Act 1



Guest Starring:

Lindsay Wagner as Velika Petrova, Bonnie Hunt as Veronica Wyndam-Price, Maggie Grace as Brianna Knowles, Felicia Day as Finola Dunn, Erin Chambers as Jenn Bailey, Ali Larter as Janet Pryde, Ziyi Zhang as Lian Soon,  Katie Couric as Lisa Lance, Linda Hamilton as Sonia Petrovich, Rachel Weisz as Amelia Adams, Flick Harrison as Frank


Fade In:
Council Transport Ship – Cockpit – Around Noon

“Tank vent?”


“Fuel tank?”

“Check. Cap secured.”

“Loading door?”

“Umm, still open?”

Antonia glanced over at Janet and sighed. “They’re still not in yet? This always happens,” she muttered angrily while Janet tried to hide a smile. “We schedule departure times for a reason.”

Janet nodded along, flipping through Antonia’s flight book. “So, Colonel Harris said something about a possible communications problem while we’re there?”

“What? Oh, right.” Antonia fiddled with a few of the transport’s controls. “Yeah, apparently the shielding system could interfere with our communications. Lex installed a booster which should work within the shield, but communication outside of it is going to be shoddy at best. We’ll probably have to relay through the Orlando branch if we want to talk to anybody here.”

“Oh.” Janet looked a bit worried. “But it’ll work fine inside the shield?”

Antonia huffed as she flicked a few more switches and glanced at the video screen to her left; it showed her passengers still loading the bay. She glared at the image. “It should. And if not? Well, that’s what James is here for.”

“Right.” Janet flipped the flight book closed and leaned forward to examine a large, red button on the console. “Hey, what’s this do?”

Cut To:
Council Transport Ship – Cargo Bay – Same Time

A crashing sound drew Livia’s attention away from where she and Mira were securing weaponry. She looked over to where James was helping Lisa Lance and her cameraman. Lance stood off to the side, hands on her hips, screeching like a harpy at an overturned crate. Livia saw the cameraman roll his eyes. She shook her head and resumed packing, putting swords, crossbows and bolts, and spears into a specially-designed crate.

“Oy, that’s a gick-load of sharp and pointies, innit?” came a voice with a heavy Irish accent. “You startin’ a war down in kiddie-land?”

Livia turned and regarded the red-headed young woman with a steady gaze. “Like to be prepared.”

“Yeah, heard that about you.” The woman smiled and held out her hand as she repositioned her duffel strap on her shoulder. “Finola Dunn, Dublin branch.”

“Livia Hansen.” She shook Finola’s hand firmly. “I heard you’d be joining us.” Livia’s tone took on an edge of resentment. “Been in the states less than a day and you’re already pulling elite duty, you must’ve impressed somebody.”

Finola’s eyes narrowed slightly at Livia’s implication. “Yeah well, what can I say? Me reputation precedes me,” Finola replied coolly.

While Livia and Finola engaged in a stare-off, Mira came up and introduced herself. Finola immediately perked up.

“Ah, you’re the one did all ‘at field testin’ of the seraphim and pushed to get suits for the other branches,” Finola said. “Owe ya big time for that, don’t we?” Finola gave Mira a playful punch in the arm.

“The seraphim’s a great advantage,” Mira agreed. “In the right circumstances, of course. Just ask Livia. She used it in the Anomalous Zone when she – ”

“Why don’t ya show me where to stow me bag,” said Finola, cutting off Mira. Then she linked her arm in Mira’s and began redirecting her away from Livia. “You know…be a dove, show the new girl around?”

“Ummm, okay,” Mira answered, looking back at Livia once before complying.

As she watched the duo leave, Livia’s face tightened. She clenched her jaw several times then stomped off.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Transport Hangar – Same Time

Giles and Dr. Burkle entered the hangar and made their way over to the transport ship. When she saw them come in, Jocasta rushed over with Katherine following close behind.

“Come to see us off?” Jocasta asked.

Giles smiled. “Yes,” he replied. “And to introduce you,” he added, motioning at Dr. Burkle.

Jocasta smiled excitedly and held her hand out. “Hi! I’m Jocasta. I’m a big fan of your work.”

Dr. Burkle took Jocasta’s hand, gave it a light shake, and then held it for a moment as she studied the redhead carefully. “Have we met before?” she asked curiously.

“Oh, um, no,” Jocasta said, pulling her hand back. “I’m flattered, but I don’t think so.”

Burkle continued to stare for a while before finally nodding. “Sorry. I must be mistaken then.”

“I don’t suppose I have to tell you to be careful,” Giles told Jocasta.

Burkle returned to staring once Jocasta turned away. Katherine eyed Burkle suspiciously.

“No, Daddy,” Jocasta replied sarcastically. “I’m all growed-up now.” Giles and Jocasta shared a warm grin. “Anyway, we’d better get on board before Toni pops a gasket.”

Jocasta and Katherine gave a final wave to Giles and Burkle, then headed toward the ship.

Cut To:
Council Transport Ship – Troops Bay – Later

In the troops bay, Jocasta and Katherine sat side by side, securely belted into their respective seats as the transport ship bumpily rose through the clouds. Jocasta held Katherine’s hand in a white-knuckled grip and didn’t release it until the ship had settled smoothly into its cruising altitude.

“Sorry,” Jocasta said, as if just realizing that she had been crushing her girlfriend’s hand.

Katherine grinned. “No problem. Glad to lend a hand.” The grin turned into a lopsided smirk.

Jocasta rolled her eyes. Brianna did the same, adding a that-was-lame snort.

Cut To:
Council Transport Ship – Troops Bay – Same Time

At the end of the row across from Lance, Livia sat sulking. Next to her was Jenn Bailey, a young but enthusiastic slayer who was on her first away mission.

“Ohmygod, this is so exciting!” Jenn said for the umpteenth time. “I still can’t believe that I got picked to go!”

“Yeah, me either,” Livia mumbled under her breath.

“I mean, I even get to sit next to Livia Hansen,” Jenn said with stars in her eyes. “The Council’s number-one slayer.”

“Oh, goodie. I’m famous,” Livia replied.

“The hero of the AZ Battle…sitting next to me.” Jenn gave a small squeal of delight before continuing. “I thought for sure you’d be sitting with Mira. I mean, everybody knows you two are like that.” Jenn raised her hand and held her two first fingers tightly together.

“Hey!” Livia barked in an annoyed voice. “Mira’s great and all, but we’re not joined at the hip. Got it?”

“Okay!” Jenn agreed instantly.

Having heard the exchange, Mira leaned forward and looked down the row at Livia, who met her eyes briefly before quickly glancing away. Mira’s expression became hurt and confused. She shook her head and leaned back. Finola looked on with interest from Mira’s left.

“What was that all about?” Janet asked from Mira’s other side.

“Beats me,” Mira grumbled, folding her arms across her chest.

Cut To:
Council Transport Ship – Troops Bay – Same Time

Jocasta unbuckled her seatbelt and rose to her feet. She bent over and removed a duffel bag from under her seat. After unzipping it, she pulled out Willowgram’s mobile emitter and handed it to Katherine. Jocasta secured her bag once again and buckled herself back into her seat.

“What’s that?” Finola asked.

Jocasta took the emitter from Katherine and turned it on. “This is Willowgram,” she said proudly as the six-inch redhead materialized. “She’s our very own Miss Know-It-All. Isn’t that right, Willow?”

“Darn tootin’!” Willowgram chirped.

Finola looked at the smiling hologram and then at Jocasta, then repeated the action. “You made your ‘ologram look like ye-self?” the Irish slayer asked, raising her eyebrows.

“She’s not based on Jocasta,” James interjected. “She’s based on Willow Rosenberg. The Willow Rosenberg.”

“Who just happens to be Jo’s great great great grandmother,” Katherine added.

“I think you got one too many ‘greats’ in there, but close enough,” Jocasta said.

Finola frowned. “‘at’d be like talking to ye-self all day.”

Jocasta and Willowgram looked at each other. “At least it’d be fascinating conversation,” they said simultaneously. Then they both pointed and exclaimed, “Jinx!” before bursting into laughter.

Brianna leaned over to Finola. “Okay, even I thought that was weird.”

“Seriously,” Jocasta said after ending her laugh, “Willow’s got access to all of the Council’s accumulated knowledge – digitized libraries, slayer field reports, watcher chronicles, and most importantly, the journals of Willow Rosenberg herself.”

Finola gave an impressed nod then shrugged. “Not too keen on all that readin’ me-self, ‘cept for magic, o’ course.”

“A lot of the magic training we’ve implemented among the slayers has come from Willow’s databases,” Katherine confirmed.

“Which is why Rayne and Pantelles wanted access so badly,” Mira pointed out.

“How have you been doing since the attack?” James asked the hologram.

“Pretty good, all things considered,” Willowgram replied. “According to my self-reparation protocols, my security algorithms have regenerated, and almost all of my functions have been restored. Multi-interfacing is still down, but that’s only temporary.”

“Speaking of interfacing,” Janet interjected, directing her gaze at Jocasta and Katherine, “how are you two lovebirds doin’ with the whole nest-sharing thing? You haven’t started arguing over how to hang the toilet paper, have you?”

As Jocasta and Katherine smiled happily at one another, Finola’s eyes widened in shock. “You mean…you two are…? Watcher an’ slayer…all cozy-like in the same ‘ouse?” Finola crossed her arms and scoffed disapprovingly.

Jocasta bristled. “You got a problem with that?” she said evenly but with a hint of a challenge.

“Well…yeah,” Finola said sarcastically.

Lisa Lance pulled a data pad from her jacket and turned toward the conversation, her eyes shining hungrily.

“Why?” Brianna asked Finola.

“Because it’s…it’s just not right, now is it?” Finola answered.

“I agree with Finola,” Jenn announced loudly. “Council regulations clearly say that – ”

“Jenn, can it!” Livia said sternly. “Jo isn’t Katie’s watcher, so no harm, no foul, got it?”

“You are so right,” Jenn replied, changing her tune in brown-nosing fashion. “I should’ve seen that. You are so smart.” Livia looked like she was going to be sick.

“So Ms. Rosenberg and Ms. Allison are in blatant violation of the Council’s own anti-fraternization rules?” Lance asked as she scribbled several notations into her data pad. “Why doesn’t Chairman Giles put a stop to it?”

“They’re not in violation of anything,” Livia told Lance coldly. “End of discussion.”

“Of course,” Lance agreed with a smile of apparent compliance as she put away her data pad.

Livia closed her eyes and groaned, leaning her head back against the wall. “God, this flight is taking forever!”

“Actually, we’re making pretty good time,” Jenn reported after glancing at her watch. “Not like some of the flights I’ve been on.” Jenn giggled. “This one time, at Christmas, we were going to see my grandmother and…”

Livia began slowly banging her head against the wall as Jenn rambled on.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Red Sector Lab – Same Time

“Anya! Would you…would you just stop?”

Anya huffed and stretched her legs. She was lying on Lex’s worktable, panels open and wires hooked up. She wiggled her toes and gave a harried sigh. “But, you’re doing it wrong.”

Lex threw his arms up and stomped around the table to his computer. “I am not doing it wrong! I know exactly what I’m doing!”

“Sure,” Anya snorted.

Lex waved a screwdriver at the android. “You always gotta make this harder than it needs to be, don’t you?”

“I do not!” Anya protested.

“I am going to fix you if it’s the last thing I do,” Lex vowed. “Which, given the fact that I’m about two seconds away from committing seppuku, it probably will be.”

Anya sighed again and stretched her arms above her head, jiggling the wires attached to her skull. “Accessing protocols,” she announced mechanically before suddenly switching to a casual tone of voice. “You know, we could just broil the potatoes.” Then she sat up and looked at Lex curiously. “What are we doing now?”

“Well, we’re not making pot roast, that’s for sure.” Lex pulled open a panel on Anya’s leg and stuck the screwdriver in.

Anya suddenly seized all over and then went still. Lex looked up to see what the problem was and regarded her face with confusion. Her left cheek twitched uncontrollably, causing her eye to wink spastically.

“Huh. Wasn’t supposed to do that.”

“Wasn’t supposed to do what? What have you done to me? Why is my face twitching?” Anya growled out of her mostly closed and occasionally twitching mouth. “You incompetent excuse for an engineer! You’re supposed to be fixing my brain, not giving me epileptic fits!”

Lex couldn’t hold back an amused smirk. “Now, now, you watch your mouth or I might be inclined to take my time fixing this particular problem.”

Anya growled and winked and growled and winked again. Lex chuckled and looked up at the television screen on the wall. The news was on, showing a worried-looking reporter standing in front of a cordoned-off section of shops, surrounded by police tape. The sound was off, so Lex couldn’t hear what the story was about. It didn’t look too important, so he turned back to Anya.

“All right, Miss Annoyance McTwitcherson. Let’s see what we can do about that nasty tic.” Lex grinned as he waved the screwdriver in her face. “And then we’re going to try interfacing you with my computer again. And don’t download anymore songs, okay?”

Anya smirked. Or, rather, her lips twisted into something attempting an approximation of a smirk. Then, she began to sing quietly.

“It’s a small world after all…” she sang in a voice hiccupped by her tic. “It’s a small world after all…”

“Oh my God, shut up!”

Cut To:
John West’s House – Afternoon

Still in his pajamas, John happily watched his two children, Michelle and Michael, chase each other around the living room. First Michael was the pursuer and Michelle the prey. Then with a pair of squeals the roles were instantly reversed. John smiled then directed his eyes back toward the hallway.

“Are you ever going to be done in there?” John called to the back bedroom.

Darrin walked out of the hallway, freshly and neatly dressed. He struck a pose and said, “Not all of us enjoy looking like slobs.”

John snorted. Oh please, I am so much prettier than you.

“You wish,” Darrin answered before moving into the kitchen.

Just then Michael and Michelle raced by the end table, brushing a lamp and setting it to teetering.

“Kids,” John said, rising from the couch to stop the mad dash. Before he could get to them, the phone rang.

“Could you get that?” Darrin called from the kitchen.

“I’m on it,” John called out.

He took a moment to separate Michelle from Michael, as she had him pinned against the couch. He tossed her lightly onto the couch, where she immediately started to bounce. John smiled and approached the video phone. He punched the answer button.

“This is an outrage, John!” came the bellowing voice of his sister.

He visibly resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Hello Kim,” he replied un-enthusiastically.

“I’m being serious. There is no way they can do this!” she practically screamed at him.

“Do you want explain to me what you’re talking about?” he asked calmly.

“Christine was called as a slayer. And if you think that my daughter is going to be putting herself in danger, daily, especially after all that’s been going on at that Council lately, you are out of your mind!” Kim barely stopped to take a breath as she ranted at the top of her voice.

“What does Christine think?”

“What do you think she thinks? She’s scared out of her mind. She doesn’t want to go.” Kim visibly started to calm and finally sighed. “I’m worried about this, John. Isn’t there something you can do?”

“I honestly don’t know, Kim,” John said, sitting in the desk chair. “But I promise…as soon as I get in to work today, I’ll talk to Chairman Giles, find out what I can.”

Kim thought about this then nodded resignedly. “Thanks,” she told him. Then she shrugged and added, “Sorry I yelled.”

John chuckled. “No you’re not.”

Kim looked appalled then snickered. She quickly sobered and said, “Call me later?”

“You bet,” John assured her.

With a blip, Kim’s image disappeared from the screen. John leaned heavily against the table top and sighed.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Giles’s Office – Later That Afternoon

Giles looked up at the sound of a soft knock on his door. It opened slowly and John West popped his head inside.

“Do you have a moment, Mr. Chairman?” he asked.

“Of course,” Giles replied, gesturing for him to sit. “Please, come in.”

“I have a bit of a problem,” John said, sitting in the chair and folding his hands. “My niece, Christine, was called as a slayer. My sister called me this morning, furious. She says Christine doesn’t want to join.”

“I see,” Giles said with a nod.

“I’m not up on all the activation protocols. Can you tell me…what are her options? Does she have to serve?”

“All newly-activated slayers are required to go through an initial orientation and training period, to help them understand their powers as well as the responsibilities and the dangers that come with them, namely the fact that they may be targeted by demons because of these powers.”

John nodded. “And after that? If a slayer decides that the Council isn’t for her…she can leave?”

“Yes, that is her right, although refusals to join the Council happen very rarely. The Council takes very good care of its slayers. It offers a generous salary, for the girls and their parents, free schooling, superior medical insurance.” Giles leaned forward. “Allow me to be frank, John. It is your niece’s right to refuse to become a part of the Council, but…I would strongly advise her against it.”

John ran his hands over his head and massaged his neck, then looked back up. “I’ll pass your advisement along to my sister. She won’t be glad to hear it, but…”

“If you’d like, I could talk to her,” Giles offered.

“No,” John replied quickly. “No, I’ll take care of it.” He stood and thanked Giles before leaving the office.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Slayer Gym – Same Time

All around the gym the slayers were divided into pairs, practicing a new maneuver. Or at least they were supposed to be. Some were standing around talking loudly. Others were merely going through the motions, not really putting their all into the exercise.

“Come on, ladies, you can do better than that!” Lian shouted, though her voice barely made it above all of the talking.

“Just because Livia isn’t here doesn’t mean you get to be so bossy,” Cassidy replied.

Lian turned to Cassidy and glared. “Well, I am the boss, so technically, it does,” she sternly informed the slayer.

“Oh lighten up, will you?” Eva complained. “One Livia is bad enough. We don’t need another one.”

“Fine,” Lian snapped. “Be sloppy. And when you end up as monster mash, I’m gonna say I told you so.”

The slayer rolled her eyes and went back to sparring with her partner. Lian watched the slayers for a moment, then pulled her phone from her pocket and dialed a number. She waited anxiously for someone to pick up but got voice mail instead.

“Amy, it’s Lian. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all day.” She sighed and ran her hand loosely though her hair. “Call me when you get this message, okay?”

She ended the call and just stood there looking at her phone.

“What’s up Lian?” Cassidy asked.

“Nothing. I just…I can’t get a hold of my sister.”

“Ah, chill out,” Eva said. “She probably just got sick of you bossing her around.”

Lian rolled her eyes but cast a worried look into the distance.

Cut To:
Council Transport Ship – Same Time

“That there is Inferno’s Tower,” Antonia said, pointing to her left from the cockpit. Janet strained a bit to see, but noticed the tall building that looked like it was on fire. “Next to that is the Dino-Venture. Oh, and that one over there is my favorite, the Rockin’ Rolling Coaster. Been on that one about twenty-seven-million times at least.”

Janet laughed as she shook her head. “Been here a lot, I take it?”

Antonia nodded. “When I was growing up, we’d come down here every summer and stay for a week. Family tradition,” she stated in a mocking tone as she rolled her eyes. “Not that I minded. After all, the new Space Mountain – you know, the one that lets you fly – it sealed my decision to become a pilot. Ooooh, I’ve been dying to check that out,” Antonia said in an excited tone.

Janet followed her eyes to see a large dome-shaped dark red sphere with smaller red-dome areas as well. “What is it?”

“Mars Colony Park. It has this new 3-D flight simulator that you don’t even need the glasses for,” Antonia replied.

Janet glanced over at her with one eyebrow raised up as she tried not to let out a laugh.

“I know, I know, my inner Mickey Mouser geekdom is showing,” Antonia stated to the slayer, who finally let out the laugh she had been holding in.

“Your secret is safe with me,” Janet said as she leaned closer out the window.

Janet leaned over to take a closer look at the Disney estate when she took in a sharp breath. Below her was the former Magic Kingdom; it was in near ruins, bleak-looking, and surrounded by a very pale blue shield.

“Wow,” Janet finally said as she looked back at the pilot. “Makes you wonder how the most ‘magical place on earth’ could look so scary.”

“Well, when you build a park directly on top of a hellmouth, that’s what you get,” Jocasta said, entering the cockpit with Katherine.

Antonia turned around and gave her cousin a brief wink. “Hey Jo, remember that time you threw up all over my dad?”

Jocasta let out a weak laugh as Katherine looked on. Then she shrugged. “What can I say? I have a weak stomach for flying,” the redhead replied to the unspoken question.

Jocasta peeked out the window at the Magic Kingdom as Antonia settled in for a landing. Absently, Jocasta began to hum “It’s a Small World,” as she’d done numerous times already since they’d left Cleveland. With the barest hint of annoyance, Katherine rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Jo,” Antonia commanded, “stop it.”

“Or what?” the watcher asked.

Antonia activated the ship intercom. A soft crackle of static went through as she drew in a breath. “Or I’ll tell everyone what really happened at the teacups.”

Jocasta’s face went pale.

In the transport bay, the other passengers looked expectantly at the intercom speakers.

“Okay,” Jocasta squeaked.

Antonia grinned then reached over to a keypad on her left. She flew through a sequence of commands. “Perimeter shield strength is good. Initiating remote deactivation for landing,” she announced over the intercom. “Stand by for touch-down.”

Cut To:
Council Transport Ship – Cockpit – Moments Later

“There’s an Orlando slayer that will be meeting us here,” Jocasta told Katherine and Janet as she activated her data pad. “Her name is…” Jocasta scrolled through a page on her pad. “Mac.”

“MacWhat?” Janet asked.

“Don’t know,” Jocasta replied, looking puzzled.

“Has she been inside the park?” Katherine asked.

Jocasta shook her head. “Only immediately after the attack to see if there were any other survivors. Disney didn’t want another soul in there till we could arrive.”

Katherine and Janet nodded their heads, agreeing with the strategy.

“She and her team will meet us on Main Street,” Jocasta added.

“Which is where we are just about to be…” Antonia interjected. The aircraft made a soft thump as Antonia completed the landing. The pilot glanced over at Jocasta with a grin on her face. “How was that, cuz? Barely a bump on that one.”

“Thank you,” Jocasta said in a voice heavy with sarcasm.

As Antonia chuckled and started going through her post-flight checklist, Jocasta and Katherine and Janet eased out of the cockpit. Soon Antonia’s voice could be heard over the intercom: “Okay, ladies and gentleman, thank you for flying AirAllister. On your right, you’ll find Tourist Trap Canyon. Behind you, the ever popular Hellmouth Express…”

Cut To:
Council Transport Ship – Troops Bay – Moments Later

As Jocasta and Katherine gathered their bags, the rest of the passengers were doing the same. At the end of the row, Jenn was practically bouncing with anticipation.

“Isn’t this exciting, Livia?” Jenn asked. “Big mission. Disney World. Getting to work with a whole new team of slayers. I just love meeting new slayers.”

Livia quirked an eyebrow before shrugging. Her eyes landed on Mira for a moment, who was helping Finola with her stuff. “Yeah sure, whatever,” Livia responded, her eyes never leaving Mira.

Jenn’s smile faded for a moment as she briefly glanced in the direction Livia was staring at. She saw Mira and Finola laughing about something. “Is everything okay with you guys?” she asked, looking back at her leader with more sympathy.

“What?” Livia said, a little confused as she turned to Jenn. Then she waved nonchalantly. “Yeah, yeah, of course it is. Just spacing…” Livia turned to face the group. “All right, ladies, let’s get to the cargo bay. That gear ain’t gonna move itself!”

Cut To:
Disney World – Main Street USA – Moments Later

“Come on, girls!” Livia shouted. “Get the lead out!”

Mira carried a large crate over to the grav-lift and set it down. On her way back to the ship for another load, she stopped by Livia. Finola was only a step or two behind.

“There’s a lot of gear, girl,” Mira chided Livia lightly. “Just chill.”

” ‘Course it’d go a right bit faster if somebody’d quit standin’ ’round supervisin’ all day,” Finola shot over her shoulder as she passed by.

When Livia glared at the retreating Finola, Mira gave her friend a light squeeze on the shoulder. “Loosen up, Liv. We’re at ‘the happiest place on earth’.”

Livia turned her glare to Mira, who was taken aback by its intensity. She pulled her hand away. She looked intently at Livia, as if searching for an explanation, then turned and walked away.

“Yeah, real happy,” Livia muttered under her breath as she watched Mira walk away.


Livia turned at the sound of her voice being called. She saw Jocasta walking toward her, accompanied by a taller woman. The woman was wearing a leather vest peppered with various patches and badges and pins. Her bare arms were covered with colorful tattoos. Her hair was jet black, spiky but with her bangs long and swept to the side. Livia could almost smell the butch from where she was standing.

When the duo arrived, Jocasta pointed at Livia. “This is Livia Hansen. She’s the head of our slayers back at the Cleveland office.” Jocasta then gestured at the tall butch woman. “Livia, this is Mac. I’m sorry,” she asked the Orlando slayer, “is that short for something?”

Mac raised an eyebrow as her lips thinned in a frown. She didn’t answer the question posed to her but merely glared in response.

“O-O-Or not,” Jocasta said instantly, shaking her head. “Anyways, this is Mac. She’s the head slayer of the Orlando branch. You two will be working closely together on this mission.”

Livia extended her hand, but Mac didn’t take it. “Don’t know why HQ felt the need to send y’all down here.”

” ‘Cause Disney wanted the best,” Livia replied firmly. “And that’s us.”

Mac’s upper lip lifted in a semi-snarl as she scoffed. Finally, she said, “We should head out. That way down Main Street. Your girls ready?”

Livia placed a hand on her hip as she took in Mac one more time. “Lead the way, Mac.”

Mac just shrugged and started walking, giving her Orlando slayers a wave to move out.

“Let’s move it, ladies,” Livia shouted as the Cleveland crew revved up their grav-lifts and began heading towards Main Street. The Orlando slayers carried packs on their backs as they did the same.

Jocasta let Mac move ahead alone and fell back to walk next to Katherine and Janet. “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…get those grav-lifts rollin’…” Jocasta sang playfully as Katherine navigated the cumbersome lift.

“Oh god,” Janet groaned, rolling her eyes.

“Hush,” Katherine said to Janet. “At least she’s not singing ‘It’s a small world’ anymore.”

Cut To:
Disney World – Cinderella’s Castle – A Little Later

As the Cleveland group parked the grav-lifts in front of Cinderella’s Castle, Jocasta and Livia met with Mac in the center of the semi-circle of five bio-pods.

“Are these the pods left behind by Dr. Burkle’s group?” Jocasta asked.

Mac nodded. “They’re clear, though. No attacks happened in them. Burkle and her team got hit elsewhere.”

“How many in your team again?” Jocasta inquired.

“Four slayers, two medics.”

Jocasta thought for a moment, then said, “Why don’t you guys take those two pods over there, and we’ll take these three over here?” Mac gave a small nod.

“We can put the Cleveland slayers here in the center one, maybe the armory next, and – ” Livia began.

“Ahhh, you probably don’t wanna do that,” Mac warned.

“Why not?” Livia asked.

“Better to put the armory in the center one,” Mac added.

“Why?” Jocasta asked.

” ‘Cause ain’t nobody gonna wanna sleep in that one,” Mac answered. Mac walked off to her slayers, directing toward their assigned pods.

Livia and Jocasta exchanged a worried look.

Cut To:
Disney World – Burkle’s Pod – Later

Katherine opened the pod door. “Ready?” she asked Jocasta, with a teasing smirk on her lips.

“Yes,” Jocasta responded, rolling her eyes, as she pushed her girlfriend through, nearly stumbling on top of her.

“Hey that isn’t…”

Both girls stopped in the middle of the room, taking it all in. The plastic walls of the pod were completely covered in scribble. Words, some in sentences, paragraphs, some off on their own, surrounded by crude drawings. It was like a literate version of cave paintings.


“Yeah, I see it too, Katie,” Jo responded in a soft voice. She took a few steps closer towards the wall, narrowing her eyes at what she was seeing.

“Krv…dplr…plz,” Jocasta sounded out, reading a nearby section. “I guess the good doctor is not a big vowels fan.” She turned to see Katherine cocking her head to the side. The slayer walked toward another section of the wall.

“All gone, all gone, all gone,” the blonde read. “Find my way home.” She paused. “What does it mean?” Through the lowly-lit dome she saw her girlfriend shrug.

“I-I-I’m not sure.” Jocasta turned her gaze back towards her wall, scanning over the images again and again.

“Whatever it is…” Jocasta started as her eyes fell onto a particular drawing.

A brief outline of an ancient knight mounted on a brown horse was drawn in crayon. He was fighting a blue figure in brown clothing. Next to this image was a rough sketch of Earth and directly below this was a dark, circular pit, perhaps catacombs or tombs. Jocasta sighed.

“…it can’t be good.”

Fade Out.



End of Act One

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