Act 4

Fade In:


Watchers Council – Outside the Infirmary – Resume

As soon as she left the infirmary, Katherine ran for the elevator. When she heard it ding, indicating passengers were about to disembark, she changed course and headed for the emergency stairs. She was through the door and on her way down the steps before the elevator doors even opened.

Cut to:


Watchers Council – Outside the Infirmary – Seconds Later

When the elevator doors opened, Jocasta and Giles and the rest of the gang left the car and walked towards the infirmary entrance.

“Do you really think this is gonna work?” Livia asked Jocasta.

“It has to,” Jocasta said.

Cut to:


Watchers Council – Infirmary – Moments Later

Jocasta and the gang were surprised by the scene they discovered inside the infirmary. Nurses hovered over two unconscious security officers. Dr. McClelland was helping Velika to her feet.

“I said I’m fine!” Velika said to the doctor, swatting away his hand once she was up.

“Velika!” Giles called to his former slayer. “What’s happened?”

Velika gingerly touched the back of her head then looked at her hand, expecting to find blood there.

“What does it look like happened?” Velika barked. “Katie escaped!”

“What?” Jocasta exclaimed.

“When we brought her up here, she was already in a very disturbed state, kept babbling nonsense,” Velika explained. “When Dr. McClelland tried to give her a sedative, she went ballistic. Took out all four of us and then ran out the door.”

“We must’ve just missed her,” Lex said.

“The stairs!” Livia said. “I’ll check ’em out.” Livia turned to leave.

“Halt!” Velika shouted, stopping the dark-haired slayer in place.

“Come on, Velika,” Livia complained. “Er…um…Commander,” Livia amended when Velika stared her down.

Velika handed Livia her stun gun. “Take this, and use it if you must,” Velika commanded. “If you are unable to locate her in the immediate area, call me for further orders.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Livia said, then she dashed out of the infirmary.

Velika turned back to the group. She looked at Giles and Jocasta for a moment, then activated her link.

“Security, this is Commander Velika Petrova. I have a code red situ–” Velika began before being interrupted by Giles taking her arm.

“Wait,” Giles said.

“Stand by,” Velika said to her link. Then she turned to meet Giles’s gaze.

“Giles, you know the protocol,” Velika warned. “Do not interfere.”

“Yes, I’m well aware of the protocol, which is why I want you to wait,” Giles pleaded.

“She’ s a rogue slayer!” Velika said hotly.

“She’s not a ‘rogue slayer’!” Giles countered just as hotly. “She’s a sick young woman who is in no way responsible for the condition she’s in!”

Giles paused and softened his tone. “As I explained to you earlier, we have the counter-spell. But it’s no good to us if Katie is gunned down before we can get the chance to cast it.” Giles paused again and looked into Velika’s eyes. “All I’m asking for is time to find her ourselves…before you call out the troops. We can reverse the spell’s effects, and Katie can be brought back in safely.”

Velika took a deep breath and walked away, her back to Giles and the group. After a few seconds of thinking, Velika faced Giles once again. She reactivated her link. “Security, disregard former message. Petrova out.”

Giles let out his breath and smiled in relief. “Thank you,” he said.

Velika didn’t return his smile. “You have until I get my squad together,” Velika said firmly. “That’s it.”

Giles nodded his acceptance of the deal.

Velika’s link beeped, and she answered. “Petrova.” She listened a moment. “Very well. Continue assisting Chairman Giles until further notice,” she said then disconnected.

Velika turned to Giles. “Livia didn’t find Katherine. She’s on her way back up.” Velika held eye contact with Giles for a moment and then slowly left.

When Velika had gone, Jocasta moved to Giles’s side. “I think I know how to find Katie,” she whispered.

Fade out

Fade in:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Afternoon

No longer handcuffed, Katherine ran between a row of storage units. As she neared the end of the row, she slowed her pace and stopped. She bent over and rested her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath. When a noise startled her, she shot up and looked fearfully around her. She began backing away.

Cut to:


Watchers Council – Same Time

In a small alcove near the main entrance, Livia and Lex and Antonia stood nearby and watched Jocasta as she prepared for a spell. The watcher laid a large square of cloth on the ground. Jocasta began circling the cloth whispering incantations.

Antonia leaned over to Lex and Livia. “Is this gonna work?” the pilot whispered.

“It better,” Lex replied. “We don’t have any other way of finding her. They took her link and headset when she was arrested.”

“And since we’re doing this search unofficially, we don’t have the resources for a full physical search,” Livia added. “Not like Velika’s going to have.”

Jocasta took her place on the cloth, sitting cross-legged. She caught the eyes of the others and nodded. They nodded back. Then she closed her eyes and began the spell.

After a few moments of concentration, Jocasta spoke a final incantation and opened her eyes. A marble-sized glowing ball floated in the air before Jocasta’s face. She smiled and looked at the others, who were staring open-mouthed.

Cut to:


Watchers Council – Computer Center – Same Time

James sat at a monitor with Giles standing behind him and looking over his shoulder. Their eyes were locked on the picture, which showed the glowing ball from the point of view of the camera built into Jocasta’s headset.

They watched as Jocasta told the glowing ball, “Find Katie.” Their mouths dropped open when the tiny orb pulsed brightly once and then started bobbing its way down the sidewalk with Jocasta and the others quickly following.

Cut to:


Watchers Council – Slayer Command – Same Time

Velika paced before a squad of her slayers, who stood at attention, awaiting the orders of their commander. In the front row, Brianna stood between Janet and Lian.

“We have a code-red situation…a level ten take-down,” Velika announced.

“Level ten?” Janet said incredulously.

“Mad dog,” Lian added ominously.

“That’s right,” Velika answered. “A rogue slayer.”

“Katie?” Brianna asked.

“I’m afraid so,” the commander replied. “Slayer Katherine Allison has escaped detention and is to be considered armed and dangerous. Her location is unknown at this time. You are to sweep the city, find her, and bring her back in. Do not underestimate her. She is completely irrational and is capable of anything. Although we prefer that she be brought in alive, lethal force is authorized if your lives are at stake.”

At Velika’s last words, Brianna looked nervously about the room.

Cut to:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Moments Later

Katherine continued to move haphazardly through the maze of storage units. Finally, she arrived at a dead end, where a brick wall separated the storage area from the lot next door. Graffiti covered the brick and the sides of the storage units. A nearby garbage can was knocked over, its contents strewn throughout the enclosure.

When she saw that her way was blocked, Katherine turned around to go back the way she had come. She froze in place when she saw Sean Rayne walking around the corner. Absolute terror filled her eyes, and she began backing towards the brick wall.

Rayne simply grinned and closed in.

Cut to:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Same Time

Jocasta, Livia, Lex, and Antonia followed the floating glow-ball into the row of storage units nearest the Council.

“Jo, look!” Antonia called out, pointing to the ground.

All four looked and saw a pair of handcuffs and a set of keys lying on the cracked asphalt.

“We’re on the right track!” Jocasta cried happily. “Come on!”

Once again, the group trailed the glowing ball as it wove in and out of the warren of rows and aisles that made up the storage facility.

Cut to:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Same Time

Janet and Lian, two of Velika’s slayers on mad-dog duty, entered the storage area on the side farthest from the Council. Janet carried a pistol while Lian was armed with a rifle, complete with a laser sight. With Janet in the lead, the two slayers began moving cautiously through the rows of storage units.

Cut to:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Same Time

Katherine backed into the brick wall. She looked from side to side, but there was nowhere to go. Rayne moved closer and closer. Katherine cowered and then began to cry. Finally, she dropped to her knees.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she begged frantically.

“Why not?” Rayne said, standing over her. “You hurt me.”

“I’m-I’m sorry, so sorry,” she cried.

Rayne knelt in front of his former slayer. “Don’t worry,” he said in a soothing voice, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Y-Y-You’re not?” Katherine asked, confused.

Rayne shook his head gently. “But the others will.”

“The others?”

“Your friends and colleagues from the Council. Your sisters too. They’re on their way here now.”

Katherine tried to look around Rayne, but he locked eyes with her.

“They’re going to kill you,” he said harshly, “going to put you down like the mad dog you are.”

Katherine shook her head in denial.

Rayne gazed off thoughtfully as he continued. “Or maybe they’ll just lock you away in a padded cell and do experiments on you.” He turned back to Katherine and then rose to his feet. “Either way, it doesn’t look good for you.”

Get the hell away from her!” a voice came from behind Rayne.

Rayne merely grinned and turned to face the furious Jocasta, who was flanked by Livia and Lex and Antonia.

“What did you do to her?” Jocasta demanded.

Rayne gave her his best I’m-innocent look. “Nothing. She did it to herself. Sooo many secret guilts and fears. Tsk-tsk.”

As the four moved down the row, they all drew their pistols, and Livia and Lex took the lead.

Suddenly, their weapons were magically snatched from their grips. The four gawked in amazement as their pistols floated in the air above their heads.

“What the—” Lex said.

With a gesture from Rayne, the pistols went flying fifty feet behind them, crashing into the sides of the storage units in the opposite row. Now weaponless but undeterred, Livia and Lex rushed Rayne, only to bounce off a magical shield. Rayne laughed at their surprised expressions.

Katherine scuttled to the opposite corner and huddled near the overturned garbage can.

Rayne twisted his hand in the air, and Livia and Lex found themselves being pushed by the shield as Rayne stepped towards them. As Rayne moved closer, Livia and Lex were pushed into Jocasta and Antonia until he had the four of them contained. The four struggled against the barrier.

“Can’t you do something?” Antonia said to Jocasta.

Jocasta held both of her palms against the shield, clearly concentrating on trying to dispel the barrier. “I’m trying,” she said through clenched teeth.

As Rayne reached the foursome and walked past them, he kept his hand raised to them. When he had backed away a sufficient distance beyond them, he made a shoving motion towards the group, slamming them hard into the storage unit wall. As they crumpled to the ground in a heap, Rayne sprinted from the storage area.

Cut to:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Seconds Later

A little dazed but otherwise unharmed, the four untangled themselves and got to their feet.

“Livia, you and Lex and Toni go after Rayne,” Jocasta commanded. “I want that bastard caught!”

“What about Katie?” Livia asked.

“I can handle her,” Jocasta insisted. “Call backup, but get that guy!”

Livia and Lex and Antonia dashed up the aisle, reclaimed their weapons, and headed in the direction Rayne had gone.

Jocasta turned back to the brick wall where Katherine was huddled in the corner. The redhead slowly eased her way to the back of the row. She carefully knelt beside Katherine and placed a gentle hand on her arm.

Katherine yelped in fright and jumped to her feet, knocking Jocasta onto her backside. Katherine stumbled in the process and scrambled on hands and knees until she was past Jocasta. She flipped over to keep an eye on Jocasta.

“Get away from me!” the slayer said, pointing at Jocasta while still backing away.

Cut to:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Same Time

Janet arrived at the end of the row just as Katherine got to her feet. Janet gave Lian a silent signal to stop.

Janet pointed up, toward the roof of the storage units. “Take position,” Janet whispered into the mic of her headset.

“Copy,” Lian whispered back before disappearing behind the corner again.

Cut to:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Same Time

Jocasta held her hands out in a placating gesture as she gradually got to her feet.

“Katie, it’s me…Jo,” she said soothingly. “Okay? I’m here to help you.”

“No!” Katherine cried out in an insane voice. “You want to hurt me! You want to kill me!”

Katherine backed away another step and then glanced frantically around, as if looking for a weapon of some kind. She found it in a broken bottle, which she quickly snatched up and held out in front of herself.

Janet moved silently closer.

Cut to:


Roof of Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Same Time

Now in position on the roof of the storage unit overlooking the dead-end row, Lian checked her rifle, switched on its laser sight, and then aimed it in Katherine’s direction.

The red dot of the laser appeared on Katherine’s back. A shot at that point would send a bullet straight through the slayer’s heart.

Cut to:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Same Time

“No!” Katherine yelled, waving the jagged edge of the broken bottle in Jocasta’s direction. “Keep away from me!”

“Katie, I know you’re scared right now a-a-and confused,” Jocasta said, “but you need to know, it’s not your fault. You’re under a spell, a curse, actually.”

When Katherine seemed to think about that, Jocasta inched forward.

“I said, Keep away!” Katherine shrieked, stabbing the air before her with the bottle.

Cut to:


Roof of Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Same Time

Lian kept the red dot firmly positioned on Katherine’s back, despite the slayer’s erratic movements.

“I have a shot. Should I take it?” she spoke into her mic.

“Negative,” came the reply. “Wait for my word.”

“Copy,” Lian replied, never taking her eye off Katherine.

Cut to:


Storage Units Near Watchers Council – Same Time

“Katie, remember your nightmares?” Jocasta coaxed. “They’re part of the curse. The curse that Rayne put on you.”

“He’s my watcher! He said…” Katherine started then weakly trailed off, frowning deeply as if trying to make sense of what was happening.

“Sweetie, he’s the one doing this to you.”

Katherine shook her head in denial at first, then she looked at Jocasta with stricken eyes.

“I still have a clear shot,” Janet heard Lian say in her earpiece.

“Hold your fire,” Janet whispered quietly but firmly as she continued to watch the standoff unfold.

Jocasta slowly crept forward, closing the distance between herself and Katherine. “I’m here to help you, Katie. I can break the curse, but I need you to trust me.”

Tears rolled down Katherine’s cheeks as she stared into Jocasta’s face for the longest time. Then, with a sob, Katherine dropped to her knees, letting the broken bottle fall from her hand. Jocasta dashed over and drew Katherine into her arms.

“Stand down,” Janet said to Lian over the radio.

“Thank god,” Lian replied.

“Jo…” Katherine cried.

Jocasta stroked Katherine’s back as she reassured her over and over, “It’s okay, it’s not your fault.”

I got so lost, Katherine finally managed to say in a choked voice.

“I found you…I will always find you,” Jocasta answered, squeezing Katherine tighter.

Fade out

Fade in:


Watchers Council – Infirmary – Night

Katherine lay in her hospital bed with Jocasta standing beside her, holding her hand. The rest of the Scoobies had been there earlier, but had now gone, leaving the two women alone.

Katherine’s eyes fluttered closed, but then suddenly opened again. Within seconds, the slayer repeated the process. At the third instance, Jocasta gave Katherine a nudge.

“Katie, just go to sleep. Stop fighting it.”

Katherine shook her head. “I can’t,” she said.

“Why not?”

“I’m afraid,” Katherine said. She looked away. “Afraid of what I’ll dream.”

Jocasta frowned, then grinned. She let go of Katherine’s hand and released the rail on the side of the bed. Then she climbed right up into the bed with Katherine.

“What are you doing?” Katherine exclaimed in surprise.

“Hush!” Jocasta said firmly as she pulled Katherine into her arms. “Now go to sleep!”

Katherine had resisted for only a second before she had smiled broadly and let Jocasta embrace her. She sighed contentedly. After a moment, she leaned back and looked at Jocasta.

“You don’t have to do this,” Katherine said.

“You did it for me once, remember? On the train to Sunnydale.”

“I know, but really…you don’t have to stay with me.”

“This is where I want to be,” Jocasta insisted. “This is where I belong.”

Katherine started to object, but Jocasta placed her fingers over the slayer’s mouth.

“No,” Jocasta told her firmly. “No apologies, no regrets, no fears. Not from either of us. Not tonight.”

“And tomorrow?” Katherine asked when Jocasta had removed her hand.

“I’ll be here,” Jocasta assured her.

At that, Katherine snuggled back into Jocasta’s arms and finally let sleep take her.

Fade out

Fade in:


Eris Pantelles’s Penthouse – Later That Night

A momentarily-sated Eris Pantelles lay back in her bed, making small murmurs of contentment as she ran her fingers through the hair of her lover, Sean Rayne.

“And the curse?” she asked.

“Worked like a charm,” Rayne answered, a gleeful grin on his face. “Turned that little bitch into a total nutcase.”

“But they cured her, you said.”

“Well, yeah, but still…”

“And the magic reintegration plan?”

“Ehhh…unaffected, I’m afraid,” he admitted. “If Travers had done his part weeks ago and kept the Progenitor File out of Rosenberg’s hands, it would have worked perfectly.”

Rayne rolled onto his side and placed his hand on Eris’s stomach. Then he nuzzled her neck and kissed her on the ear.

“Is your mole still in place?” he asked.

“Yessss,” Eris replied.

Rayne kissed Eris’s neck and whispered in her ear, “Will you tell me who it is?”

Eris’s face creased into a smirk as she rolled over and straddled Rayne’s body.

“Nah-ah-ah,” she said with a chiding gesture. “A woman can’t reveal all her secrets. You have your way in,” she said, tapping Rayne’s nose playfully, “and I have mine.”

Then she gave Rayne a passionate kiss, which he eagerly returned.

Fade Out




End of Nocturne


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