Schism Teaser trailer

Here it is, the official Teaser Trailer for the sixth installment of Watchers Revamped: “Schism”:

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Shot of a large garage door sliding open with a crash. In the resulting opening stands Buffy, Wilton, Kennedy and Willow, the last of whom was still lowering her arm from the spell she had cast on the door.

Shot of Maddie standing in a graveyard and pointing. “They’re getting away,” she says, frustrated. Alex jumps on his bike and Maddie stands on the rear tire pegs and holds on to Alex’s jacket as he takes off. “Oh shit!” she exclaims.

Shot of a gathering of department heads in the Council Command. “We knew this was coming…” Grace says evenly, which is followed by Shannon yelling, “Then why weren’t we prepared?!”

Shot of Nikki and Robin sitting at a dining room table. Nikki asks, “Daddy’s gotta work the mission, huh? Isn’t that what you always say?” Shot of him nodding “It is,” he agrees. “And now more than ever, we’re needed.”

Grace shouts in Shannon’s ever-reddening and scrunched up face. “Invade Vor? Again?” Slowly, Willow enters the room and shuffles towards the group.  Shannon notices and points at Willow. “Yes, actually. Will. Will’s been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt.”

“You know that there’s a decent chance this is a trap, right?” Rowena asks from Grace’s Office. “Of course it might be a trap,” Grace replies to Rowena. “But we can’t just sit here while she murders whole branches of Council personnel.” 

Shot of Willow and Grace in a darkened hallway as Grace says, “Your morals are gonna do us a lot of good when everybody’s brutally murdered!” Looking equally angry, Willow counters, “There’s no point in staying alive if we lose who we are.” 

Shot of a blonde slayer, Crystal, kicking in a door, making the wood around the edges break and splinter. Shot of vampire boring down on Maddie’s neck. 

Shot of Crystal at the Stake and Crossbow with barkeep Lisa and reporter Kelly. “Tanner sounds like a real piece of shit,” Kelly tells them both. Crystal turns to Kelly and says, “…that’s why I’m gonna kill him.”

Shot of Rowena appearing on the verge of tears as she closes her eyes tighter and hugs Robin. Shot of Liz on Belizet’s lap while Jen types on a laptop with all of them in formal wear. Shot of Alex dressed in a suit and tie, back to the floor. He moves his head just seconds before someone slams a fist next to his head. 

Shot of a producer type woman behind a desk speaking to Andrew. “We’re taking you off of San Diego Black Ops,” the producer says and brings a knuckle to her mouth, lightly biting down and closing her eyes tight. “Huh?” Andrew asks, confused while June shrieks, “What?!” 

Shot of Willow in a factory or warehouse. “Shut up!” she screams. Kennedy gives her a look of deep concern around a slayer whose arm was heavily draped over her shoulders. 

Zorgy takes a step toward Willow and says, “Y’know what? I’m thinking maybe you should make me.”

Both of them let loose simultaneously, Zorgy with a torrent of glowing green magic and Willow with a stream of cool blue. The two blasts meet in the middle and push against each other. Pure eldritch energy sparked and foamed, dripping to the floor as a liquid.

Watchers Revamped:


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