Leap of Faith Pt. 1 Teaser trailer

Here it is, the official Teaser Trailer for the 3nd installment of Watchers Revamped: “Leap of Faith”:

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A young girl rides a large gray horse through a forest at high speed.

Female Voice (V.O.): “Your soul, little human, has a shadow on it.”

The horse runs over roots and hills, while the girl on its back smiles.

Female Voice (V.O.): “Like all humans, you are conflicted, impure…but your soul is more tainted than most.

At the sight of a distant figure standing on the path, before a wrought iron gate, the girl pulls the horse to a stop.

Female Voice (V.O.): “I will find owning it…delicious.

Black Out

Kennedy and Rowena sit in a hallway, Rowena holding Kennedy’s baby daughter in her arms.

“Kadin and I saw you and Willow…and it all seemed so perfect,” Kennedy says.

“It was never perfect,” Rowena replies. “But my kids are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, next to Willow.”

Kennedy opens her mouth to reply, then looks away. Her hands clasp nervously. “Do you ever feel like…like they’re not really yours?”

Kennedy stands at the top of a rugged sea cliff, her hair blowing behind her as she looks out at a mist-covered ocean.

In the large Council Conference Room, Rowena argues, “We’re opening Pandora’s Box.”

Ya think!” Willow screams at someone in the Coven Room.

Jen Rosenberg slices off a large tentacle from something with a sword.

Kennedy stands in a doctor’s office, crying. “She feels wrong. Something is wrong!”

Faith and Rowena lie next to each on a bed in their pajamas.

Kadin stands surrounded by flames.

Buffy speaks angrily to someone from a chair in the Coven Room. “It’s real, and it sucks, and I’m sorry, but whatever this is, isn’t gonna help. You’re not gonna get any better unless you do the work.”

“You don’t believe me,” Kennedy says angrily in her Cabin. “Nobody believes me. But I’m telling you, I’m not crazy.”

Kennedy breaks down in tears on the floor of a bathroom, touching her forehead to the tile as she continues to weep.

Willow and Dr. Tamara Goldman kiss passionately.

Liz, in a locker room, shouts, “Don’t open the door!”

Rowena, in a parking lot, turns sharply to look at someone behind her.

Outside a bar, Willow asks Rowena, “Do I still have a wife?”

Breathing hard, Kadin’s skin quickly turns blue and she grows in size and musculature. Long, sharp claws burst out of her fingers and a row of menacing teeth appears in her mouth. She bellows a roar and slashes with her claws.

Black Out

Kennedy falls down, down past the face of a high cliff, toward mists far below.

Female Voice (V.O.): “Are you ready to proceed?

Kennedy closes her eyes as she continues to fall.

Kennedy (V.O.): “Go for it.

Kennedy disappears into the mist.

Watchers Revamped:

Leap of Faith, Part 1


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