Act 1



Elijah Wood as Jeff Lindquist, Lacey Chabert as Skye, Rachel Hurd-Wood as Lorinda Sheparton, Helen Shaver as Becca Giles, Michelle Rodriguez as Kadin Van Helsing and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

Guest Starring:
Ashton Kutcher as Ethan Rayne, Billy Crudup as Rupert Giles, Evangeline Lilly as Marissa and Jennifer Connelly as Althenea Dimmons.

Fade In:


Giles and Becca‘s House – Afternoon

Giles walked down the hallway with a rolling suitcase in one hand and Elizabeth on his other arm. Becca followed behind them, holding Martin in her arms.

“Remember –” he began, but was immediately cut short.

“If anything happens, I will get to the Council,” Becca replied. “Cross my heart.”

“And you have my cell number in case you need it?”

“Programmed in the phone,” she answered. “Both phones,” she quickly added, correcting herself before he could do it. “But there is something you can do for me.”

“What?” he asked.

“Relax,” she said seriously, before smiling at him. “We’ll be okay. It’s only a few days, and you’ll be back before New Year’s, so just…have some fun, okay? We’ll be fine.”

“A-All right, but just remember, if there’s trouble, get to Willow. She’ll be able to protect you.”

“Yes,” Becca sighed. “I know, Rupert.”

He moved in and gave her a kiss, then stroked Martin on the small patch of hair growing on top of his head. He had turned to leave when Becca got his attention.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked.

He looked at her, slightly confused, and she nodded toward Elizabeth, who was still in his arms playing with the zipper on his jacket.

“Oh, right,” he said quickly, and he put her on the ground next to Becca. He leaned over and kissed the young girl on the top of the head. “Be good for your mum.” When Giles rose again, he gave Becca another kiss, and she opened the door, shooing him away. Once he and his suitcase passed the threshold, she closed the door behind him.

Giles still stood on the stoop.

“You didn’t lock –” he began to say in a loud voice when the sound of the door locking could be clearly heard.

“It’s locked,” Becca shouted back, with a slight hint of laughter in her voice. “Now go away.”

Giles smiled and started down the steps.

Inside the house, Becca shook her head with a smile on her face. “That daddy of yours, girl. I don’t know about him.”

“Don’t know,” Elizabeth mimicked her.

Becca chuckled and held out her hand, motioning for Elizabeth to follow her. “Come on, Sweetie. We’ll make some cookies for when Daddy comes back, how’s that sound?”

“Cookie!” Elizabeth shouted as she began to try to run toward the kitchen.

“Slow down,” Becca told her. She muttered to herself with a grin, “You fall and get a bruise, and he’ll never leave again.”

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Willow and Rowena’s Apartment – Same Time

“I wish I could go too,” Willow said, as she sat on the bed watching Rowena pack her bag.

“Someone needs to keep the home fires burning,” Rowena told her in a seductive voice as she leaned over. Willow captured Rowena’s face in her hands, giving her a passionate kiss. “Just don’t do any burning with Al,” she added.

“It’s the Yule time. Not May Day,” Willow teased, making Rowena grin. “But you better be home for New Year’s,” Willow told her with a wave of her finger. “I need a smoochie partner.”

“Well, that’s the plan, and honestly…I don’t think we’re going to find anything. This trip feels more geared toward Leonard Nimoy and his old In Search of… crew than the Council.”

“Well, just be careful,” Willow told her.

Cut To:


Watchers Council — Faith and Robin’s Apartment – Same Time

“Hey, I’m always careful,” Faith said, gesturing with open palms.

Robin stepped up and took them in his, before leaning in to give her a soft kiss. “Still, you don’t know what you guys might find out there,” he told her. “So just be prepared, is all.”

“Ace,” she sighed. “You’ve got nothing to worry about. We’ll go, we’ll investigate, and I’ll be home long before the mirrorball drops in Times Square.”

“Promise?” Robin grinned.

“Cross my heart,” Faith said, making an “x” across her chest. “Of course, I think I’d feel better if Jeff was the one going but…I’ll take any coven member I can get.”

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Kitchen – Same Time

“And remember, Casey has a cheese allergy,” Andrew told Tracey.

“I’ve been working here long enough to know all this, Andy. Just chill, okay?” she answered.

“I’m trying,” he said. Tracey looked skeptical. “I am, but I’ve never really been picked for an away mission like this before. Heck, even Mr. Giles is going, so you know this is going to be pretty exciting.”

Tracey smiled. “I’m sure you’ll do just fine.” She gave him a kiss and pulled back. “Call me when you get in?”

“Absolutely,” he told her. He gave her an enthusiastic wave before going through the double doors backward, watching her as he walked.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Lobby – Afternoon

Faith came from a side hallway, carrying her flight bag over her shoulder and another suitcase in her hand. She saw Andrew and Rowena talking to each other, their baggage at their feet.

“Looks like the gang’s almost all here,” the slayer said as she walked up.

“Giles called and said he’s…” Rowena trailed off as Giles walked through the revolving door. “Right here, actually.”

So sorry I’m late,” Giles told the group. “I almost left with my daughter,” he added with a sigh.

“Should have brought her,” Faith told him with a grin. “Break her in now.”

Giles gave Faith an annoyed look and then turned to Rowena. “Does everyone know by now?” he asked.

Rowena opened her mouth to say something, but Andrew interrupted her to ask, “Know what?”

“No,” Rowena answered Giles. “And it’s nothing,” she told Andrew. “Everyone all set?” She looked around the group.

“Let’s do it,” Faith said. She picked her suitcase back up and grabbed one of Giles’s bags.

“I’m not an invalid,” Giles remarked.

“Sure,” Faith teased. “Make the man with the heart condition carry his stuff. We need you for your brain on this trip, not your brawn.”

“I still have plenty of brawn left, I’ll have you know,” he countered.

“Fine,” Faith said, handing him her bag. “We’ll trade.”

Giles reached for it. When Faith let go, it nearly fell to the ground. “Good Lord…what’s in this?”

Faith grinned and took it back. “My American Express, ‘never leave home without it’ bag.”

“Otherwise known as a small arsenal?” Rowena asked.

“You got it.” Faith grinned as they all walked toward the elevator.

Cut To:


Cleveland – Council Airfield – Minutes Later

The group walked up to the Council plane as the pilot walked over to greet them.

“Is this everyone?” he asked.

“Yes,” Rowena answered.

“Thank god,” he sighed.

“Why?” Andrew asked, mimicking everyone’s confused expressions.

“Last time I flew with Rosenberg,” the pilot explained, “she decided to crash my ‘copter on the roof of the old Council building. Let’s try to avoid that this time, okay?” He made a sweeping gesture toward the plane.

“I don’t have enough power to crash anything,” Andrew offered. “So you can consider yourself safe this time.”

“Good to know,” the pilot said. He nodded at them to climb aboard.

Cut To:


Greek Church – Guest Room – Evening

The priest entered the small guest room first and motioned Jeff and Lorinda inside. He pointed out the twin beds to them.

“Thank you,” Jeff said politely.

The priest simply smiled and nodded repeatedly before closing the door behind him, leaving Jeff and Lorinda inside. Jeff took his bag over to one of the beds and set it down. He opened it up and began to take a few of his belongings out.

“I wish I’d signed up for Greek lessons like Hope did this year,” he said as he unpacked. Lorinda continued to look around the room, her eyes for the moment fixed on a crucifix on the far wall.

“Yes, let’s all be like Hope,” she grumbled.

Jeff looked over at her, but said nothing about the comment. Instead, he continued. “From what I’ve been able to translate, this vampire is ancient.”

“Like a hundred plus?” Lorinda replied absently as she still looked around the room.

Jeff grinned. “No, much longer than that.”

“Like, dinosaur ancient?”

“Man and dinos never existed together,” he answered. “So a little bit younger, but not by much, if I understand the priest correctly. He lives atop the island and sleeps for decades at a time.”

Lorinda stopped looking around the room and turned to face Jeff. “The priest?”

“No,” Jeff chuckled. “The vampire. The reason we’re here, remember? Some of the locals say it’s a legend, but others say that he’s real and that he’s awoken.”

“And if Hope were here, she’d be able to talk to the Greek vampire too. Wouldn’t that be peachy?”

“Lorinda,” Jeff said sternly. “Enough with the Hope bashing, okay?”

“I just don’t get what you see in her,” Lorinda whined. “Even Faith doesn’t hang around her, and she’s her own sister.”

“Just go to sleep, all right?” he said, annoyed. “My private life isn’t any of your business.”

“Oh, but my private life is yours? Why? Because I’m a slayer?” Lorinda countered.

“No, because you don’t have a private life yet, Lorinda. You’re fourteen. Like I said, go to sleep.”

Jeff took his bag off his bed briskly, and Lorinda plopped back onto hers with a scowl.

Cut To:


Council Jet – Day

“Let’s play a game!” Andrew happily suggested.

Everyone looked over at him, but said nothing at first. Finally, Rowena took the bait.

“Okay, what do you suggest?” she asked.

Andrew thought for a moment. “Your most memorable New Year’s Eve.”

“And how does one play this game, exactly?” Giles asked.

“Easy, you just talk about something that happened on a New Year’s that you remember. Easy enough.”

“I don’t really have a memorable New Year’s,” Rowena replied. “Well, except for the first one with Willow. I actually got my first real New Year’s kiss, you know, from someone other than just a friend.”

“I thought you were engaged to twiddle-dumb?” Faith asked.

Rowena chuckled. “I was, but one of us was always away on ‘business’ – him with the service, me with the Council. We were never in the same place at New Year’s.”

“Well, what about you?” Andrew asked. “Any particular New Year’s Eve you remember?”

Faith thought for a moment. “Yeah, actually, there is,” she replied.

Flashback To:


California State Prison – Night

Sunday, Dec. 31st, 2000

“Lehane,” a guard said, coming up to her cell. “Got a visitor.” He unlocked the door. Faith looked confused, but rose to her feet.

Cut To:


Prison Visitor Room – Moments Later

The guard opened a barred door and allowed Faith inside the visiting area. All the other seats were filled, except for one. She began to grin as she walked over to the vacant chair and took a seat. She picked up the phone, putting it to her ear.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in,” she began. Angel grinned for a moment as he sat on the other side of the bulletproof glass, phone also to his ear. “What the heck are you doing here?” she asked.

“Darker in the evenings, now that winter’s here,” he replied. “I can make it out before visiting hours are over…Thought I’d see how you’re doing.”

Faith shrugged. “Can’t complain. Of course that strength thing I got goin’ for me comes in handy. I’m not anybody’s bitch, I can tell you that much…How’s the fang gang? Wes still pissed at me?”

“Wes is…Wes,” Angel sighed. “It’s only been a few months but…I think eventually he’ll come around.” Faith just looked away. Angel seemed unsure of what to say but then said, “Hey, I’ve sent cards the last few months. Did you get ’em?”

“Yeah, but I never pictured you for being someone to walk into a Hallmark store.”

“Truth is, Cordelia picked them up for me,” he admitted.

“Yeah, I didn’t figure you for a guy to send a teddy bear card,” she replied.

“Again, Cordy’s choice. I just asked for stuff that was kind of simple, and she, uh, took it to the extreme. But I did sign them, so that means something, right?” He began to grin again.

Faith smiled. “Yeah, it does mean something,” she replied. “What exactly, I’m not sure.”

“Just thought you could use, I don’t know, a pick-me-up or something.”

“Yeah, well I’m not much of a writer but…yeah, it’s nice to get something from the outside,” Faith confessed.

“You can call me,” Angel replied. “Whenever you like.”

“That’s not exactly true,” she said, then motioned around her.

“Okay, I’ll rephrase then. You’re welcome to call me whenever you can,” he replied.

“Much better,” she answered. Another silence passed between them, until she was the one to speak. “Why are you here?”

“I told you –”

“No,” Faith interrupted. “No daylight. I get it. But why come to see me? Got nothin’ better to do on New Year’s Eve?”

“Paying a visit to someone I think could use it seemed like a better idea than anything else. Besides, why not be here?” Angel asked.

“Boy, where do I begin?”

“Faith,” he answered, then paused. “Turning yourself over, trying to improve yourself…it takes a lot of guts. I admire that…I admire you.”

Is that a fact.…Well, my history would say otherwise.”

“Your history is the past. It’s not what you are today, and it’s not what you could be tomorrow. I’m talking from experience here, Faith. And when compared to your history…” He let the sentence hang.

“Well, I don’t have the kind of time you’ve had to make amends,” she pointed out.

“Doesn’t matter. You’ve already started. That’s the first step.”

“Then why do I feel pretty useless right now? A new year, but the same prison,” she replied.

“But a different Faith. I could tell from the moment you sat down, you’re not the girl you were seven months ago, and that’s a good thing.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, and I’m pretty confident that, someday, I’ll get to see the real Faith.”

“And just who is the real Faith, Angel? I’m not sure who that person is…Not really.”

“Like I said, she’s brave, she’s forthright, and all she really needs is someone to believe in her.”

“Gonna be my sponsor, huh? Evil Anonymous?…I’ve done a lot of bad things. You could put that belief in a cause that might actually be worth saving, something instead of me.”

“You’re worth more than you realize. Besides, do you really want to sit here and compare bad deeds? I’ll bury you, Faith.” Again, the slayer looked away. “Hey,” Angel said, making her look back at him. “I’ve got your back, okay? Like you, I don’t write, but I’ll still send those cheesy cards, and I’ll call if you let me. So what do you say? You in?”

Faith began to grin. “Deal, but only if you bring some Twix bars with you next time. They’re hard to come by around here, and I’m dying for one.”

Angel gave a short chuckle. “Deal…And Faith?”


“I can’t do much from out here, but if you need anything, let me know. I’ll do what I can, when I can and where I can. Because even tough girls with super strength need a little help now and then. So what do you say we start the year off right, huh?”

Faith began to grin. “Sure…maybe I’ll even pick up a pen and drop you a line.”

“Time’s up,” the guard told her. “Got lots of people waiting, Lehane.”

“Yeah, okay,” she told him.

“I’ll be around, Faith,” Angel told her. “Always.”

“Take care,” she answered sincerely. “And tell Wes…” She seemed stuck on what to say.

Angel simply replied, “I will. Have a good New Year, Faith.” He hung up the phone and smiled at her, putting his hand against the glass.

Faith hung up too and put her hand over his before giving him a wink. She turned around and walked out, not looking back.

Cut To:


Greece Church – Guest Room – Night

Present Day

Lorinda was in bed, sleeping, when the sound of the door slamming open made her sit up sharply in bed. A shadowy figure ran toward her, and she tumbled out of bed to the floor and rolled under it, reaching for her sword.

As her hand wrapped around the hilt, a sword came through the bed, nearly striking her. Armed, she rolled back out from the bed and jumped to her feet. Jeff, now awake, stood behind her.

“It’s the only way to earn your wings,” he told her.

“What?” Lorinda asked, turning to face him. Suddenly her eyes went wide and she slumped to the floor. She looked at the sword protruding from her stomach and found herself wearing what looked like nineteenth-century clothing.

Cut To:


Greece Church – Guest Room – Same Time

As quick as a ray of light, Lorinda shot up in bed again. This time, Jeff was sound asleep in the other bed, but there was no one else in the room and the door was closed. She took several hard breaths and began to hold her head, trying desperately to calm down.

Sweating, she slowly laid her head back down on the pillow and stared up at the ceiling.

Cut To:


Ypsilanti, Michigan – Police Station – Day

Gray, snow-reflected light shone through an office window. A thin, mustachioed man in his late forties motioned Giles and Andrew to chairs and then sat down across from them behind his cluttered desk.

“Reports started coming in a couple of weeks ago,” he told them, removing a manila folder from one of his desk drawers. “I have eight separate witnesses claiming they’ve seen some kind of creature, all in the same general vicinity near Ford Lake. Normally, I would’ve thrown them in the crazy drunk pile and been done with it, but ever since May, well, I take a second look at things. The problem is, all of the reports say different things.”

Andrew whipped a small notepad out of one of the pockets in his voluminous winter coat. “If you could please give us the description of the beast, officer,” he said, pencil poised, “and make sure to be specific.”

“Well, let’s see here,” the officer replied, leafing through the reports, “some of the witnesses said it looked like a dog from a distance, but others said it moved a little like a person running on all fours. A couple people said that it was very hairy, with long black hair and glowing red eyes. But I’ve got other reports talking about brown hair and foam around the mouth, and others who don’t say anything about the eyes. Those who got close enough to it did say it acted very threateningly towards them. Um…it also says here it’s got long, sharp teeth. Hope you folks brought a slayer with you.”

“Just as I suspected!” Andrew exclaimed, in his best Sherlock Holmes voice. “A hell hound!”

Giles gave Andrew a rather dubious look, but after a moment nodded his assent. “That does seem to be the best explanation. The descriptions are still a bit strange, though.”

The officer smiled and shook his head. “Well, I have to say you people certainly live up to your reputation. What was that…fifteen seconds?”

“You made the correct decision calling in the Council, sir, I assure you,” Giles told him. “Hell hounds are demon warriors, bred for no other purpose but to kill. The question is, what type of hell hound is it? Different breeds have different strengths and weaknesses, and it’s difficult to tell the breed at this point.”

“I don’t get it,” the officer said. “What would an evil killing machine be doing in Ypsilanti?”

“Well, there could be any number of reasons,” Andrew said. “Maybe a kid feels like everyone at his school hates him, so he decides to take revenge and raise up a horrible creature from the depths of hell. Do you have schools nearby?”

“Yeah, tons,” he replied. “Plus, Eastern U and U of M are just down the road. Like I said, this ain’t exactly the boonies out here, but we’ve still got a fair share of walking trails and the lake that the Huron River runs through.”

“Hmm…It could be a mistake by a witch in town who’s trying magic beyond their abilities, toying with forces beyond his or her comprehension. It might even be a previously undiscovered interdimensional hot-spot.”

The officer sat back in his chair, impressed. “How do you know all this?”

“My older brother used to train hell hounds in our basement,” Andrew said matter-of-factly. The officer just stared at him.

“I-I believe that our next step should be to try and locate the creature,” Giles said. in an attempt to change the subject. “A visual of some kind, such as a photograph or videotape, may help us identify the breed.”

“Well, you might want to talk to the Armbristers up by the lake,” the officer said. “Most of the sightings were on or near their property. They own a lot of the woods there.”

“Yes, your message was quite specific,” Giles told him. “Two of our associates are on their way there as we speak.”

At that moment, two deputies ran into the station house, quickly shutting the door behind them. The officer behind the desk shot to his feet.

“What is it?” he asked them.

“Good question. I don’t know what we saw. Cujo on acid, maybe?” one of the scared deputies replied. “But I know one thing. I’m not going out there again.” The other deputy nodded his head dramatically in agreement.

Black Out


End of Act One

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