Recursion Teaser trailer

Here it is, the official Teaser Trailer for the fifth installment of Watchers Revamped: “Recursion”:

Thornkirk Productions Presents…


Faith strides out of the darkness, aiming a handheld crossbow in front of her.

Kennedy (V.O.): “We’ve been doing fine with you gone all these years.

Faith stands in the Coven Room and replies, “This time is different.”

The Empress Zorgy looks over her shoulder on a tropical beach, then walks into a large, green swirling portal and disappears.

Grace collapses in the grass in frustration, holding her head in her hands.

“I have to go,” Willow tells Rowena in their kitchen.

“Of course you do,” Rowena replies snidely. 

Robin and Faith are standing on the sidewalk. “What are you up to, Faith?” Robin asks in frustration.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Faith replies. She holds up two fingers. “Scout’s honor.”

Robin scowls. “You were never a Scout.”

A thug carrying a baseball bat backs up in the dark.

Woman (V.O.): “I’m sorry, I missed something here. How did we get to the end of the world?

The thug screams as he disappears into the night.

Grace and Shannon sit outdoors on a set of bleachers. Grace says, “With the slayers all threatening to quit and Willow at my throat and the AI rollout and the Guild and the seventy other things going wrong…this is the last thing I need.”

Grace walks out onto the field of a baseball stadium to the cheers of a sellout crowd, wearing a baseball hat and glove.

Rowena (V.O.): “Nobody’s asking you to be perfect, Grace.

Grace (V.O.): “Seriously, Ro? Where have you been? Everyone is asking that.

Faith looks out of a window for several seconds, mouth hanging slightly open. Then she quietly says, “Oh shit.” 

Sophie Allister-Rosenberg stands surrounded by demons. She screams at the top of her lungs, and magic pours out, splintering wood and glass and sending demons flying.

Faith stands with her arm cocked back and ready to strike someone. A vampire bears down on Emma’s throat as the slayer lays prone on her back. Liz Giles hugs demon Joe Sterling in a restaurant. 

On the mound at the baseball stadium, the crowd goes silent as Grace winds up to throw. She releases the ball as hard as she can.


VOICEOVER: Crowd makes noises of celebration. “Grace!” Rowena screams.

Watchers Revamped:


Coming January 2024


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Leap of Faith Pt. 2 Teaser trailer

Here it is, the official Teaser Trailer for the fourth installment of Watchers Revamped: “Leap of Faith Pt. 2”:

Thornkirk Productions Presents…


“Goddess!” Willow shouts. She jumps back as a pigeon furiously flaps toward her. A coven student looks aghast as he jumps with hands outstretched.

Kennedy and Kadin sit in Dr. Millenti’s office as Kadin says “Stop calling Vanessa a thing!” Kennedy immediately counters with, “Stop calling that thing Vanessa!”

Robin looks at his daughter Nikki, a small smile on his face as he says, “I sometimes forget how grown up you are now.” Nikki rolls her eyes.

Emma asks, “Have you always been this bad?” Faith’s eyebrows shoot up as she grins. “You’re the one who’s heard all B’s stories. You tell me.”

“Giles’s gonna kill me…” Buffy says and puts a hand up to cup her forehead.

Jen pulls on a door, with Shannon on the other side doing the same.

Willow conjures an energy ball above her hand.

Standing behind Jen, Sophie strikes a redeemer pose and the light from Willow’s hand dissipates immediately and completely.

Liz, looking over her shoulder, screams, “Don’t open the door!”

Kadin pins Rowena to the ground.

A man in the Irish countryside says with an accent, “That’s what love is, I think…lettin’ the thing you love go, when it’s fer the best.”

A woman with a mask of black lace and a black dress that seems to be made mostly of thin, interlaced straps of fabric sits on a wooden throne.

Liz runs and screams, “Open the door!”

Zorgy stuffs a pastry in her mouth in a great hall.

A creature with white fur, with claws on the ends of its otherwise human-like fingers, opens its mouth, revealing razor-sharp fangs. It lets out a high-pitched howl.

Kennedy enters a room to see Buffy, Willow, Xander, Robin and Rowena all waiting in folding chairs, arranged in a circle, along with one empty chair. Willow motions to the empty chair. “Have a seat.” Then Kennedy sighs and says, “Fuck my life.”


Watchers Revamped:

Leap of Faith, Part 2


Coming Halloween 2023

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Leap of Faith Pt. 1 Teaser trailer

Here it is, the official Teaser Trailer for the 3nd installment of Watchers Revamped: “Leap of Faith”:

Thornkirk Productions Presents…


A young girl rides a large gray horse through a forest at high speed.

Female Voice (V.O.): “Your soul, little human, has a shadow on it.”

The horse runs over roots and hills, while the girl on its back smiles.

Female Voice (V.O.): “Like all humans, you are conflicted, impure…but your soul is more tainted than most.

At the sight of a distant figure standing on the path, before a wrought iron gate, the girl pulls the horse to a stop.

Female Voice (V.O.): “I will find owning it…delicious.

Black Out

Kennedy and Rowena sit in a hallway, Rowena holding Kennedy’s baby daughter in her arms.

“Kadin and I saw you and Willow…and it all seemed so perfect,” Kennedy says.

“It was never perfect,” Rowena replies. “But my kids are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, next to Willow.”

Kennedy opens her mouth to reply, then looks away. Her hands clasp nervously. “Do you ever feel like…like they’re not really yours?”

Kennedy stands at the top of a rugged sea cliff, her hair blowing behind her as she looks out at a mist-covered ocean.

In the large Council Conference Room, Rowena argues, “We’re opening Pandora’s Box.”

Ya think!” Willow screams at someone in the Coven Room.

Jen Rosenberg slices off a large tentacle from something with a sword.

Kennedy stands in a doctor’s office, crying. “She feels wrong. Something is wrong!”

Faith and Rowena lie next to each on a bed in their pajamas.

Kadin stands surrounded by flames.

Buffy speaks angrily to someone from a chair in the Coven Room. “It’s real, and it sucks, and I’m sorry, but whatever this is, isn’t gonna help. You’re not gonna get any better unless you do the work.”

“You don’t believe me,” Kennedy says angrily in her Cabin. “Nobody believes me. But I’m telling you, I’m not crazy.”

Kennedy breaks down in tears on the floor of a bathroom, touching her forehead to the tile as she continues to weep.

Willow and Dr. Tamara Goldman kiss passionately.

Liz, in a locker room, shouts, “Don’t open the door!”

Rowena, in a parking lot, turns sharply to look at someone behind her.

Outside a bar, Willow asks Rowena, “Do I still have a wife?”

Breathing hard, Kadin’s skin quickly turns blue and she grows in size and musculature. Long, sharp claws burst out of her fingers and a row of menacing teeth appears in her mouth. She bellows a roar and slashes with her claws.

Black Out

Kennedy falls down, down past the face of a high cliff, toward mists far below.

Female Voice (V.O.): “Are you ready to proceed?

Kennedy closes her eyes as she continues to fall.

Kennedy (V.O.): “Go for it.

Kennedy disappears into the mist.

Watchers Revamped:

Leap of Faith, Part 1


Coming Summer 2023

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The SLAYER SYNDROME Teaser trailer

Here it is, the official Teaser Trailer for the 2nd installment of Watchers Revamped: “The Slayer Syndrome”:

Thornkirk Productions Presents…

Shannon is shown directly from above as she is slowly pulled into a CT scan machine. A grid of green lasers plays over her face.

Buffy (V.O.): “The whole official line at these things is all about how I shared the power with all these girls and we’re all part of this shared destiny and it’s a beautiful sisterhood and girl power and blah blah blah. And I do believe that, I do. But I feel…responsible.”

Black Out

Faith and Buffy sit across from each other at a fancy restaurant. “How is this your issue?” Faith asks. “Or even mine, for that matter?”

A woman in a graveyard moves lightning fast in a fighting, dusting two vampires in quick succession of each other.

Maddie Allen puts out her hand to stop a woman from closing her door. “Your boss hired me. Then got, not just murdered, but extra-murdered.”

The woman says, “I can’t talk to you,” and closes the door in her face.

Jen looks out over a city. “Slayers have to be perfect,” she says, “or people die.”

A young hispanic woman laughs, a little crazily. Then she says, “Dios mio, it worked!”

Grace takes a sip of a mug of tea, then turns to Xander, “Buffy’s done a wonderful job. You should be proud of her.”

“Every day since 1997,” Xander replies.

A demon opens a door and looks down at a bag sitting on her doorstep. She opens the bag to find that it’s full of money.

Buffy speaks to a blond woman with glasses in front of a computer. “What if she’s doing this for her own reasons?” Buffy asks.

“Meaning what?” the woman protests. “That she’s not on our side?”

Shannon jumps and wraps her legs around a demon’s neck, but he pushes her into the ceiling, making a dent.

Unidentified (V.O.): “Anything great that anyone has ever done has required sacrifices.

Rowena, near tears, throws a dish towel down in the sink.

Shannon (V.O.): “Don’t say anything. You don’t know who’s listening.

Buffy runs as fast as she can down a sidewalk between flowering trees.

Faith (V.O.): “If you’re gonna see this through, be careful.

Buffy keeps running, pure determination on her face.

Faith (V.O.): “If you start messing with the owners of this country, hell, the owners of the world, prepare for blowback…and not just for you, for anyone you love.

Buffy is on her knees in a crowd of people, holding a fallen body and screaming for help. No one pays her any attention.

Unidentified (V.O.) Male: “We are currently testing a drug regimen that will, yes, allow slayers to keep their powers beyond the age of thirty.” 

Shannon rides on the back of a motorcycle driven by someone else. Over her shoulder, we can see another woman jumping from the top of buildings from one side of the street to the other in the background.

Buffy and Faith are sitting across from each other at the restaurant. “Are you scared?” Buffy asks.

“No,” Faith says, “but you should be.”


COMING Memorial Day Weekend 2023


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