Season Four opens with “Better Days,” as the gang tries to adjust to the world knowing that demons are real, while Faith deals with her newfound celebrity and Kennedy tries to save friendly demons from slaughter. In “Unspoken,” Kennedy and Rowena must travel to Siberia for an ancient text using borrowed magic from Althenea. In “A Little Faith,” the slayer finds her sister Hope has slayer powers, but soon learns its not slayerness, but a demon taking possession of her identity. “Based on a True Story” is Andrew’s attempt at Hollywood, when a screenplay he’s written about the Council is made into a movie that tells anything but the truth. In “Withdrawal,” Rowena continues her vampire experiments with Skye, with some unexpected consequences. In “Hide N Seek,” a mad-man takes Vi, Faith, Rowena and Heli in a fun house. They escape, only for Vi to be killed by poison later in her apartment. They soon realize it wasn’t a mad-man at all, but the work of psychopath Heli, who flees.

In the second run, starting with “Collateral Damage,” Xander deals with Vi’s death, while Kennedy and Kadin face their own troubles when Coen returns looking for revenge on Kadin for killing his werewolf family. In “Revelation 9:6,” Faith meets the Anti-Slayer, who takes away the powers of any slayer she touches. In “From the Bottom Up,” we see a day in the life of the lesser known members of the Council. In “Trinity,” Dawn, Skye and Shannon hit the road trying to escape from their problems, but realize running isn’t the answer. In “Auld Lang Syne,” Rowena, Giles, Andrew and Faith get stranded for New Years and trade stories about other New Years that were important to them. In “Meiyo” we learn more about an organization named Bureau Nine, run by a man named Jason Felix. The organization protects people, like the Watchers Council, but they do it at a price. In their employ is powerful mage Ethan Rayne and Old Guard leader James Tyrell.

The third run opens with “You Never Know” about a bungling pair of demons set on world destruction, at which they fail at every turn. In “Drawn Together,” Willow and Andrew get trapped in a comic book based on Faith’s life. In “Hidden,” after the Council saves a wealthy woman’s family she rewards the top brass with a trip to her private island. However, James Tyrell has his son (and Rowena’s ex) Jordon perform magic that makes Faith, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Rowena, Kennedy and Kadin lose their inhibitions. What begins as a sexy affair ends up nearly killing all involved. Upon learning of James Tyrell’s betrayal, Jason Felix eliminates Tyrell from his organization with a single gun shot to the head. In “Lockdown,” the Council is overrun by a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group, and it’s up to Amira, a Muslim herself, to plan a rescue attempt, much to her subordinates’ suspicions. In “Alluvion,” Ethan Rayne’s apparent domestic bliss at Bureau Nine comes to end when the Bureau’s motivations turn out to be more than they seem. In the last episode of the run, “Sacrifice,” Heli is still at large and continues to wreak havoc with the Council, killing slayers and toying with Kennedy by staying one step ahead. Kennedy’s obsession with finding Heli puts a strain on her relationship with Kadin, which is only multiplied when Kennedy is forced to kill Kadin in order to save Willow.

The final run opens with “Serena.” Kadin, who returned from the dead at the end of “Sacrifice,” is back at the Council, but she’s brought along her formerly dead sweetheart Serena. In the end, though, Kadin decides Kennedy is the woman for her. In “Tokyo Nights,” Kennedy gets a solid lead that Heli is in the city. After a confrontation, Kennedy shoots Heli repeatedly, bringing an end to Heli reign of terror, but possibly killing her own morals in the process. In “Bloodlines,” Faith feels she’s ‘losing her touch’ when a younger slayer starts to upstage her. In the end, she teaches the girl a valuable lesson about team work. In “The Price,” Kennedy is doing a TV interview and accidentally makes a wish, propelling her into a world that’s far worse than the one she left. She comes to accept the things she’s done regarding Heli, and realizes her life is worth living. In part one of the season ender, “Childe Roland,” Willow and Rowena plan their nuptials in Canada, but before she can say “I do,” Willow and the entire Coven collapse thanks to Jason Felix’s plans to rid the world of magic to make it a better place. In the Season Four finale, “The Dark Tower,” the Council must race to restore magic, both to save the dying Coven and also protect themselves from the demons who know they are defenseless. In the end, using the Anti-Slayer and the presence of a witch, watcher and slayer in a magic circle the group saves the day. (CLICK HERE to Read the Season 4 Episodes)


Season Four

A new marriage…An unexpected death…And a morally upright Big Bad…

A man tortured by his past has a plan to prevent the world from further harm that ends up having a devastating side effect. It’s up to the Watchers Council to set things right to save the innocents of the world, not to mention their own friends and lovers.

Season 4 Episodes


Watchers Season Four contained 24 episodes that began in September 2006 – June 2007. The Council, now in the spotlight of the world, must balance between public relations and public protection. Jason Felix heads an organization called Bureau Nine, which seems to do the same thing as the Council… but for a fee. When Felix tries to improve mankind by controlling magic things get beyond his control. Together with the Council they look for a way to save the world from losing magic forever.

Season 4 Recap

Season Five

A couple of births…A few funerals…And an action packed end to the Watchersverse…

The Council merges with another supernatural firm to give them the ultimate advantage against evil. The members of the council move from young adults to full-fledged adulthood in various ways. For Willow it’s when Rowena gives birth to the future generation of Watchers Council in more ways than one. In the meantime, the team battles an untouchable foe who has no will of their own.

Season 5 Episodes


AAmid flashbacks to the past and flash-forwards to the future, the Council tries to readjust to many new staff members with their own way of doing things while coming under attack by political leaders. At the same time, a new demonic terrorist group arises. But all of this proves the handiwork of an ancient talisman of vicious evil, the Loathestone.

Season 5 Recap

Beyond Season Five

Marriages, Monsters & Mayhem

We plan on ‘getting the band back together’ in 2022! Executive Producers CN Winters and Susan Carr are working with writer/producer Dan Joslyn, DragonWriter17 and art director Robert Kidman, but it’s going to take some time for new content. We’re sure once you see everything we put into these episodes, thanks to many talented people over the years, you might understand – it’s a lot of time consuming work so it won’t be immediately.

However,  we still have fans who decide to stick around so we’re happy to consider the prospects of more Watchers now and then like Special Assignment and upcoming projects like the TV movie 13th Hour and the mini series Watchers: ReVamped, which is set a decade or so after the end of Watchers. If you worked for Watchers back in the day and we’ve lost touch, but you’d like to ‘play’ again simply contact us. We’d love to see you.


TV Movies & Mini Series


Special Assignment Pt. 1 – TV Movie – SPOILERS AHEAD

Set in 2014, the ‘great blue slayer’ will stand against demon kind but not without sacrifices. As Kennedy grapples with turning 30 and losing her powers, Willow tries to make some Godly connections for the council. The rest of the team looks into stopping the ‘UnCreation’ prophesy.


Special Assignment Pt.  2 – TV Movie – SPOILERS AHEAD

Willow astro-projects to try to rescue the lost crew while the crew themselves try to thwart a genocide. They need reinforcements but will the support arrive in time or will they have to find the strength and courage to save the world alone.


13th Hour – TV Movie – SPOILERS AHEAD

Liz Giles, daughter of Giles and Becca, is turning 21 but much like her Aunt Buffy, her birthday is not turning out as planned.


Watchers: ReVamp 2020 – 6 Episode Mini-Series – SPOILERS AHEAD

Set nearly 15 years after Watchers ends we catch up with the gang and their growing families as they battle evil of epic proportions.


TV Movie & Miniseries Recaps




Season One

A New Home…New Allies…New Big Bad…

Willow, Giles, Faith, Kennedy, Robin and Andrew set up shop in Cleveland along with fellow watcher Rowena Allister. Later they are joined by Xander and take on the Big Bad known as the Presidium and a creature named the Engineer.

Season 1 Episodes


Watchers Season One contained 24 episodes that began in September 2003 – May 2004. As the core group begin to set up the ‘New Council’ they find themselves faced with thwarting the efforts of surviving ‘Old Guard’ members determined to take control. They meet a watcher named Rowena Allister who becomes one of their greatest allies and joins their team. During their struggles to build the new council they find themselves facing off against an unstoppable foe, The Presidium.


Season 1 Recap


Season Two

New Couples…Old Friends…And the Return of a Big Bad…

The Presidium still continues to be a threat thanks to its member called The Lover. Meanwhile Giles takes the plunge into married life, while Willow and Kennedy move on to new loves.

Season 2 Episodes


Watchers Season Two contained 24 episodes that began in September 2004 – June 2005. Learning they didn’t defeat The Presidium, the Watchers spend their season trying to eliminate them once and for all. During this year Giles marries a bookseller, Becca, and she gives birth to Giles’s daughter, Elizabeth. Meanwhile the relationships of Willow and Rowena, Robin and Faith and Kennedy and Mia grow deeper. 

Season 2 Recap

Season Three

Motherhood…Growing Pains…And the Touch of Angels…

Faith comes face-to-face with the son she gave up for adoption while the Council has to deal with the threat of exposure to the world. New alliances are made, new lovers are put at odd and friendships are tested in a season that ends with, you guessed it, an apocalypse of heavenly proportions.

Season 3 Episodes


Watchers Season Three contained 24 episodes that began in September 2005 – June 2006. Giles decides to retire from the Council to raise his family and names Rowena to his position of Head Watcher. The move puts High Priestess and love Willow in constant conflict with each other. Deciding that her relationship means more than her career Rowena calls in someone she feels is the best candidate to oversee the Council in her place. In the meantime, the Council must face off against the forces of darkness with help from heavenly creatures. In the end, the world learns of their existence.

Season 3 Recap