Act 2



Fade In:


Cleveland Street – Sunrise

Kadin revved the throttle on her bike as she tore around the corner of the street. The motorcycle popped up onto its back wheel as she sped down the street. A few yards later, she finally set the bike back down on two wheels.

As the early morning sunlight reflected off the black tint on the visor of her helmet, she gunned the engine once again and raced through a red stoplight.

Dirt and debris kicked up in her wake as the tail lights of her bike disappeared down the street, just as the sun rose in the distance behind it.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Willow and Rowena’s Apartment – Early Morning

Willow stood outside the bathroom door and gave it a light knock.

“Ro? We’re gonna be late. You about done?”

Inside the bathroom, Rowena, fully clothed, stood in front of the mirror looking at herself with a nervous expression and holding a wet washcloth over her mouth. She lowered the cloth for a moment.

“Yeah, just go on without me. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Are you okay?” Willow asked through the door.

“Yeah, I just got a late start today. I’ll see ya downstairs.”

“Okay,” Willow replied.

Rowena listened to Willow’s footsteps and then heard a mumbled conversation between her and Skye before the outer door of the apartment opened and closed. Rowena took another uncertain look at herself in the mirror and then raced toward the toilet behind her.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Willow and Rowena’s Apartment – Minutes Later

The bathroom door opened briskly, and Rowena jumped slightly when she saw Skye standing there.

“What do you want?” Rowena asked.

“Money. I need to go to the butcher tonight. Willow said you had cash.”

“Can it wait? I’m kind of in a hurry,” Rowena told her with a sigh.

Skye grinned slyly. “So when are you going to tell her?”

“Tell who what?” Rowena replied.

“I’m in this apartment more than Willow is,” Skye answered. “And with all these trips to the bathroom lately, it’s one of two things – either you’re pregnant or bulimic. Annnnd I gotta say, you don’t look too skinny.”

“Here,” Rowena said. She dug into her pocket and produced a twenty-dollar bill, then handed it to Skye.

Skye handed the money right back. “Make it a fifty, and I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

“What? You’re trying to blackmail me?” Rowena asked incredulously. Skye just rubbed her fingers together to motion for more cash. Rowena rolled her eyes and pulled out another twenty-dollar bill. “Fine. I’m only doing this, though, because I know you need the blood and this will cover you for the month. There’s nothing going on.”

“Riiiiiight,” Skye replied.

“That’s all you’re getting, and if that’s not enough, I’ll move you back to the slayer dorms. How’s that?”

“Thanks,” Skye said, waving the money. “Oh, and don’t worry, uh, mum’s the word.” She smirked before Rowena walked away.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Conference Room – Minutes Later

Rowena entered the room, her satchel in her hand. Faith and Robin sat on one side of the table, while Willow sat on the other. At the head of the table sat Buffy, and on the other end was Xander. Kennedy was conspicuously absent.

“Sorry I’m late, guys,” Rowena apologized, as she took her seat beside Willow. “Did I miss anything?”

“No,” Xander replied. “Just another boring plea for more funding to build Faith’s Swiss Army knife, which I guess would technically be called the Slayer Army knife. In either case, I need more moolah for development.”

“Pay the man, B,” Faith told Buffy. “My cartoon character has better kickass weapons than me, and that just won’t do.”

Buffy grinned and said, “Motion carries.”

The door opened to reveal Andrew walking in backward pulling a cart. “Breakfast is served,” he announced.

“Ooh, what’s on the menu today?” Willow asked. She tried to peer over the cart from her seat for a better look.

“Scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns.”

“Got my hot sauce?” Faith asked, just as Andrew placed it in front of her. “Hey Andy, you’re at the top of your game today!”

“Why thank you,” he replied, as he put Robin’s plate in front of him and started serving him.

Rowena sat across from Faith and watched the slayer pour the hot sauce on top of her eggs. Her shoulders lurched forward slightly. She pinched her nose slightly and turned to Buffy. “I think I forgot something. I’m gonna…go. I’ll be back.”

Without waiting for a response, Rowena got up and swiftly left from the room as everyone else focused on the food being served. Buffy’s suspicious eyes, however, didn’t leave Rowena until the door was closed.

“That’s a good idea,” Buffy told the group. “Let’s take ten and then pick up after Andrew has everyone served.” She rose and asked Andrew, “Can you make me a plate while I run to the little girls’ room real quick?”

“Sure, Buffy,” he replied politely. Buffy nodded her thanks and left the room too.

As she was leaving, Xander could be heard to say, “The rest of us would like bacon too, Faith.”

“Hey, I got a high metabolism,” Faith replied.

As the door closed behind Buffy, she heard Willow remark, “But that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to starve.”

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Hallway – Moments Later

Buffy looked left and then right to see Rowena slipping inside the bathroom. With a curious expression, she made her way down the hallway.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Restroom – Moments Later

As soon as she opened the restroom door, Buffy heard Rowena heaving. She walked inside and glanced under the stalls.

“Are you okay, Ro?” she asked.

The toilet flushed, and Rowena emerged from one of the stalls. She walked over to the sink. 

“Yes, I’m fine,” she told Buffy, looking up at her in the mirror. She washed her hands and then cupped one hand and put some water into her mouth before spitting it into the sink.

Buffy just continued to watch her. After Rowena wiped her face with the damp paper towel she had used to dry her hands, she turned and saw Buffy looking at her.

“What?” she asked.

“For someone who claims to be fine you look as white as a…a Canadian,” Buffy replied with a slight grin.

Rowena froze for a second, then buried her face into the towel and began to sob. Buffy’s eyes immediately went wide.

“Hey, hey,” Buffy said, trying to soothe the crying woman. “I was just teasing. I know it was a bad joke, but it wasn’t anything worth crying over. I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault,” Rowena answered.

“What’s wrong, Rowena?” Buffy asked. When she didn’t reply, Buffy kept trying. “Is it wedding jitters? Getting cold feet?”

Rowena began to cry even harder and shook her head adamantly. “I want to marry Willow, but Willow won’t want to marry meeee,” she wailed through her tears.

Buffy looked like a deer caught in headlights, but Rowena had her face buried in the towel and didn’t see her expression.

Cut To:


Kadin’s Cabin – Kitchen – Same Time

Kadin sat at her kitchen table, reading the morning paper and munching on a large bowl of Frosted Flakes. She lifted another spoonful to her mouth just as she heard footsteps enter from the doorway.

Kadin looked up to see Serena yawn and pull a white robe tighter around her body.

“Morning,” Kadin said quietly. A moment later, she self-consciously turned her attention back to the paper.

Serena glanced over at her before making her way over to the coffee pot to pour herself a cup. “Where’d you go earlier?” she asked casually, as she poured some of the hot liquid into a mug. “I woke up just before sunrise, and you were gone.”

Kadin paused mid-chew, but she didn’t take her eyes from the paper in her hand. She finished chewing the bite and swallowed it. “I needed a ride,” she answered slowly.

Serena turned to face her, then leaned back against the counter and silently began to sip on her coffee.

Kadin lifted another spoonful of cereal to her mouth. The only sound in the room was the quiet crunch of the flakes as she chewed.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Restroom – Same Time

“You got to help me out here, Ro,” Buffy continued, slightly desperately. “I thought things were just peachy with a side of keen. Why won’t Willow marry you?”

“Because she doesn’t want kids right now,” Rowena replied, trying to compose herself.

“Well,” Buffy began, trying to find a good starting place, “you’re not that old yet. There’s nothing that says you have to have kids right now, is there?”

Suddenly, Rowena burst into tears again and croaked out, “Yes, there isssss.”

Buffy looked positively dumbfounded, with a little bit of fear mixed in, but then her mouth began to hang open in surprise.

“You’re pregnant?” she asked.

Rowena nearly started to hyperventilate, and Buffy reached out to try to steady her.

“How did you get pregnant?” Buffy asked. “Is Will the dad because…wow…I didn’t think she was that powerful with the magics? Sure, she made a bunch of slayers…but a new baby? That’s just…wow.”

Rowena shook her head and took a deep breath before saying, “No, it’s not Willow.”

Buffy’s jaw set for a moment, and then she asked, “So, you had an affair on Willow?” It came out more like a statement than a question.

“No, I had an affair with Willow – big difference.”

“Okay,” Buffy sighed. “I am totally lost now.”

Rowena suddenly began to cry again and started to babble at the same time. Buffy leaned closer to try to catch everything she was saying.

“I can’t tell you how it happened because we’re not supposed to say anything, we took an oath, made a promise…and now I’m messing that up toooooo.”

Slowly a look of realization came over Buffy’s face. “The island,” she muttered. “Xander,” she added just as quietly.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Conference Room – Same Time

“Aren’t they supposed to be here by now?” Xander asked from his spot next to Faith. “I don’t really know what for, seein’ as how I never get called to the late-night clandestine meetings.” He shot a glare in Willow’s direction.

“It wasn’t clandestine,” Willow laughed. “But I’m so proud of you for knowing such a big word.” Xander shot her another glare, and she laughed harder. He fell back in his chair and started to mumble under his breath.

Faith watched the exchange with a light grin before she finally glanced up at the wall clock and then over at the witch. “Where in the world are B and Ro?”

Willow got up from her seat. “I’ll see if I can find them…I’ll let Buffy know that Kadin hasn’t showed yet.”

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Restroom – Same Time

“Does Xander know?” Buffy asked.

Rowena inhaled deeply and wiped her eyes. “No, nobody knows…except maybe Skye. I don’t know what to do here, Buffy. Who do I tell first, my soon-to-be-wife who doesn’t want kids now or the dad-to-be who probably thinks I just used him? I mean, chances are both of them will hate meeee.” She started to sob again.

“Not again,” Buffy said, holding up her hands. “Settle down, okay? No one is going to hate you, least of all Willow and Xander. And for the record, we all did things that week that we never thought we’d do. Really, trust me on this. So…you’re not alone here.”

“No, but I’m the only one who got pregnant…at least the only one we know of,” Rowena replied. “Oh God,” she moaned.

“Do you know for sure?” Buffy asked. “Maybe…”

“I took a home test two days ago – positive. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment this week for a blood test…Look, you can’t say anything, to anyone, until I figure things out, okay?”

“Of course…Come here,” Buffy said, pulling her into a hug. “It’ll be okay.”

Buffy was hugging Rowena when she heard Willow’s voice from behind them asking, “What’s wrong?”

Rowena pulled back and began to cry again. “Oh Godddd.”

“I’ll handle this,” Buffy told her. She quickly turned to face Willow.

As Willow moved closer, Rowena backed further away, but Buffy stepped in between them to intercept the redhead.

“Willow, everything’s under control.” Buffy put her hands on Willow’s shoulders, preventing her from coming any closer.

“What’s under control? What’s wrong?” Willow frantically asked both of them.

“Do me a favor?” Buffy asked, avoiding the question. “Go back and tell the gang that the meeting is off for now. We’ll try again later today, okay?”

“No, not okay,” Willow answered. “My fiancée is in the bathroom, crying in your arms. I’m anything but okay right now.”

“You, stay,” Buffy ordered Rowena, before taking Willow by the elbow and leading her out.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Hallway – Same Time

Buffy still had a grip on Willow’s arm as they exited into the corridor.

“I promise you’ll know what’s going on soon enough, but for right now…just give Ro some space.”

“Buffy?” Willow whined.

“Please, Will,” the slayer begged. “I promise I’ll take care of her. Just go back to the meeting and tell everyone it’s canceled. I’ll meet you there in a few.” Willow still didn’t move. “Please,” Buffy begged.

“All right,” Willow relented with a sigh. “But if you’re not there in ten minutes, I’m coming back.”

“Deal,” Buffy replied.

After waiting for Willow to move along down the hallway, Buffy stepped back inside the restroom. Rowena was pacing frantically.

“What did she say? What did you say? Did you tell her?” the watcher asked in a rush.

“No,” Buffy replied. “I promised you I wouldn’t.”

Rowena nodded as she stood wringing the paper towel, which now looked like it was in soggy ruins. Buffy took her by both shoulders.

“Baby or no baby, Willow loves you,” she began in a whisper. “I know that, and I think, deep down, you do too. But she’s like a dog with a bone, Ro. Now that she sees something’s up, you’ve got to tell her what it is.”

Rowena nodded silently.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Conference Room – Same Time

“Rest of the meeting’s canceled, guys,” Willow told everyone.

She was met with a chorus of “Whys,” and she shrugged. “I don’t know,” Willow answered, worry filling her voice. “I walked into the bathroom, and Rowena was crying in Buffy’s arms.”

“About what?” Faith asked.

“I don’t know,” Willow said, getting more upset. “Maybe she wants to call off the wedding. Maybe she decided…” She gave Xander a quick glance and stopped speaking for a moment. “Maybe…I mean, I thought things were going great but, after all, we’re doomed, right? I mean, all of us, we’re all doomed romantically, and maybe it’s time I faced that.”

“And maybe it’s time you just chilled,” Faith suggested.

“Faith’s right,” Robin added. “Until you know what the problem is, there’s no sense worrying about it.”

The door opened, and everyone jumped to their feet to see Buffy enter.

“Hey guys,” she announced. “I’ve got to talk to Willow for a moment. Let’s try this again in about two hours. How’s that sound?”

Everyone nodded, and Xander gave Willow’s hand a squeeze in support before he followed Robin out.

“I’ll call Kadin and tell her not to worry about showing up for a while,” Faith called over her shoulder just as she disappeared from the room.

Once they were alone, Buffy sighed, and Willow started a barrage of questions.

“What’s wrong? Why was she crying? Is it something I did, something she did? Does she want to call off the wedding? Does she –?” Willow stopped as Buffy held up her hand.

“I sent Ro upstairs, and once she’s there, she’s sending Skye down here so that you guys can talk privately.”

“Buffy, what’s the matter? Is she sick? Is she dying? Is she –?”

“Will,” Buffy replied. “I can’t tell you, but I will say she does want to get married and she’s not sick or dying.”

“But if she’s crying…?”

“Willow,” Buffy repeated, this time with more authority in her voice, “take a deep breath, settle down, and let Rowena tell you what she has to say in her own time. I know that being calm can be tough for you sometimes, I know how you get, but you need to stay calm and listen, for Ro’s sake.”

Willow took the advice and took a deep breath. “Okay, so she’s not sick and she still wants to get married. That’s all good, right?”

Buffy grinned. “Yes, it’s all good.”

Skye appeared at the door, and Buffy nodded toward the exit for Willow to leave.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Willow and Rowena’s Apartment – Moments Later

Willow entered the living room to see Rowena on the sofa with her legs tucked under her. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she had a box of tissues on one side.

As if walking on eggshells, Willow made her way over. In a soft voice, she said, “Buffy tells me you’ve got something to say.”

Rowena just nodded before blowing her nose.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Kennedy’s Apartment – Same Time

Kennedy reclined back on the cushions of her own sofa with Marsha lying on her stomach. The television was on for a bit of background noise. The slayer stroked the snoozing dragon’s stomach gently. Her eyes were on the TV screen, but she wasn’t paying attention as the weatherman rattled on about storm clouds and rainfall.

“Didn’t know you watched the morning news,” Faith called out as she walked into the room. “Didn’t think you even got up before noon…or were that boring.”

Kennedy lifted her head enough to glance over the arm of the couch. “Don’t you ever knock anymore?”

Faith just shrugged as she walked over and fell into the chair opposite the couch. “You weren’t at breakfast. Were you plannin’ on showin’ up for the meeting?”

Kennedy turned her eyes back to the screen as she continued to stroke the soft scales on Marsha’s side. The dragon whimpered and rolled onto her stomach, before falling into a light snore once again.

“Why can’t you just get a dog like normal people?” Faith asked with a smile.

“Since when have I ever been normal?” Kennedy teased back, though without her usual spark. “Or more importantly…” She turned her eyes to her friend. “What do you know about normal?”

Faith sighed. “I blame it all on Ace. The guy’s really startin’ to get to me. Guess I’m not such a relationship disaster after all.”

The smile faded from Kennedy’s face, and she slowly turned her gaze back to the television.

“Damn,” Faith said, shaking her head. “Slick, I’m sorry. I’m not exactly known for controlling the things that come outta my mouth.”

Kennedy shrugged. “Forget it.”

Faith watched her friend’s stoic reaction for a moment longer before she finally leaned forward to stand up. “So, what you got to eat around here? Xander was bitchin’ about the bacon again, so I didn’t get my usual twelve pieces.” She pushed herself out of the chair and stood to make her way to the kitchen. “You got any?”

“She’s been alone with her all night,” Kennedy said in response.

Faith stopped in her tracks and turned back to face the other slayer. “Say who?”

“Serena,” Kennedy replied again. “She’s been alone with Kadin all night in a romantic secluded cabin in the woods. Complete with mood-setting fireplace and bear skin rug.”

Faith’s brow furrowed until she realized what her friend’s ramblings were about. “Slick,” she said softly, making her way over to stand behind the couch. “Quick loves you. She’d never do that to you.”

Kennedy slowly turned her head to glance up at the other slayer. “Not even with her one true love who she thought was dead but who suddenly reappeared right when she was ready to pack up and jet away from here? Away from me?”

Faith was speechless.

“I think there’s some bacon in the freezer,” Kennedy answered after a moment. She turned back to stare at the TV screen. “Help yourself.”

Faith sighed once again as she turned from the couch and headed into the kitchen.

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Willow and Rowena’s Apartment – Moments Later

“So…are you going to leave me?” Rowena asked worriedly.

“No, of course not,” Willow answered with a smile. “You know, I pretty much raised a teenager alone with Tara over a summer. How hard could this be? A baby doesn’t even talk back or leave dirty dishes in her room.”

For the first time that morning, Rowena began to grin. “I think a baby poses different challenges – not easier, just different.”

“Well, I’m ready for it as long as you are…and the truth is, I know you’re ready, so…what the heck. We’ll just be mommies a little earlier than scheduled, that’s all,” Willow said optimistically. “A-and if you think about it, the only couple that got hitched successfully in our group was Giles and Becca, and she was expecting a baby at the time. S-so maybe a pregnancy helps counter the ‘curse of doom’.” Rowena smiled at first, but then a far-off look appeared on her face. “What?” Willow asked.

“I was so worried you’d…I don’t know what exactly…”

Willow took Rowena’s hand. “You gotta realize, Sweetie, we’re in this together. So if anything is bothering you, ever…please come to me. I can’t say I’ll never get angry, and I can’t promise I won’t get wigged out now and then, but…no matter what, I’ll always love you, always.” Rowena looked like she was going to start crying again. “Oh no you don’t. Come over here.”

“I can’t help it,” Rowena replied, as she snuggled into Willow’s open arms.

“We’ll be okay,” Willow told her. She moved her palm over to Rowena’s stomach. “For all of us,” she added. “You’ll see.”

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Kennedy’s Apartment – Same Time

Faith leaned back against Kennedy’s kitchen counter as she pushed the send button on her cell phone. She let out a slow breath and then lifted it to her ear.

Cut To:


Kadin’s Cabin – Same Time

Kadin had just reached out to open the front door when the phone in her vest pocket started to chime. She glanced down at it strangely when she didn’t recognize the generic ringtone.

“Who’s that?” Serena asked from her spot next to the hunter, as she watched Kadin reach into her pocket to retrieve the ringing device.

Kadin shook her head once as she glanced down at the caller ID. It only displayed the phone number as the screen continued to flash with the chime of the ringer.

She finally pressed the green button and lifted the phone to her ear. “Yeah?”

Cut To:


Watchers Council –Kennedy’s Apartment – Same Time

“Hey, Quick, it’s me,” Faith said when she heard the husky voice on the other end of the line.

Cut To:


Kadin’s Cabin – Same Time

“Faith?” Kadin cast a quick glance over to Serena. “Is something up?”

Cut To:


Watchers Kennedy’s Apartment – Kitchen – Same Time

“Yeah,” Faith answered. She looked up when she heard footsteps in the other room, but they quickly died off, and she let out a breath. “Something’s come up with Ro and Red, and I was just callin’ to tell ya that the meeting’s been pushed back for a few hours.”

Faith cast another quick look at the kitchen door. “Think you and she-wolf can swing by later?”

Cut To:


Kadin’s Cabin – Same Time

The hunter’s jaw set as she glanced over at Serena. “Yeah,” she ground out. “I think Serena and I can manage that.”

Cut To:


Watchers Council – Kennedy’s Apartment – Same Time

“Good,” Faith said flatly. “I’ll call you in a few hours, so don’t go too far.” Without another word, she flipped the phone closed and stuffed it into her back pocket.

Cut To:


Kadin’s Cabin – Same Time

Kadin flipped the phone closed and shoved it back into her vest pocket. Then she shrugged the duster off her shoulders and placed it back on the hook. “The meeting’s been canceled,” she told Serena. “Something came up with Willow and Rowena.”

Serena furrowed her brow. “It’s nothing serious?”

“Not for us,” Kadin answered. “Whatever it is…I’m sure they got all the help and support they need.” She dropped her eyes away from Serena’s as she turned to brush past her. “I’ll be in the game room. Just call me if –” Her words were cut off by the sound of a pounding knock at the door.

Kadin turned back to glance over her shoulder when the knocking grew louder.

“I know she’s in there!” the voice came from the other side. There was another pounding knock and then a growl. “Serena!”

Kadin reached out and placed her hand on Serena’s arm as she took the few steps back over to the door. She held the blonde behind her as she reached out and pulled open the door.

Coen Vance stood on the other side. He fixed Kadin with a deadly glare.

“I’ve come for my traitor sister,” he growled. “Hand her over, or I’ll finish the job that my father couldn’t.”

Kadin shot the man her own icy glare. “You don’t wanna do this,” she warned. “Just turn around now and go home.”

“I don’t have a home. Not anymore,” Coen growled again. “You took that away from me when you killed my family.” A brief moment of calm reflection passed over his face, but his expression of anger and hatred quickly returned.

“I’ve come to render judgment on the traitor to our name.” He looked over Kadin’s shoulder, his eyes settling on his sister. “She deserves to die for what she’s done.”

Kadin pulled in a slow breath and then released it again. “Just go home, Coen. It’s over.”

“It is not over!” he snapped back. “Not until you’re both dead. But for right now,” he said, his glare still set on his sister, “I’ll settle for her.”

Coen placed his foot inside the door, and Kadin’s hand quickly flew up to his chest to stop him. “You don’t wanna do that.”

Coen laughed. “And who’s gonna stop me?” His eyes flashed yellow as he trailed them up and down Kadin. “You?”

Kadin’s fingers slowly closed on the front of the man’s shirt until the material was bunched under her fist. Her brown eyes grew darker, until they were completely black. “Yes.”

Black Out.


End of Act Two

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