby!” Faith called as she reached the top of the hill. “Are you here?”

The cliff was dark and deserted, though the rising moon cast enough light to make the area traversable.

“Gabs, come on!” she bellowed, moving closer to the edge. “We need to talk, so get your winged ass out…” She turned to see Gabrielle behind her, a sinister smile arching across the archangel’s mouth. “…here.”

Faith’s features scrunched into a scowl as she stared down the other woman. “Who are you?” Gabrielle’s smile broadened. “Lucifer? The First? Or something else?”

“Does it matter?” Gabrielle countered.

Faith stared back, unsure how to answer. “What do you want?”

Gabrielle shrugged. “World peace.” She walked toward the edge of the cliff and picked something up off the ground. In the moonlight, it looked like a leather-bound book. The redhead flipped through the pages, settling somewhere near the end. “I always loved the Book of Revelation. You?”

Genesis,” Faith replied curtly.

“Ah, but you’re not going to find that in here,” Gabrielle said, giving the book an indicative wave. She shrugged. “I’ve never been fond of the beginning. I’m impatient. I like to know how it ends.” She ran her finger down the open page of the scripture and read. “During those days men will seek death, but will not find it; they will long to die and death will elude them.”

“9:6,” Faith said.

“Oh, so you know that one.” Gabrielle’s smile returned. “I always loved that verse. It’s a tad bleak, but I think it really epitomizes that whole Hell on Earth thing that John was selling.” She shut the book and dropped it to the ground. “Speaking of which…how’s Isabel?”

Faith shot Gabrielle a look of pure venom as the pair locked eyes. The stare was broken when a masculine voice called Faith’s name from somewhere behind her. She turned to see a dark silhouette climbing the grassy hill with moderate difficulty. The man called Faith’s name once more, causing her to jump.

“Robin?” she called when he reached the top.

“Yes,” he answered back as he limped closer to her, the moonlight catching his face and illuminating his features. He winced with each step of his right leg. “This thing isn’t built for climbing.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Willow called me. She said you disappeared. When you didn’t answer my calls, I got on a plane.”

Faith stared at him incredulously.

“I was worried,” Robin added. He looked past her toward the cliff. “Babe, why are you up here all alone?”

Faith blinked. She turned around, but Gabrielle was gone.

“What’s that?” Robin asked, pointing at the ground near the edge. He walked over to the book and picked it up, looking to Faith for some kind of explanation.

Before she could open her mouth, Robin froze. The dark ground beneath his feet shifted and he fell backward. Faith could only watch in horror as he went over the edge.

Cut To:
Ronda – Dirt Road – Council Van – Same Time

“I’m going to kill her,” Willow repeated as she drove up the gravel-filled dirt road, her eyes cautiously scanning the narrow road ahead. The van lurched violently as she drove over a nasty stretch of road. “She will pay…”

Willow was not able to finish her thought because the front right tire sank deeply into a gravel-filled rut, causing the van to fishtail to the left and scrape against that edge of the mountain. Gripping the wheel tightly, Willow tapped the brakes several times until the vehicle stopped moving. Quickly, she pulled the emergency brake.

Breathing deeply, Willow allowed her head to rest on the steering wheel. “I am sooo going to kill her.” She took a moment before unsuccessfully attempting to open the driver’s side door. The left side of the van was less than two inches from the mountain.

“Great,” she sighed. With a small grunt, Willow climbed over the center console and escaped the vehicle through the passenger side door. Once outside, she moved to inspect the damage. The front tire was stuck in another rut.

Off in the distance, a sharp, desperate yell sounded through the air.

Willow immediately looked up from the road and waited. Within seconds, the sound repeated. Grabbing a flashlight from the van, she ran toward the source of the sound.

Cut To:
Ronda – El Tajo – Cliff’s Edge – Same Time

“Ace, please!” Faith cried urgently. She lay at the very edge of the cliff, her torso hanging over the side. Her left arm gripped the rock firmly, while her right reached down for Robin, who clung precariously to the dark, jagged canyon wall five feet below her. “Reach up.”

“I’m not sure I can,” he called back, his eyes filled with panic. “I can barely grip this.”

“Just try,” she begged, as she inched her hips forward over the side. Her hand was now stretched as far as humanly possible.

Robin looked down. The walls of the gorge blocked the light of the barely risen moon, creating a massive shadow that gave the canyon a bottomless appearance. Swallowing his fear, he shifted his weight and reached up for Faith’s hand.

With arms and fingers extended, they reached for each other, his left hand to her right. For a few seconds their finger tips almost met, hovering mere centimeters apart, until Robin’s grip failed. The rock below his right arm buckled, and he fell.


Robin landed with a painful grunt on a flat and narrow extension of the rock about twenty feet down from his previous spot. Rolling to his back, he looked dazed, but remained conscious. A river of blood flowed freely from a gash on his forehead.

Above him, Faith exhaled. She looked down, her eyes scanning the cliff’s jagged face. “Ace!” She watched him. “Don’t move. I’m coming to you.”

Robin could only grunt and nod in agreement.

Moving quickly, Faith sat back and pulled off her boots. Without hesitation, she swung herself over the side, looking for a foothold. Carefully, she climbed down several feet before slipping. Her right foot missed its mark, slipping through its destination, as if the rock were not really there. The misstep sent Faith’s weight off balance and pulled her body away from the rock wall. She slid down, groping for something to grab onto. Her left hand found paydirt, and she managed to stop her descent, though not before both her hands and feet accumulated various scrapes and cuts.

Looking up, Faith got her bearings. She was now ten feet from the top of the gorge, with her left hand gripped tightly around a single spike of limestone that jutted about six feet away from the canyon wall, leaving her dangling helplessly over the canyon.

Cut To:
Ronda – El Tajo
Top of Cliff – Same Time

Palming the grass at the top of the hill, Willow pulled herself to the top of the incline, panting softly. She stepped around the large white caution sign and looked around. “Faith?”

The cliff was in front of her, barren except for a pair of familiar black boots lying near the drop. Willow stepped forward, moving close to the edge, and leaned over to look down. “Faith, are you…Oh Goddess. Faith!” The brunette slayer was a story down, hanging from a spike of rock that stretched about six feet away from the canyon wall and looking down at something.Willow sank to her knees and followe

d Faith’s gaze to a spot of dark rock. There was nothing about it that seemed to warrant any interest.

Faith!” Willow shouted louder, this time waving her arms in a frantic attempt to draw the slayer’s attention. Faith did not respond.

Looking a little bit panicked, and more than a little bit frustrated, Willow stood up. She took a calming breath and shut her eyes in concentration.

V.O., Willow: “Faith, can you hear me.”

“Willow?” Faith called out, her expression screaming confusion.

V.O., Willow: “Yes. I’m above you, Faith, standing at the edge of the cliff.”

Faith looked up, but saw nothing. The cliff above her was deserted. The only motion was a steady swill of gray dust that kicked up from the cliffs as the wind swept through the still air with a loud whistle. Strangely, the swirling dirt did not stop the moon’s light from streaming into the gorge.

“I don’t see you. There’s a lot of dust,” Faith shouted, as she tried to get a better grip on the limestone spike.

V.O. Willow: “Dust? Faith’s there’s n –”

“Willow?” Faith called after several seconds of waiting for the witch’s voice to return. “Are you still there?”

V.O., Willow: “Faith? Can you still hear me?”

No reply.

“There’s something else here,” Willow said to herself. She opened her eyes and scanned the area. The cliff was small and devoid of any vegetation, with no visible hiding places. “Somewhere close,” she mumbled.

The witch’s eyes fell upon the gorge. Below her, Faith still clung to the spike. She looked above her friend and moved her eyes from left to right over the canyon wall, until she spotted it – a three-foot-long gray reptile, camouflaged against the color of the rock. The creature looked directly at her and hissed.

A sudden wave of pain shot through Willow’s head. Grabbing her temples, she dropped to her knees, fighting the pain. Her breath quickened as she began speaking softly in Latin.

Faith looked up, but still saw nothing. The swirls of dust were gone, and Willow was nowhere in sight. Frowning, she turned her attention to the narrow platform of rock on which Robin now sat. His head wound was still bleeding, but he was no longer dazed. They locked eyes.

“Faith,” he called up. “You’re too far to reach the wall. Jump down to me. Then we can both climb up.”

Faith looked at the side of the gorge. For a brief second, it appeared close enough for her to reach. She shut her eyes and shook her head. When she looked again, the rock was well out of reach.

Her gaze fell on Robin once more as she traced the distance between them with her eyes – five feet down and three feet over. “Ace, it’s too far.” She shook her head. “If I miss, I won’t have anything to grab onto.”

“I’ll catch you,” he insisted as he stood up, his arms wide and inviting.

“Robin…I don’t…”

“Please,” he shouted desperately. “I’m asking you to trust me, Faith. Can you trust me?”

“Yes,” Faith called back honestly.

Above them, a painful cry shot through the air and echoed against the walls of the canyon. Faith looked up. Below her, Robin and the ledge he stood on flickered in and out of existence.

Willow gasped as another painful surge shot through her mind. She slumped down a little as the creature issued a satisfied hiss and slowly crawled forward, gripping the rock as a lizard would rough tree bark.

“There’s nothing up there,” Robin bellowed, his face now clear and his tone desperate. “Jump to me. Trust me.

All uncertainty left her face upon hearing his last words. Shifting her weight, Faith lifted her right arm to meet her left and swung her body back and forth to gain momentum. Just as she was ready to let go, a sudden, strange noise sounded from her jacket pocket.

Faith stopped and listened to the opening chorus of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” The sound cut off quickly, but not before a wave of realization flooded across her face. She looked down at Robin and whispered, “It’s not real.”

“Yes it is,” Robin shouted back.

Faith ignored him, turning her attention to the wall of rock beside her. Gripping the spike with both hands, she swung her feet forward, connecting with the invisible rock. Shifting her weight onto her left arm, Faith reached out with her right hand and felt the air for a suitable rock to hold on to. Finding it quickly, she repeated the process until her entire body was supported by an invisible wall of limestone.

Faith took a deep breath as she looked up and down at her visually unsupported hands and feet. “Trippy.”

At her side, Gabrielle materialized out of thin air. “You’ll never make it up there,” the archangel news taunted. “I control everything you see and hear.”

“What’s wrong? You haven’t reached your daily mind-screwing quota yet?” Faith spat.

Gabrielle opened her mouth to reply, but her visage flickered slightly.

Faith grinned. “You forget to change your battery? Looks like you’re running out of juice.”

The archangel flickered out of existence as Faith slowly climbed the invisible wall of stone.

Willow rose from her knees and chanted louder, her voice powerful and pissed off. She opened her jet black eyes and stared down the demon, which was now crawling backward. Lifting her right hand, Willow sent a wave of energy at the creature. The red blast hit its target, sending it hurtling off the rock and down into the dark gorge.

Once the demon was out of sight, Willow tried to catch her breath. She walked back away from the ledge and leaned against the caution sign, using it for support. She jumped when a hand appeared at the cliff’s edge.

Faith’s head popped up over the edge and spotted Willow. “Little help here.” She held out her right hand for the witch to take.

Willow pushed off the sign and moved to help Faith, but was tugged backward about a foot from the drop. The witch spun around to find a hand gripping her shoulder – Faith’s hand.

“What…?” the witch began.

Faith eyed her incredulously. “You were about to walk over the side.”

Willow’s brow furrowed. She glanced from Faith to the ground and back again. The slayer was correct. She stood dangerously close to the edge. “It tricked me,” she breathed angrily as she looked over the gray moonlit rock.

“What tricked you?” Faith asked.

“That!” Willow exclaimed, her index finger extended.

Faith followed the witch’s gaze and spotted the gray demon, stretched out against the side of the gorge about fifteen feet below them. Quickly stepping back, she reached for the caution sign and unearthed it.

Eyes wide, Willow backed out of Faith’s way as the slayer launched the sign like a guided missile, impaling the demon’s torso easily. It made a squealing sound and then stilled.

“That was a nice shot,” Willow said casually.

“Eh,” Faith shrugged. “Slayer coordination.”

They both watched for a moment before Faith spoke again. “I think it could only mess with one of us at a time. Once you showed up, it started to lose control over me.” She turned to Willow. “So just to be clear, you do see a skewered gray lizard thing oozing something green and…” She waved her hand in front of her nose. “…and really offensive, right?”

“Yup,” Willow replied, using her thumb and index finger to pinch her own nose. “Ugh, it’s like garbage and…feet.” She looked down. “Or maybe just garbage. Why aren’t you wearing shoes?”

Faith looked down at her bare feet. “Oh, right.” She quickly found her boots and slipped them on. “I thought it would be easier to climb without ’em. Didn’t really count on mind-trip-zilla down there, making life difficult. What was that thing, anyway?”

“A demon, I guess,” Willow replied as Faith stood up again. “Not like any I’ve ever seen. It was telepathic, telekinetic and had limited control over our brain’s visual and auditory sensors.” Willow took out her cell phone and held it over the edge, snapping a photo.

“Write that down,” Faith smirked, “I bet Ro can I.D. its species, genius and kingdom.”

“I think you mean genus, and no bet, especially since she’ll have pics too.” Willow thought for a minute. “This probably explains this town’s propensity for suicides. Without much of a physical advantage, it had to adapt a way to kill its prey.”

Once again they both stared down at the oozing corpse, and Willow took a few more shots. “You about ready?” Willow asked.

Faith nodded without looking over. “Yeah.” Her expression hardened. “I’ve got some stuff to tell you.”

“So do I,” Willow said, heading toward the grassy hill. She paused at the top of the incline. “Oh, and I had a little car trouble. How much weight can you lift, ’cause I-I-I’m not sure the rental has a car jack?”

Faith cocked an eyebrow and followed after her.

Cut To:
Ronda – Hotel Montelirio – Very Early Morning

Walking into the lobby side by side, Faith and Willow scanned the room. The hotel’s main entrance was understandably deserted considering the time of day.

Faith frowned, “I don’t see her. Front desk?”

Willow nodded, and they made their way to a sleepy-looking attendant. He looked up at their approach, and Willow spoke. “Hi. Sorry to bother you, but we were wondering if you’ve seen a girl come through here. She has dark hair, dark eyes, she’s about my height. She might have come by the desk asking for Willow or Faith. Um…”

“Gray sweatshirt!” Faith added loudly.

The desk clerk just stared back at them, looking very much like a deer caught in headlights. “Que?

“I don’t think he understands us,” Faith whispered, leaning closer to Willow. They walked away from the desk, and Faith went on. “Maybe she went home when she realized you weren’t here.”

“Yeah, probably,” Willow agreed, pulling out her cell phone. “And it’s too late to go looking for her now. Let’s just get some sleep and regroup in the morning.” She sighed. “I’ve got to call Buffy, but why don’t you head up?”

Faith nodded gratefully.

Cut To:
Ronda – Hotel Montelirio – Faith’s Room – Moments Later

With a tired grunt, Faith pushed open the door of her room and walked in. Immediately she stopped, her eyes locked on the sleeping form snoring softly on the suite’s overstuffed sofa.

Robin was sitting upright, but slouched just enough so that his head rested comfortably on the back of the couch. His prosthetic leg was perched on the edge of the coffee table, and his arms hung loosely at his sides. He looked both peaceful and exhausted.

Faith watched him for a moment before slowly closing the door with a soft click. Setting down her room key on the nearest surface, she sauntered toward Robin, stepped around his black travel bag, and lowered herself onto the couch. Slowly, Faith leaned over him until their lips were an inch apart. Hesitating for half a second, she closed her eyes and kissed him softly.

Beneath her, Robin stirred, and Faith pulled back. Before she could break contact, Robin’s right hand snaked up her neck, drawing her closer as he returned the kiss. Faith moaned softly at his touch and brought her own hands to rest on his shoulders. After several seconds they broke apart, and Faith rested her forehead against Robin’s.

“I could get used to waking up this way,” Robin said, as the corners of his mouth curled skyward.

Faith lifted her head and looked into his eyes, “Sorry, I just needed to make sure you were real.”

Robin flashed an appreciative grin, clearly indicating that he did not object to her action. “So, what’s the verdict?” he asked sweetly.

Now it was Faith’s turn to smile as her left hand pressed against his chest, over his heart. She held his gaze for a second before kissing him again, this time with a passionate desire.

“Definitely real,” she answered when they broke apart once more. Leaning out of his personal space, she watched him with curious eyes. “What are you doing here?”

Robin’s smile fell slightly at the question. He took his time in answering. “I didn’t like the way our last conversation ended.”

His words hung heavily in the air. Faith bit her lip and fell back onto the sofa, increasing the distance between them. Robin immediately sat up. Gently pulling his prosthetic off the coffee table, he pivoted his body, closing the gap between them. His hand reached for hers, causing her to look at him.

“Look, it’s pretty late…or early…depending on how you look at it.” He kept his tone light. “If you’d rather sleep, we can do this tomorrow.”

She shook her head with a sigh. “No, I think we’ve…I’ve ignored this particular pink elephant for long enough.” He smiled.

Dropping her gaze, Faith brought her hands together around his palm, tracing the lines slowly as she continued speaking. “Just so you know, I wasn’t running again. Everything was just…piling up – Vi, Heli, the increased stalking by the press, all the stupid paperwork.” She was quiet for a few seconds. He took the opportunity to sit back against the couch cushions, pulling her next to him with his left arm. Faith didn’t protest, instead, settling her head against his left shoulder. “Y’know, things used to make sense,” she sighed.

“When was that, babe?” he inquired.

“When I was four, I didn’t have to think for myself.” She shut her eyes and shifted closer to his body. For a while she didn’t say anything, causing Robin to look down at her. He lifted his right hand to wake her, but stopped when she continued speaking. “When I saw that report, I guess I just thought if I came out here I could finally get some answers. Maybe find Gabrielle.”

“Did you?

“No,” she sighed. “It was so dumb. I almost got Willow killed. I just wanted answers so badly. I was ready to…” She stopped before admitting anything further.

Robin studied her face. “Ready to what?”

She didn’t answer.

“Faith?” he prodded.

“Give everything up,” she answered quietly. He opened his mouth to speak, but she went on. “Coming here, Robin, I could have lost my powers. I still might. Willow’s not sure how Isabel’s mojo works yet. It could take time.” She rubbed her forehead. “I didn’t even care. I thought it didn’t matter, because it wasn’t like I was really a slayer anymore anyway. That’s what I told myself.” She paused. “I’m so stupid.”

“I hate it when you say that,” Robin sighed, tightening his grip around Faith.

“I know,” she replied sadly.

“Do you care now?” He asked.

She nodded her head against his arm. “I’m scared,” she answered honestly. She picked up his right hand, entwining his fingers with hers. “But I’m tired of worrying all the time. About why she brought me back, about what happens now. I don’t want to be…”

“Stuck?” he supplied.

“…anymore,” she finished. “Do you think that’s possible?”

“Yes.” He planted a soft kiss on the top of her head. “Faith, I think you deserve answers, I do, but I also think it’s possible you won’t ever find them. There are some things in life that just aren’t up to us, no matter how much we wish they were.” Faith didn’t respond verbally, but the nodding of her head told Robin that his words were heard and acknowledged. He squeezed her hand lightly and kissed her again. “I’m sorry I didn’t come to you sooner. I should have known something was –”

“Stop!” She looked up at him. “Not your fault. It’s not like I was all that forthcoming with my thoughts. You aren’t a mind reader, Robin.”

He allowed himself to smile. “Maybe I can ask Willow for some help with that.”

Faith chuckled lightly at his comment. They fell into a brief comfortable silence, until Faith spoke again. “Thank you for this.” She turned her attention to his right hand and began playing with his fingers. “Letting me talk it all out.” She paused. “I was actually pretty sure you would be pissed at me.”

“Well…” he began, making her look back up at him. He shrugged. “I was pissed off.” When she frowned, he quickly went on. “Emphasis on the past tense, Faith. When I first got on the plane, I thought it was last year all over again. You weren’t answering my calls, and that really hurt.”

“I didn’t want you to worry,” she added hastily.

“No chance of that, babe,” he replied with a smile. “So, after I took out some aggression on the seat in front of me and scared the hell out of the flight attendant, I had an epiphany.”

She sat up and turned to face him. “What kind of epiphany?”

He sighed, “I’m almost ten years older than you, Faith.”


“And sometimes I forget that you’re not as experienced as I am,” he continued.

Faith’s mouth fell open, and she shot him an accusatory look. “You. More experienced. Than me.” She shook her head. “No way!”

Robin rolled his eyes. “Fine. You’re not as experienced in relationships as I am.” Faith closed her mouth without rebuttal, grinning at her victory. Robin raised an eyebrow at her. “And by the way…bragging about past sexual conquests with your current boyfriend isn’t all that endearing. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up in a few months.”

Faith’s grin turned into a pout. “I’m sorry, but you can’t lob a softball like that and not expect me to hit it out of the park.”

His eyes narrowed playfully. “You’re just lucky that I already got your gift.”

“You did?” Faith asked, her tone suggesting that she didn’t quite believe him. He nodded, and her eyes widened, flashing to his travel bag and back again.

“It’s not in there,” Robin said nervously, sliding the bag around the side of the couch. Faith watched the luggage until it disappeared from view. “Anyway, getting back on topic…” he continued. “I thought that we could try something new. I’m calling it the ‘give Faith space’ plan.” Faith raised an eyebrow at him as he continued. “Here’s how it works. There are three steps. First,” he motioned to the couch, “we sit.”

Faith nodded, biting back a smile.

“Next,” he continued, pointing both of his index fingers in her general direction, “you talk. And finally,” Robin brought his thumbs back against his chest, “I listen. What do you think?”

Faith brought her hand over her mouth to cover her amused expression. “I like it, Robin, I do, it’s just, I can’t promise you that I’m always going to want to talk…about stuff.”

“You see, that’s the beauty of the ‘give Faith space’ plan – it’s adaptable.” He took her hands into his, speaking sincerely. “If you’re not ready to talk, you don’t have to.” He drew her hand up to his mouth and kissed it softly. “But please, promise me that if things get this bad again, you’ll tell me. Even if I’m out of the country, I’ll fly back.”

Faith let her fingers wrap around his hand, teasing the skin around his knuckles. “I promise,” she said, looking him in the eye. She returned his gesture, kissing his palm. “Are we good?”

He nodded. “Yeah, we’re good.”

Faith smiled and stood up, pulling him up with her. “Then let’s go to bed. Like you said, it’s late…or early…depending on how you look at it.”

Robin smiled at her joke and then eyed the queen-sized bed with a raised eyebrow.

Faith shook her head. “No thanks. All I want is eight hours of sleep and then a couple of plates of waffles.”

“This from the one who claims to have all that ‘experience’.”

She scowled as she walked toward the bed. “Keep that up, and we won’t get any sleep for a week.”

Robin followed her with a playful grin. “And that’s a bad thing because…”

Cut To:
Ronda – Hotel Montelirio – Willow’s Room – Same Time

With her toothbrush in hand, Willow pulled open the door to her room to find Tomás standing before her. His hair was a bit frazzled, and his clothes were wrinkled. “Tomás. Come in. Are you okay?”

She stepped aside allowing the older man entry. Once inside, he rubbed his bloodshot eyes.

“I’m afraid we have a problem,” he began as Willow set down her toothbrush. “Last night, Mrs. Ortiz, Isabel’s grandmother, called the police claiming that someone was banging on her door and threatening Isabel.”

Willow flinched. “That might have been me. I went to see Isabel last night, and I had a small misunderstanding with the woman.”

Tomás looked confused, “So you know where Isabel is then?”

Willow shook her head, “Uh, no. I couldn’t find her.” Willow frowned, putting the pieces together. “Is she missing?”

He nodded gravely. “Her grandmother said she left at seven last night, but never returned home.”

“Where was she going?” Willow asked.

“Most Holy Redeemer,” he replied. When Willow shrugged, he explained. “It’s her church. She went there every night to light two candles for her parents.”

“That’s where Faith left her,” Willow added. “Did anyone else see her there? The priest, maybe?”

Tomás shook his head. “Father Manuel was at the hospital performing last rites, and we don’t know if anyone else was there.”

Willow ran her fingers through her hair and leaned against the end of the sofa. She took a deep breath.

“I hate to say this, but has anyone checked the gorge?”

Tomás nodded regrettably. “They’re checking it now. So far nothing.” He clenched his jaw. “I think she ran again.”

Willow shot him a warning glance. “I’ve got to make a call.” She moved to the door and opened it. “Keep me updated on the search.”

Tomás nodded and left without objection.

Walking to the sofa, Willow plopped down on a cushion and opened Isabel’s medical file. “I don’t get it,” she mumbled to herself. “Five slayers affected, but not Faith. Five dead…”

Fade To:
Ronda – El Tajo – Cliff’s Edge – Sunrise

V.O., Willow: “…and we’re no closer to an answer.”

At the very edge of the gray rocky ledge of the canyon, a pristine copy of the New Testament sat, its gold lettering shining in the morning light. With a soft whistle. a strong gust of wind blew up the wall of the cliff, pushing open the book’s leather-bound cover. The wind continued, slowly leafing through the pages of the scripture.

Fade to Black


Special Guest Starring:
Gillian Anderson as Gabrielle


End of Revelation 9:6


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