Just Pretend

by Dragonwriter17

(r to nc-17)


Rating: R

Disclaimer: All of the materials borrowed from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel belong to Joss Whedon and to the entities and companies associated with their creation. I have borrowed them for creative and entertainment purposes only. No compensation has been or ever shall be received for the writing below. No copyright infringement is intended. The same is true for what I have borrowed from Watchers.

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Spoilers: “Skin Deep” Watchers Season 3

Pairings: Kennedy/Rowena

Author’s Notes: This story was written for Angie as part of the Watchers Auction for WriterCon 2006. It is set in the middle of “Skin Deep” when Kennedy finds Rowena in The Alcove getting drunk after Willow has broken up with her. Rowena surprises Kennedy by kissing her, and Kennedy surprises herself by actually enjoying it. When Rowena flirts with her more, Kennedy immediately makes Rowena leave and calls them a cab. I’ve included the last part of that scene from “Skin Deep” to establish the setting, and I’ve also included parts of the later scenes to close it out. I know that the original portion of this story isn’t very long, but it was the best I could do given my current situation. Hopefully, Angie won’t feel cheated. One more thing: I am violating the “no thoughts” rule that Watchers usually abides by. Oh, and many thanks to Lilly, who beta-read for me! Go Lilly!

Number of Chapters: 1

Complete: Yes

Story Summary: What really happened on the cab ride from The Alcove? Kennedy said that she had managed to fend off Rowena’s busy little hands, but what if that weren’t true?


Fade In:


The Alcove – Night


“…let’s just finish our drinks in silence, okay?” Kennedy pleaded.


When Rowena didn’t say anything, Kennedy turned to face her. The watcher cupped the slayer’s cheek and brought their lips together in a hot burning kiss before she slowly pulled back.


“Still think I’m an ice queen?” Rowena asked as she searched Kennedy’s eyes.


Kennedy looked tongue-tied. She tried twice to open her mouth to speak but failed. Finally, the words pushed through her lips.


“Okay, that was freaky.”


“Why?” Rowena asked as she played with the lapel of Kennedy’s coat.


“I’m not sure if it’s the fact that it actually happened, or, the fact that I actually enjoyed it a little…for some twisted, psychotic reason. Either way, there’s some kind of serious freak happening now.”


Rowena smiled. “We could do further experiments – see if we can identify the type of freak,” the watcher said as her fingers made lazy trails over Kennedy’s jaw line. “After all, I’m curious – what made you such a great lover?”


Kennedy looked at Rowena for a long moment then slipped from her barstool and took Rowena’s coat from the back of her chair. She opened it and held it out for her.


“Let’s go,” was all Kennedy said as she slipped it around Rowena.


Cut To:


Cleveland Cab – Moments Later


After telling the cab driver the address, Kennedy sat back in her seat and tried to get comfortable. She glanced over at Rowena. The blonde watcher had unbuttoned her coat and was giving the slayer her best coquettish grin.


Oh boy, thought Kennedy.


“I’m cold,” Rowena said with a pronounced pout.


Kennedy’s eyes were instantly drawn to the watcher’s lower lip. Stop that! she chided herself. Kennedy looked away and leaned back up to talk through the window in the safety glass. “Can you turn up the heat?” she asked the cab driver.


“Sorry, lady, that’s as hot as it gets back there,” he replied.


Damn. Kennedy leaned back and started to turn to Rowena, but found the watcher suddenly right beside her, facing her, closing up the space between them.


Rowena once again trailed her fingers along Kennedy’s jaw line. “You could warm me up,” she suggested before leaning closer. She let her hot breath tickle the slayer’s ear as she whispered, “All that fire…come on…melt the ice queen…”


When Rowena pulled back and stared into her eyes, Kennedy stared back. The slayer’s heart was racing, and her breathing picked up. Her gaze flitted from Rowena’s eyes to her mouth and back again. The slayer unconsciously licked her own lips.


Don’t do it, Kennedy’s internal voice told her. Don’t do it. Don’t—


The voice of warning was cut off when Rowena made the first move, resting her hand at the back of Kennedy’s neck and pulling her close for another hot kiss. Rowena kissed her thoroughly, earnestly, and it wasn’t long before Kennedy was eagerly kissing her back.


The slayer shifted in her seat and brought both hands to the watcher’s face as they deepened their kiss. She pressed forward, leaning Rowena back, until she had to put an arm at the blonde’s back to hold her in place. She began kissing her way toward Rowena’s ear, and when she flicked her tongue over the soft ear lobe, she was rewarded with a small shudder and gasp from Rowena.


Kennedy leaned Rowena back up, burying her face at the hollow of Rowena’s neck as she effortlessly lifted the watcher into her lap. When Rowena straddled Kennedy’s legs, she let out a soft moan, which made a greedy grin appear on the slayer’s face.


Kennedy grabbed the front lapels of Rowena’s unbuttoned coat. In a series of quick movements, she pushed the coat off the blonde’s shoulders, let it drop halfway down her back, then pulled it forward again, pinning the watcher’s arms at her sides and revealing more of the soft, white skin of her neck. Kennedy yanked Rowena closer and hungrily dove in, planting kisses and nips and licks along her neckline, moving upwards toward her ear.


“Oh…god…” Rowena managed to croak before Kennedy began tickling her ear with her tongue.


Rowena took as much as she could stand then broke out of Kennedy’s hold. She locked eyes with the brunette, freezing them both in place. They were breathing hard, practically panting, as Rowena slowly shrugged her coat off and let it drop to the cab floor.


Kennedy hadn’t noticed Rowena’s appearance in the bar, but from her current point of view, she definitely took note. The watcher was wearing a black, scoop-necked pullover that hugged her body, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Even in the darkened cab, which was lit only by the street lights and signs, she could see every curve of Rowena’s breasts. She could even see points of her nipples, pressing against the tight fabric.


Kennedy leaned forward and reached for Rowena, but the blonde caught her arms, raised them over her head, and pushed her back against the seat, holding the younger woman in place. Rowena looked into Kennedy’s eyes, willing her to stay put. When she released the slayer’s arms, she was surprised to find Kennedy remaining totally still. Rowena’s lips curled up in the slightest smirk before she turned her eyes to Kennedy’s coat.


Rowena wobbled a bit as she sat on Kennedy’s lap, but she managed to find the zipper of Kennedy’s coat. She let out a playful, husky laugh as she gradually unzipped the coat. When it was open, she reached back up for Kennedy’s arms and pulled them down. Then she helped Kennedy out of her coat.


After dropping the coat to the seat, Rowena rested her hands against the seat above Kennedy’s shoulders. She leaned down and kissed Kennedy—softly, slowly, sensuously, as if savoring her. Kennedy did the same, running her hands along Rowena’s thighs, over her ass, and along her lower back.


As their kissing became more intense, Kennedy pulled at Rowena’s shirt tail, easing it out of the top of her jeans. When the blouse was free, Kennedy slid her hands underneath the fabric until she could feel the smooth skin of Rowena’s back.


Rowena arched up at Kennedy’s touch, and Kennedy took the opportunity to capture one of Rowena’s nipples in her mouth. She gently nibbled at it through the material, causing the watcher’s breathing to rapidly increase. She switched to the other breast and then back again several times until Rowena was squirming in her lap.


Suddenly, the tires squealed, and the cab came to an abrupt stop, jolting the two women forward and then back. Kennedy froze. Rowena just looked confused. Kennedy peeked around Rowena’s body to look at the cab driver.


“We’re here,” he announced. “Damn it,” he added, muttering under his breath as he cut his eyes at his rearview mirror.


Kennedy closed her eyes and shook her head. Oh shit.


Rowena tried to look out the window, but it was all steamed up. She reached out and wiped an area clean. Then she giggled.


“We’re heeeere,” she told Kennedy. “Time for you…” She put the tip of her index finger on Kennedy’s nose—or tried to anyway. She missed and hit her cheek. She tried again and got it. “Time for you…to get me…home safe and sound.”


Kennedy groaned and said, “Just get your coat on.”


Cut To:


Hallway Outside Rowena’s Apartment – Moments Later


Kennedy had her arm wrapped around Rowena’s as the watcher stumbled down the hallway toward her apartment. When they got to the apartment door, Kennedy turned to Rowena.


“Where are your keys?” she asked.


Rowena looked perplexed for a moment. Then a light seemed to come on in her head. “Oh,” she said, holding up her finger in eureka fashion. “Keys.”


She began searching her coat pockets ineffectually, but eventually came up with a set of keys. She tried unsuccessfully to isolate the correct key, furrowing her brow as she attempted to concentrate. Kennedy rolled her eyes.


“Gimme those,” Kennedy said, grabbing the key ring and turning back to the door.


As Kennedy went through the keys, Rowena hugged her from behind, reaching under her coat to caress the slayer’s sides and stomach. When Rowena touched a ticklish spot, Kennedy giggled.


“Stop that,” she said, pushing Rowena’s hand away.


Rowena didn’t stop, though. She put her hand right back. “You know you like it,” she whispered into Kennedy’s ear.


As Kennedy finally got to the right key, Rowena allowed her hand to creep up Kennedy’s stomach toward her bust line.


“Down, girl,” Kennedy teased, stopping the errant hand once again. “Let me get the door unlocked first.”


Kennedy turned the knob, and the two of them tumbled inside, still giggling, totally unaware that Willow had been watching from down the hallway.


Cut To:


Rowena’s Apartment – Moments Later


Once the two women had gotten inside, they took off their coats. Kennedy had to help Rowena since her limbs weren’t exactly cooperating. After tossing her coat on the floor, Rowena staggered toward Kennedy.


“Now…where were we?” she said, with a grin on her face and a slight slur to her voice. As she neared, she tripped, and Kennedy had to catch her. Rowena giggled and said, “Oh yeah…right here.” Rowena giggled once again and then promptly passed out.


Kennedy sighed and lifted Rowena into her arms. She carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. After pulling down the covers, she took Rowena’s shoes off and slid her into bed, clothes and all.


She backed away from the bed and ran her hands through her short hair. “Oh, Kennedy, Kennedy…what have you gotten yourself into?” she asked herself out loud.


Cut To:


Rowena’s Apartment – The Next Morning


Kennedy awakened to a loud banging on the door. Still in the same clothes from the night before, she sat up in Rowena’s bed. After checking on Rowena and finding her out cold, Kennedy got up and went to the front door. When she opened it, Willow was standing there.


“What’s wrong?” Kennedy asked.


Willow stormed into the room. “What’s wrong?!” she parroted. “You’ve been in my girlfriend’s apartment all night! That’s what’s wrong!”


“Ex-girlfriend,” Kennedy accentuated her point with a raised finger. “And not that it should matter, but nothing happened last night.” Not here, anyway, her mind added.


“The hell it didn’t,” Willow replied. “I saw you two in the hallway, and she was hanging all over you.”


“Will?” Rowena called from the bedroom doorway, her eyes bloodshot and her body trying to stay upright.


“You didn’t waste anytime,” Willow shot over at Rowena. “But of all the women in the world that you had to boink did it have to be…her?” she asked as she motioned towards Kennedy.


“Hey,” Kennedy said, indignant. “Some women happen to find me attractive.”


“Yeah, one watcher in particular,” Willow said, looking between the two of them. “Besides, I thought you were happy with Kadin!”


“It’s not what you think,” Rowena answered. “At least I hope it’s not what you think…It’s not, is it?” she begged Kennedy. “All I remember is getting in the cab at that Alcove. Everything else is…a blur…”


Thank god! Kennedy thought in relief. She doesn’t remember, so just pretend it never happened. Nothing major did happen anyway, so just—


“No, nothing happened,” Kennedy said to both Willow and Rowena. “She was drunk, Will. Real drunk, and I didn’t want to leave her alone because she might have gotten hurt.” She then pointed back and forth between Rowena and herself. “For god’s sake, we’re still dressed.”


Willow said nothing, and her eyes darted around the room, unsure of where to look. Slowly, Rowena came over.


“And even if something did happen,” Rowena began, “why is it your business anyway? You don’t want me anymore. So is there anything else you need here before you leave?” Rowena asked.


“Not funny,” Willow replied. “Don’t go throwing this in my face.”


“I’m tired, so show yourself out,” was all Rowena said as she turned around and walked into the bedroom.


Without another word, Willow stormed from the room.


Alone, Kennedy looked around and shrugged. “And this is what I get for not wanting to be in the middle of it,” she sighed to herself.


Kennedy walked toward the bedroom door but stopped before getting there. She clenched and unclenched her fists nervously.

“Just pretend it never happened,” she whispered to herself. “Just pretend.”

The End


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