Recursion Teaser trailer

Here it is, the official Teaser Trailer for the fifth installment of Watchers Revamped: “Recursion”:

Thornkirk Productions Presents…


Faith strides out of the darkness, aiming a handheld crossbow in front of her.

Kennedy (V.O.): “We’ve been doing fine with you gone all these years.

Faith stands in the Coven Room and replies, “This time is different.”

The Empress Zorgy looks over her shoulder on a tropical beach, then walks into a large, green swirling portal and disappears.

Grace collapses in the grass in frustration, holding her head in her hands.

“I have to go,” Willow tells Rowena in their kitchen.

“Of course you do,” Rowena replies snidely. 

Robin and Faith are standing on the sidewalk. “What are you up to, Faith?” Robin asks in frustration.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Faith replies. She holds up two fingers. “Scout’s honor.”

Robin scowls. “You were never a Scout.”

A thug carrying a baseball bat backs up in the dark.

Woman (V.O.): “I’m sorry, I missed something here. How did we get to the end of the world?

The thug screams as he disappears into the night.

Grace and Shannon sit outdoors on a set of bleachers. Grace says, “With the slayers all threatening to quit and Willow at my throat and the AI rollout and the Guild and the seventy other things going wrong…this is the last thing I need.”

Grace walks out onto the field of a baseball stadium to the cheers of a sellout crowd, wearing a baseball hat and glove.

Rowena (V.O.): “Nobody’s asking you to be perfect, Grace.

Grace (V.O.): “Seriously, Ro? Where have you been? Everyone is asking that.

Faith looks out of a window for several seconds, mouth hanging slightly open. Then she quietly says, “Oh shit.” 

Sophie Allister-Rosenberg stands surrounded by demons. She screams at the top of her lungs, and magic pours out, splintering wood and glass and sending demons flying.

Faith stands with her arm cocked back and ready to strike someone. A vampire bears down on Emma’s throat as the slayer lays prone on her back. Liz Giles hugs demon Joe Sterling in a restaurant. 

On the mound at the baseball stadium, the crowd goes silent as Grace winds up to throw. She releases the ball as hard as she can.


VOICEOVER: Crowd makes noises of celebration. “Grace!” Rowena screams.

Watchers Revamped:


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