Act 7

Fade In:
Disney World – The Enchanted Tiki Room – Resume

Mira groaned and reached weakly for the spike jutting from her body. She had no further time for reaction, however, because Daddy snapped his tail again, sending the slayer flying several yards away. Her body hit the ground hard, rolled, and then stopped when she came to a large fake rock. Mira was left lying facedown and unmoving.

As the dying daddy demon lurched away, bleeding profusely, Livia ran to Mira and kneeled beside her. “Oh god…Mira,” she said when she saw Mira’s ravaged back.

When Mira coughed, Livia gently turned her over and leaned her up against the fake rock. Mira’s shirt was soaked in blood where the spike had exited her abdomen. Livia pulled a large bandana from her pocket, balled it up, and pressed it against the wound.

Mira’s face was tensed in pain as she drew in shallow and ragged breaths. She looked into Livia’s eyes and opened her mouth as if to speak, but no words came out.

“Don’t try to talk, just hang on, okay?” Livia encouraged.

Mira tried anyway, but soon slowly stopped struggling, and her eyes fluttered shut.

“No!” Livia said frantically as panic crept into her voice.

Cut To:
Disney World – The Enchanted Tiki Room – Same Time

Near the entrance to the Tiki area, Katherine and Finola arrived on the scene. They ran over to the daddy demon, who was now on the ground, his sides heaving as he slowly bled out from the wound Mira had given him. They circled him, weapons drawn.

Once they were satisfied that he was no longer a threat, they ran on toward the Tiki Room itself.

Cut To:
Disney World – The Enchanted Tiki Room – Same Time

Livia’s eyes filled with tears as she stroked Mira’s face.

“Mira, no…you hang on, now. Don’t you leave me, you hear?” Livia commanded. “That’s an order.”

Mira was unresponsive.

“Oh god, Mira…please don’t go, please…”

Livia leaned over and gave Mira a desperate and lingering kiss.

Cut To:
Disney World – The Enchanted Tiki Room – Same Time

Katherine and Finola rounded the bend and came to a stop. They quickly scanned the area and found Livia and Mira about ten yards away. They both froze when they saw Livia kissing Mira. Their eyes widened.

“Well, that certainly explains a few things,” Finola commented with a smirk.

Katherine smacked Finola on the arm and pointed at her harshly. “Watch it!” she warned. “Go find Jenn and Janet,” she ordered.

Without another word, Finola left for the Tiki Room. Katherine headed in Livia’s direction.

Cut To:
Disney World – The Enchanted Tiki Room – Same Time

After the kiss, Livia kept her eyes closed and leaned her forehead against Mira’s.

“Please don’t leave me,” Livia whispered. “I love you. So much.”

When Livia opened her eyes, she found Mira’s eyes open as well and staring right into hers. Livia pulled back in surprise. Mira’s expression was one of total shock. Livia opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

“Livia!” came Katherine’s voice from several yards away.

Livia turned toward the sound and saw Katherine jogging towards her.

“Are you guys okay?” Katherine asked, pretending that she’d just arrived.

“Um, no…Mira’s hurt, bad, she’s…”

Katherine kneeled down next to them, putting a reassuring hand on both of them. “It’s okay,” she said. “The medics are on the way.”

Neither Livia nor Mira would look at Katherine or each other.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Red Sector Lab – Same Time

“Come on, come on,” Lex urged.

“I am going as fast as I can!” Anya snapped, scanning the database.

“For all we know, the crazy woman has more slayers stashed away. They can’t afford to wait.” Lex sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He found his forehead damp with sweat. He wiped it away and whispered, “Please, go faster.”

“I sympathize but – ” Anya stopped talking and moving.

Lex eyed her, shaking her a bit. “Anya? Anya!”

She still didn’t move. Twenty seconds later, after being shaken and yelled at repeatedly, Anya began speaking again, as if she had never stopped, ” – I really am going as fast as I can.”

“Anya, what just happened?”

“Do you want to talk, or do you want me to find the location?” Anya replied snarkily, beginning to gain speed as she flipped through information.

“Can’t you do both?” Lex asked.

“Downtown clear. University Circle…” Anya announced. “The Cavaliers broke their nine-game losing streak with a surprising 97-96 win over the Washington Wizards…”

“Damn it!” Lex swore. “Come on Anya,” he said to her. “You can do this. I know you can do this.”

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Red Sector Lab – Moments Later

Anya screamed. Lex winced and turned to look at the monitor. The android’s neural readings were going wild. It would be impossible to imagine what she was seeing, linked into the mainframe without the proper interface to ground her. He stabbed fruitlessly at his keyboard while Anya kept up a steady stream of babble. Lex didn’t bother to interrupt her anymore. When his comm beeped, he slapped it absently.


West’s voice filled his ear. “They found another one. 2600 block of Main, South Collinwood.”

“Thanks.” Lex grimaced as he switched the comm off and quickly input the new information into the computer. Anya twitched in response.

“Pizza. Pizza. Chinese. Delivery until ten. Euclid, Euclid. Geometrical objects and integers. Too much, too much. Head to the Library.”

“Wait, wait? Euclid?” Lex sat up straighter and stared at the disoriented android. “Euclid Park? Come on, Anya, please,” he pleaded. He got up from his chair and cupped her head in his hands, staring into her frantically darting eyes. “We’re so close. Just a little more. Where in Euclid Park?”

“Four times five is twelve, and four times six is thirteen, and four times seven is – oh dear! I shall never get to twenty at that rate!” Anya ranted, yanking her head out of his hands and tossing it back and forth. Her hair smacked Lex in the face. Suddenly, she lurched off the table and screamed. Lex stumbled backwards and fell onto his backside, gaping at her.

“Fifteen!” She cried. “1520 St. Clair Avenue, Euclid Park!”

As Anya collapsed back onto the table, Lex leaped to his feet and hit his comm link. “Commander, she’s in Euclid Park. 1520 St. Clair Avenue.”

Static answered him before Velika’s voice came on. “Acknowledged.”

Lex hurriedly began typing commands as Anya continued to twitch on the table. He severed her link to the mainframe and began the process of putting her into deep stand-by.

“Just hang on, Anya,” he said soothingly. “I’m going to put you to sleep, and when you wake up, I’ll have all the damage repaired. And if I don’t, well, I won’t be around for you to yell at me anyway, because James will have killed me.”

He glanced up at her, watching her body sag, and her eyes drift closed. She was murmuring quietly to herself. Lex approached cautiously and leaned close to hear her.

“There is just one moon and one golden sun, and a smile means friendship to every – ” Anya turned to look at Lex and smiled. “I did good?”

“Yeah.” Lex hesitated a moment, then gently brushed a lock of hair away from her eyes. “You did great. Thank you.”

Chuckling softly, Anya closed her eyes. Lex checked the monitors. Seeing everything as it should be, he sank into his chair and leaned his forehead against the computer.

Cut To:
Cleveland Suburb – Dark Basement – Moments Later

The door of the basement burst open, sending shards of wood spraying across the steps. A group of about ten slayers rushed down the stairs only to be met by a gang of vampires.

“Stop them!” Sonia shouted. She picked up some kind of device and retreated to the back of the room, intent on following through with her experiment.

As the slayers moved into position around the gang, Lian kicked the vampire closest to her in the face. He reeled back, knocking a few others down with him. He was back on his feet shortly, ready to attack when he exploded into dust. Behind him stood Cassidy, smirking. Her victory was short lived, however, as another vampire grabbed her by the shoulders. She elbowed him in the face, and they began to fight. Soon the room was filled with the shouts and clashes of the slayer-vampire skirmish.

Mid-battle, Lian looked to the back of the room and saw the girl on the gurney, chained down, with Sonia standing over her on the far side of the gurney. In the crazed slayer’s hand was a small metal rod attached to the end of a cable coming out of the device she had brought over.

As Sonia held the sharp object over the girl’s chest, Lian’s face flushed, and she felt her blood rise. She rushed forward, knocking three vampires out of her way, throwing them back to her team, who dispatched them quickly.

“Get the hell away from her!” Lian yelled, causing Sonia to look up.

They both froze for a moment, their eyes meeting in a long stare. Then Sonia glanced about her, as if evaluating her situation. She was trapped behind the gurney, with a very angry slayer blocking her path. In a split second, Sonia shoved the gurney forward and directly into Lian, forcing the slayer back and pinning her against the counter behind her.

“Stop her!” Lian shouted, but she could see that her team was busy fighting off the remaining vampires.

Lian pushed the gurney away and ran as fast as she possibly could to cut off Sonia’s attempt to run up the unguarded basement stairs. She tripped her up just in time, causing Sonia’s head to hit the bottom stair with a loud crack. As Sonia lay groaning on the floor, Lian approached her, standing directly above her and pointing her weapon in her face. She stared down at Sonia, forcing her to meet her eyes. Her weapon began shaking in her hand. Sonia looked afraid.

“Sonia Petrovich,” Lian said, “you are under arrest.”

She stepped away as two slayers handcuffed Sonia and led her up the stairs. Lian turned quickly and walked across the room, to where the girl still lay upon the gurney. She felt for a pulse.

“Come on,” she whispered, her voice breaking and her eyes tearing up. “Please.”

There was a pulse, but it was faint. “We need a medical transport,” she told Cassidy, who had come to stand beside her. The other slayer nodded and stepped away, activating her comm link.

The girl’s head tilted to the side, and she moaned softly. Lian ran her hand over the top of her head and said, “It’s okay. You’re going to be okay.”

Cut To:
Series of Shots
Disney World – Same Time

– The medics getting Mira and Janet on stretchers at the Tiki Room

– Mira and Janet being taken inside the mobile ER of the transport ship

– Jocasta and Katherine hugging tightly, each relieved that the other was okay

– James and Frank repairing the shield generator

– Jocasta, Katherine, and Finola using magic to destroy the mystical portal

– Jocasta shaking hands with Mac and the other Orlando slayers

Cut To:
Series of Shots
Council Transport – Mid-Flight

– Antonia in the cockpit flying the transport

– Orlando medics in the mobile ER taking care of Mira and Janet

– Jocasta and Katherine leaning against one another and holding hands

– Lisa Lance looking shell-shocked, holding her small pack against her chest

– James and Frank exhausted but managing a small smile at each other

– Finola sound asleep in her seat, mouth wide open, snoring

– Jenn looking lost, as if she needs someone to talk to

– Brianna moving to sit next to Jenn and reaching out to pat her on the arm

– Livia staring off into space, seemingly deep in despair

Cut To:
Series of Shots
Watchers Council – Transport Hangar – Later

– The transport bay doors slowly opening while Giles waits

– Two Council medical teams rolling gurneys up to the ramp

– Finola, Katherine, Jenn, and Brianna carrying Mira and Janet out on
stretchers and transferring them to the gurneys, while the Orlando medics
walk alongside

– Livia walking out alone, watching the transfer

– Lisa Lance and her cameraman coming down the ramp, a look of
relief on their faces

– Jocasta and James walking out together then seeing Giles

– Giles waving Jocasta over to talk

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Transport Hangar – Moments Later

Giles pinched the bridge of his nose tightly. He held his glasses limply in one hand as he watched Mira and Janet being rolled away by the medical teams.

“Was anyone else hurt?” he asked.

“Everyone has a few bumps and bruises here and there,” Jocasta reported. “But for the most part, everyone else is fine.”

“The mission was a success then?”

She nodded. “The majority of the infestation has been taken care of. James has repaired the shield generator, and the portal that the demons had set up has been destroyed. The Orlando branch can handle the rest of it, but we should probably send a follow-up team in a couple of weeks, just to be sure.”

“Very well,” Giles said, nodding in acceptance.

“So, how have things been around here?” Jocasta inquired.

“We’ve had an interesting turn of events here as well,” he replied. “We can share stories at the meeting later.”

“Sounds good,” Jocasta replied. “But right now, I hear a long hot shower calling my name.”

Cut To:
Lex’s Apartment – Living Room – Later

Antonia entered the living room, carrying two steaming mugs. She was clad in a fluffy, red bathrobe and her wet hair lay flat against her head. She handed a mug to Lex, who appeared equally fresh and clean. They snuggled together on the couch, sipping from their mugs in silence.

“That’s quite a story,” Lex finally said. “I still think you’re making up that part about the pirate vampires, but other than that…”

Antonia giggled and smacked his shoulder. “Dork.”

“Hey!” Lex protested. “That’s Colonel Dork to you, missy. And how about a little appreciation for the man who helped capture a dangerous criminal?”

Sighing, Antonia took his mug out of his hands and put them both on the end table. Then she wrapped herself around him, giving him a big kiss on the cheek. “My Lex, savior of the slayers. I am so proud of you.”

Lex gently stroked his finger over her cheek and looked at her with love in his eyes. “Sap.”

She squealed and smacked him again. They wrestled briefly, laughing and kissing. The ring of the phone interrupted their play. Lex kissed Antonia on the forehead before getting up to answer it.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he said, pointing a finger at her. She winked at him. He picked up the phone. “Hello?”

Antonia watched Lex’s face fall as he listened to the call.

“Yeah, okay. Thanks for calling, John. Yeah, I’ll see you later.” He hung up and just stood there for a moment, a blank expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

Lex crawled back onto the couch and laid his head in Antonia’s lap. She stroked his hair. “She’s dead.”

Antonia’s eyes widened. “Who’s dead?”

Lex sighed. “Sonia Petrovich. The crazy kidnapper woman. Apparently, she managed to get a weapon off one of her guards. She injured two of them and then jumped out of the transport. They fished her out of the river about half an hour ago.”

They sat silently for several moments, Antonia running her fingers through Lex’s hair. He closed his eyes and curled closer to her.

Finally, he sighed and said quietly, “I can’t believe she’s just…gone. I mean, she never even went to trial. They didn’t even have the chance to lock her up, to punish her. She’s never going to pay for what she did to those girls.”

Antonia drew Lex into a sitting position. She put her hands on either side of his head and pulled him in for a gentle kiss. When they parted, they leaned their foreheads together.

“She was a sad, unstable person,” Antonia said. “If she’s not paying in this life, she’s paying in another one.”


“Cross my heart.” Antonia smiled and Lex smiled back at her.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Giles’s Office – The Next Day

Dr. Burkle entered Giles’s office, and at a gesture from him, she sat in the chair in front of his desk.

“I understand your team has returned,” Burkle said with her arms crossed and a serious look on her face.

“Yes, they have,” Giles replied evenly.

“May I ask what happened?”

“I will have the final copy of the report delivered to you after all concerned have been debriefed.”

When Giles didn’t offer more, annoyance flashed in Burkle’s eyes. “Mr. Chairman, I believe I have been very patient,” she said. “But now I really must insist that you permit me to return to Orlando to finish my work.”

“Doctor, I appreciate your frustration. However, there is still a great deal of work to be done. The facility is not completely safe yet and may not be for some time. It may be a long while before we can allow you to return.”

“I don’t believe you do appreciate the situation, Mr. Chairman. What I am doing is very important, and I can not sit here and wait for your permission to return. And quite frankly, I don’t understand why you and your people are trying to sabotage my work!”

“I assure you, no one is trying to sabotage anything,” he replied, in an attempt to soothe her. “As I told you, “I will give you the full report as soon as it’s ready, and I promise you that you will be notified immediately when it is safe for you to return to the Magic Kingdom.” Giles crossed his arms in a that’s-final pose.

After glaring for a moment, Burkle finally let out a low sigh and nodded in acquiescence. “As you wish,” she said calmly before standing and leaving the room.

Giles frowned, confused by the professor’s sudden change in demeanor. He continued to stare after her, even once the door had closed.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Slayer Command – Same Time

Livia sat down at Velika’s request and tried not to squirm as her commander took her seat behind her desk.

“I’ve read your report, Livia. Do you have anything else you wish to add?”

Livia shook her head. “No ma’am.”

“Anything…off the record?”

Livia didn’t respond at first. Then she merely shook her head once again. Velika’s eyes narrowed, as if she suspected that there really was more to the story. Then she lightened her tone.

“Well, given the circumstances, I’d say you and your team did remarkably well,” Velika said. “You are to be commended.”

“Yeah, tell that to Janet and Mira,” Livia muttered.

“Dr. McClelland says they’re both going to be just fine,” Velika said reassuringly.

Livia just shrugged.

“Now, onto another matter entirely,” Velika told Livia. “Lisa Lance tells me that you were less than cooperative in Orlando.”

Livia snorted. “That what she said?”

“Actually, she called you ‘a belligerent bitch’ who blocked her every effort to – ”

“I did not block her from doing anything!” Livia interrupted angrily, jumping to her feet. “She – ”

“Sit down, Livia!” Velika commanded, silencing the irate slayer. Once Livia had sat back down, Velika continued. “I know you hate the fame that came with your victory over Hubris, but the fact of the matter is…you’re the best PR we’ve got right now. Enrollment refusals are up. Parents and potentials are balking at the thought of what life as a slayer entails. We need you to put a positive spin on things.”

“By cooperating with that snake of a reporter who’s burned us more times than she’s helped us?”

“Yes,” Velika answered. “And by participating in a new PR campaign being developed as we speak.”

Livia groaned. “There’s not gonna be another action figure, is there?” Velika shrugged noncommittally, causing Livia to groan again. “The last one didn’t even look like me!”

“Be that as it may,” Velika continued, “whether you like it or not, Livia, you are the new poster child of the Council, and I want to see only your very best effort in this project. Do I make myself understood?”

Livia glared at Velika for a moment then looked down at her hands. “Yes ma’am,” she answered unhappily.

Cut To:
Watchers Council – Slayer Gym – Later

With slayers working out in the background, Livia stood in front of Lisa Lance and her cameraman. Livia fidgeted with her hands as she waited for the reporter’s next question.

“What would you say is the best thing about being a slayer?” Lance asked.

“Well, it’s fun, for one thing,” Livia said with a big smile. “I mean, what other job can you have where you get to kick ass on a regular basis and get paid for it?”

Lance chuckled then said, “And you’re saving the world, too.”

“Exactly,” Livia agreed amiably. “I mean, I feel honored to have been chosen as a slayer. I’ve got these powers for a reason, and I intend to use them. Put the hurt on evil, ya know?”

“What about the friendships you’ve developed?” Lance prompted. “They’re one of the good parts about the job, aren’t they?”

“Oh, um, absolutely,” Livia said, though not as convincingly as her previous statements.

Flash To:
– Livia and Mira arguing outside the Tiki Room.
– Livia and Mira fighting the daddy dino-demon.
– Mira getting skewered.

Livia shook her head and continued, “The bond between slayers is like…the strongest thing in the world.” Livia looked down at her hands. “It’s all about sisterhood and trusting each other in the field…”

Flash To:
– Livia kneeling next to the injured Mira.
– Livia kissing Mira.
– Mira looking shocked.

Livia still didn’t look up. “Slayers have to be completely open with each other,” she continued. “They can’t…they can’t have any…surprises, not out in the field…”

Flash To:
– Livia standing outside Mira’s infirmary room.
– A nurse going inside and Livia getting a glimpse of Mira.
– Livia walking off, having decided not to go in.

Livia’s voice became slightly choked, and she looked up at the reporter, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. ” ‘Cause that would be bad.”

Fade Out.



End of Small World

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