Leap of Faith Pt. 2 Teaser trailer

Here it is, the official Teaser Trailer for the fourth installment of Watchers Revamped: “Leap of Faith Pt. 2”:

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“Goddess!” Willow shouts. She jumps back as a pigeon furiously flaps toward her. A coven student looks aghast as he jumps with hands outstretched.

Kennedy and Kadin sit in Dr. Millenti’s office as Kadin says “Stop calling Vanessa a thing!” Kennedy immediately counters with, “Stop calling that thing Vanessa!”

Robin looks at his daughter Nikki, a small smile on his face as he says, “I sometimes forget how grown up you are now.” Nikki rolls her eyes.

Emma asks, “Have you always been this bad?” Faith’s eyebrows shoot up as she grins. “You’re the one who’s heard all B’s stories. You tell me.”

“Giles’s gonna kill me…” Buffy says and puts a hand up to cup her forehead.

Jen pulls on a door, with Shannon on the other side doing the same.

Willow conjures an energy ball above her hand.

Standing behind Jen, Sophie strikes a redeemer pose and the light from Willow’s hand dissipates immediately and completely.

Liz, looking over her shoulder, screams, “Don’t open the door!”

Kadin pins Rowena to the ground.

A man in the Irish countryside says with an accent, “That’s what love is, I think…lettin’ the thing you love go, when it’s fer the best.”

A woman with a mask of black lace and a black dress that seems to be made mostly of thin, interlaced straps of fabric sits on a wooden throne.

Liz runs and screams, “Open the door!”

Zorgy stuffs a pastry in her mouth in a great hall.

A creature with white fur, with claws on the ends of its otherwise human-like fingers, opens its mouth, revealing razor-sharp fangs. It lets out a high-pitched howl.

Kennedy enters a room to see Buffy, Willow, Xander, Robin and Rowena all waiting in folding chairs, arranged in a circle, along with one empty chair. Willow motions to the empty chair. “Have a seat.” Then Kennedy sighs and says, “Fuck my life.”


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