act 3



Fade In:
Land Near Farm House –
Later that Evening

Faith, on her ATV, eased her way through a thicket of trees and bushes. Then she  opened up the throttle again and climbed the mountain, heading toward the highest point.

Cut To:
Federal Detention Center – Willow’s Cell – Same Time

Willow sat in shock on the edge of her cot, the magical green barriers of her cell now gone.

“Okay,” she told herself. “Think.”

Quickly, she picked up the anklet and put it at the end of her blankets. She arranged the two small pillows to look like her body and covered them with a sheet.

She took a deep breath and said, “You can do this. You did it by accident before, so you can do it now on purpose.”

Taking another deep breath, she began to whisper, and her body’s image began to shimmer away. She turned and looked at the mirror above the sink to her left, but there was no reflection. She smiled and walked out of the cell.

After she was outside, she raised a hand, and the green glow returned around her cell and to the anklet, as if nothing was out of place. She took off her shoes and walked toward the hallway door. As the door opened, a guard walked through but didn’t notice her presence at all. Before the door could re-close, she quickly slipped around it.

Cut To:
Land Near Farm House – Same Time

Faith brought the ATV to a stop on top of the mountain and cut the engine. She looked around the area and up to the trees.

“Come on, Red,” she whispered.

Cut To:
Sleep Easy Motel Room – Same Time

“Gin,” Robin said, as he put down his cards. Rowena sighed and looked at her watch as she placed her own cards down. Robin inspected them. “You’re doing good for being distracted,” he teased.

“How can you be so calm?” she asked.

“Because I know Faith,” he replied. “Her mind is set on this, and when her mind is set on something…it’s gonna happen.” He smiled.

Rowena grinned as well, but she rose from the small table and began to pace in the cheap room. “It’s taking so long.”

“Well, we knew it would be a few hours, and it’s only been two so far. Give it time.”

“Yeah,” Rowena said absently.

“Hey,” Robin suggested. “Let’s play Go Fish next. It’s been years since I’ve played. Come on.” He patted the chair across from him.

Rowena grinned again for a moment and then took her seat again. “Fine, but I deal this time. You keep giving me crappy hands,” she teased.

Robin smiled.

Cut To:
Federal Detention Center – Same Time

As another set of guards opened a door, Willow again worked her way through it as it closed. They were oblivious to her presence.

To her blinking surprise, Willow now found herself outdoors. She moved along the wall, trying to avoid the view of a nearby video camera on the off chance it might pick up her movements.

Willow then took a deep breath, clapped her hands and announced, “Discede occasus!” A bright light glittered briefly around her invisible form.

Cut To:
Land Near Farm House – Same Time

Willow looked around to see herself suspended in the air, about five feet above a tree.

“Oh shi–” she exclaimed, quickly descending.

Faith heard the noise and ran toward Willow’s voice, looking upward.

Willow landed in the tall oak tree and snagged one of the branches with her arm. “Son of a…Faith!” she exclaimed, seeing the slayer racing to get below her.

“Hang on, Red,” Faith called out. “Almost there.”

Willow gritted her teeth as she tried to hang on.

Faith opened her arms. “Drop,” she told her.

Willow let go and dropped, yelling wordlessly as she fell. Faith caught her and steadied her as she touched down to earth. The witch wrapped her arms around the slayer, which Faith happily returned.

“Come on, we’ve got to move,” Faith said. She motioned back toward the ATV after she put Willow firmly on the ground. “How did you get out?”

“Got invisible, got outside, landed in a tree,” Willow replied breathlessly.

 “Why not just zap yourself here first?”

“I’ve never sent myself anywhere before. I didn’t know if I’d smack the roof or not.”

“Good thinking,” Faith told her. “When we get close to the farm where I’m parked, you might have to go invis again,” she told her as she put on her helmet. “Think you can manage?”

“Yeah, yeah, I can do it.”

Faith started the ATV’s engine as Willow climbed on the back, wrapping her arms around the slayer’s waist.

Cut To:
Farm House –
Minutes Later

Faith drove the ATV directly up the ramp. Although present, Willow couldn’t be seen.

“You go stand by the passenger side door,” Faith told her. “When I open it, hop in.”

“Got it.”

Faith then dismounted. She had begun securing the ATV to the trailer when Randy and Paula came back outside.

“Miss Lehane,” they called out. This time they had a camera. Faith grinned.

“Lemme guess,” Faith said teasingly as she finished the tie-down. “Picture time.”

They both nodded excitedly. “If you don’t mind,” Randy added.

“Okay,” Faith said, as she walked around the Jeep and opened the passenger door.

She motioned Paula over and put her arm around the woman as Randy snapped a photo. “Now it’s Randy’s turn,” she said, motioning to them to switch. Again, Faith smiled, and this time Paula took the shot.

“This is so cool,” Randy said. “Why don’t you come in for some strawberry pie?” he offered. “Paula makes the best.”

“Well, I would, but my beau’s expecting me. He might start to get worried if I’m too late. You know, slayer and all that. He gets concerned.”

“Oh, we understand,” Paula said. “My uncle was a cop, and my aunt was always worried until he came home. Maybe some other time?”

“You bet,” Faith said. She acted like she was going to climb into the passenger side. “Oh jeez, where’s my head?” she chuckled. “People drive me around so much I forgot the steering wheel’s on the other side,” she said, slapping her forehead and laughing as she shut the door. Paula and Randy joined her in her merriment. She extended her hand to them, shaking each one. “Again, thanks a bunch, guys. I really appreciate it.”

“Any time, Miss Lehane,” Randy told her.

“Take care,” she told them sincerely, as she walked around to the driver side.

“You too,” Paula said. The couple waved to Faith as she got in and started the engine. “What a nice lady,” she said softly. As Faith pulled away, they both waved again.

Cut To:
Jeep – Moments Later

Faith was still smiling when Willow materialized next to her.

“You’re sly,” Willow complimented.

“I’m finding that celebrity can have its perks,” Faith told her. “Go hop in back,” she motioned. “Ro packed some clothes.” Willow moved around to the back seat and began to look through a duffle bag. Faith watched from the rearview mirror as Willow held up one item. “And some things that are barely considered clothes, it seems,” she snickered.

Willow stopped inspecting the teddy and quickly put it down, embarrassed.

“Where is she?” Willow asked, as she started to change.

“Waiting for you with my sweetie,” Faith replied. “Robin and I are taking the Jeep back. We’re leaving a car for the two of you.”

“So no chance of seeing anyone else, huh? Not that I mind you guys, ’cause that’s wonderful, too. I just wish…”

“You’re on the run, Will. You gotta keep running. We figured Canada was a good bet. Mary’s got the twins and headed back to Nova Scotia today, posing as Ro, so at this point it’s documented that Rowena is in Canada.”

“But she’s not, right? I mean, you said–”

“Nope, she’s at the Sleep Easy Motel, a lovely little dive that even roaches are afraid of,” Faith teased. “Nah, it’s not that bad, but it’s not the Ritz…Heck, it’s not even an Econolodge, but it’ll do for tonight. We’re trying to stretch Giles’s money as far as we can right now. We figured maybe you can do a glamour and then hightail it to Canada. From here on out, though, you’ll have to stay at the cheapest places with Wi-Fi, since we need those hacker extraordinaire skills of yours. We sprung you ’cause we love you, but also because we need you…O’Mara is a dirtbag. Well, that, and Buffy misses her gavel,” she added dryly.

Willow finished buttoning her shirt as she smiled and leaned over, kissing Faith soundly on the cheek.

“Thank you,” she said.

Faith grinned. “You’re welcome, Red.”

Cut To:
Sleep Easy Motel Room – Later that Night

Robin and Rowena both heard the door open and moved swiftly to their feet. Faith entered wearing a huge smile as Willow rushed inside, dropping her bag immediately. The witch and the watcher raced toward each other and fell into a soul-melding kiss that didn’t end. Robin and Faith watched for a few moments, but the display of affection wasn’t stopping. Faith cleared her throat, but to no avail.

“I think we should go,” Robin told Faith.

“Yeah, I’m starting to feel like a voyeur,” she replied.

The sound of Robin’s chuckle made Willow and Rowena turn in their direction. Finally, the women stepped away from each other, and Willow rushed over to Robin, giving him a firm hug.

“I’m sorry for ignoring you,” she apologized.

“Don’t be,” he told her. “It’s been a long time. We’ll…go. Just be safe, ladies.”

“We will,” Rowena told them as she went over, giving Faith a hug. “Thank you so much,” she whispered.

“Don’t thank me yet,” Faith said. “Now it’s up to you guys, so…take the night off and start fresh tomorrow. Remember, only call when you’ve got something solid we can use. I’m sure they’ll be tapping us.”

Rowena nodded and then gave Robin a hug. “Thanks for keeping me company…and keeping me sane,” she told him.

“Anytime,” he told her with a grin. He took Faith by the hand and led her from the room, locking the door behind them.

Willow then turned back to Rowena. “Goddess, I’ve missed you so much.”

Rowena smiled and moved closer, her hands running over Willow’s hair, down her shoulders and her arms.

“One of the hardest things was seeing you and not being able to touch you at all,” she said, as her hands continued to explore her body. Willow watched every move the woman made, until she could take it no longer. She grabbed Rowena by the waist, their bodies crashing into each other as she delivered another searing kiss.

Cut To:
Jeep – Moments Later

Faith sat in the passenger seat as Robin drove. She took out her cell phone and dialed a number. Robin’s phone next to him started to ring. It read, “Faith calling.”

“Hey Ace,” Faith began. “Just letting you know I’m on my way home. I should be there in a couple of hours. See ya soon.” She then hung up and started to dial again.

“Gee, no ‘I love you?’” he teased. “All I get is a ‘see ya soon?’”

“Should I call back?” Faith retorted, as she put the phone up to her ear again.

Robin smiled and then looked as if he remembered something. “Don’t forget – beautiful sunset.”

Faith nodded in understanding.

Cut To:
Giles and Becca’s House – Kitchen – Moments Later

Buffy’s phone went off and Xander, who was standing nearby, picked it up and said, “Faith calling,” as he handed it to her.

“Ohplease, ohplease, ohplease,” she muttered for good luck before opening the phone. “Faith?” she said, answering.

Hey, B,” she said. “I just tried to call Robin and didn’t get an answer. If you see him, tell him he’s missing a beautiful sunset in the west. He should have come.”

“Sounds…wonderful. Are you on your way back?” Buffy asked.

Yeah, I’ll be home in a few hours.”

“How’s Willow?”

You don’t know what prison’s like, but I can tell you from personal experience…not very fun. Other than that, she’s terrific. The letter I gave her will perk her up, I’m sure. Look, I don’t like to talk and drive, so I’ll see you back there. Just tell Robin I’m on my way, if you see him.”

“Will do,” Buffy replied. “And Faith? Thanks…for checking in.”

You got it, B. Oh, and by the way, I love youuuuu,” Faith said.

“Uh, love you too. Bye.”

As Buffy hung up, Xander asked, “She loves you? What was that about?”

Buffy just smiled at first. “I have no idea. I’m sure she’s harassing Robin somehow. Anyway…” she said, gripping his arm, “…it’s a beautiful sunset according to her.”

Xander smiled broadly. “Excellent news.” He reached over the counter and held up a Twinkie. “Let’s celebrate.”

Cut To:
Jeep –
Same Time

Faith was still chuckling as she put her phone away.

“You’re a pain in the ass,” Robin muttered with a grin.

Faith just laughed harder, but she then leaned over and gave him a kiss.

“Love youuuu,” she said softly.

“Don’t even,” he said dismissively, still smiling.

Faith laughed again.

Cut To:
Giles and Becca’s House – Foyer – Later

Robin and Faith walked inside to a round of applause of those gathered there.

“Thank you, thank you.” Faith nodded and bowed to the group.

“So any idea when we’ll have some information?” Giles asked.

Faith smiled broadly. “I don’t think that’s their priority right now.”

Smash Cut To:
Sleep Easy Motel Room – Same Time

Willow and Rowena were locked in an intimate embrace, moaning loudly.

Cut To:
Giles and Becca’s House – Foyer – Resume

“Does she realize that time is of the essence here?” Giles asked. “What can be more important?”

Robin and Faith looked at each other with a grin, as did Buffy and Xander.

“Well,” Robin began, “picture this…you and Becca haven’t touched each other for three months. What’s the first thing you do?”

Becca giggled, and Giles looked away, embarrassed.

Ethan spoke up. “If you don’t know the answer to that question, Ripper, I pity Rebecca for marrying such a poor sod.” Cam and Becca, who sat on either side of him, slapped his arm. “I know what I would do if I were married to her,” he muttered. Becca hid her glowing red face behind her hand, while Cam slapped Ethan again.

“Hey,” she reprimanded.

“But I’m happily married to you, Luv,” he said, squeezing the top of her knee.

“All right,” Giles conceded. “Do we have any idea when the…festivities will be over?”

“I asked her to get on it tomorrow.” Faith then paused a beat. “Tonight she’s getting it on with her wife,” she added seriously. It was only a few seconds before she was unable to control her grin and chuckled.

Cut To:
Sleep Easy Motel Room – Later that Ni

The back of Willow’s head crash-landed into the pillow, and Rowena snuggled into her shoulder. The two lay in silence for a moment, wrapped up in their embrace.

“Know what I missed most, besides you and kids?” Willow asked, still breathing hard.

“What?” Rowena asked with a slight grin. She moved to rest on her elbow. Her fingers idly played with the ends of Willow’s hair as she looked down at her.

“Feather pillows,” she replied.

“Pillows?” Rowena asked.

“Yeah,” Willow said. “Anything that might have ‘mystical properties’ was off limits. No natural fibers of any kind.”

“So I guess that means you’re not disappointed then with your…surroundings.” Rowena motioned around them.

“Where you are is where I want to be,” Willow replied. “But the feather pillows? Added bonus.”

The pair began to kiss again, and it started to grow more heated. Rowena pulled back. “We really ought to think of leaving, getting on the road,” she said.

“No, not yet. We’ve got months to catch up on.”

“But Willow–?”

“We’ll be fine. Trust me.”

Rowena smiled and resumed her kissing again.

Fade To:
Federal Detention Center – Willow’s Cell – Next Morning

Sunlight shone through the a hallway window toward Willow’s cell as the guard walked by.

“Rosenberg? Time to get up,” he called out. Looking inside, he could see her anklet glowing green and the outline of her body under the cover, as well as the green barrier surrounding the cell also still in place. “Rosenberg?” he repeated. “You all right in there?”

Not getting a response, he pushed some buttons and inserted a talisman into a round opening under the keypad. He walked inside the room, but once he cleared the small sink, he noticed there was no head above the ‘body’. He darted over and pulled the sheet away to reveal the two pillows Willow had left under the covers.

Cut To:
Autumn O’Mara’s Office – Same Time

O’Mara was on the phone. “So it’ll be all ready for this weekend? You’ve brought him here?” she asked. She paused as the person on the other end spoke. “All right, wonderful. No, no, I’ll see to everything personally. Thank you.”

As she hung up, her assistant entered. “Ma’am, I’m sorry to interrupt, but we just got a message from Hazelton Prison. Willow Rosenberg has escaped.”

“That’s impossible.”

“The warden called personally, ma’am. Given some of the comments you’ve made lately regarding the Council, he felt it best you know. That…perhaps you should…step up security for yourself?”

O’Mara cleared her throat. “Thank you. That’ll be all.”

The woman nodded and left the room. Once she was gone, O’Mara slammed her hand down on the desk in frustration and took several hard and quick breaths. Then she picked up the phone again.

“Yes,” she said, “Willow Rosenberg has escaped. We do this tonight.”

Cut To:
Giles and Becca’s House – Foyer –

There was a loud banging on the door as Buffy walked over, rubbing her eyes. She opened it to find two men in suits standing on the front stoop.

“Do you have any idea what time it is? Who are you and what do you want?” she asked, annoyed.

“Federal agents, ma’am,” he said. “May we come in?”

“Why?” she asked.

“Willow Rosenberg has escaped from Hazelton Prison.”

Buffy grinned slowly, and it grew into a smile. “Is that so?” she asked, sounding surprised. “Good for her.”

“We’d like to have a look around, ma’am.”

“Do you have a warrant?” she asked.

The two men looked at each other. “Is that really going to be necessary?” he asked.

“Forgive me for not being helpful,” Buffy said sarcastically, “but you Fed guys already stole my home, my money, most of my stuff…basically, my entire life. So the short answer…” Buffy said, as she began to shut the door, “yes.”

She rested her back against the door and turned her head to listen.

“She’s in there,” she heard one of them say, and then the sound of retreating footsteps.

Buffy only smiled.

Cut To:
Sleep Easy Motel Room –
Same Morning

A loud banging on their door woke up Rowena and Willow.

“Police,” it said. “Open up.”

Still naked in bed, Rowena gave Willow a concerned look.

“Oh God, we fell asleep,” the watcher muttered.

Willow put her fingers over Rowena’s lips.

“What are we going to do?” Rowena asked, just below a whisper, so only Willow could hear.

Willow took a deep breath and looked toward the door.

Black Out



End of Act Three

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